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Mace from Dreamkeepers

By darkspeeds
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I love how he turned out here! 

This is based off on a "What if?" scenario that David posted on Patreon as part of an illustration request from the patreons.

This sketch was requested by CloakedSoup on my Twitter account - who is an avid fan of the series. Glad that he liked it!
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That's actually very well done.
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Mace looks really rad here. Reminds me of a Dark Templar :) .
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Great angle here! Any chance you could add the "what if" that was mentioned?
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Oooo! That artwork is only available to Patreons! :D It's part of a monthly sketch thing that David and Liz does - Patreons get to vote of it too! 

In fact just yesterday they posted another awesome monthly sketch for this month of June - a family portrait of young Bast, his mum and dad!! Mind blown.
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OH! Now that makes sense. Oh man!! That's insane!! Inside scoops like that are genius tidbits to give patreon fans!
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And there goes my heart strings XD It's amazingly done <3 Love Mace's band-aid on his knee ^_^ It's little treats like that which just rounds everything off nicely
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Thanks again! Your drawing of Vi, Mace, Whip and Paige was really well done! 
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Thanks so much for the great compliment Darkspeeds :O It means a lot ^_^ 
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The perspective on this is awesome! This move looks awesome in inks in your style and I love love how much motion you added to the fluff on his sleeves.

Earlier on before I found the "what if" scenario pic on Dave and Liz's tumblr, I could totally picture Mace learning how to fight with a staff or just sort of carrying it around like how 9 did in "9". Seeing it actually DRAWN though is awesome!
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Thank you Ammie! Mace has so much potential and to be able to see two possible scenarios is a treat. 
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He'd probably get the hang of being a bandit quite easily;Nice work! Something just totally got impaled,haha. XD
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A rather cool style for Mace.  and he looks so cool.
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Nice! :)

I like how the back hand show it's a combat pose rather than a pole vaulting one. Fits the tension and expression more ^^
FantasyRebirth96's avatar
oh how amazing this is~ absolutely amazing overall^^ great job of course:)
artsyury's avatar
Love the action & the angle SO MUCH! It makes the character seem so animated! :D
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Mace looks so epic here. Great job on the posing. 8D
SuperflyMiceguy's avatar
Makes him look like a badass.
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Love the action here!
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