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Easter Morning by DarkSpartan1000 Easter Morning :icondarkspartan1000:DarkSpartan1000 4 0
Assassin's Creed vs Dark Brotherhood Prelude pt 1


“Okay guys. Today, we are pitting the two video gaming’s most lethal, cold-blooded killing factions in a battle to the the death. The Assassin’s Order from the Assassin’s Creed franchise… verses the Dark Brotherhood of the Elder Scrolls series. These two factions are responsible for deaths of hundreds of thousands and helping shape their respective universes from the shadows. Today, we pit their best agents in a battle to the death.”
“When looking at this fight, what I am excited for is seeing the differences in these two groups. The Assassins are bringing more advanced, better technological adapt weapons and gear. The Dark Brotherhood utilizes resources and materials that are alien to the Assassins. They also are bringing magic, supernatural, and occult type powers. Seeing how this will factor into the fight will be really interesting.”
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Assassins Creed vs Dark Brotherhood by DarkSpartan1000 Assassins Creed vs Dark Brotherhood :icondarkspartan1000:DarkSpartan1000 1 0 Assassins vs Dark Brotherhood by DarkSpartan1000 Assassins vs Dark Brotherhood :icondarkspartan1000:DarkSpartan1000 2 1
Mature content
UNSC VS REBEL Alliance: The Fight (part 2) :icondarkspartan1000:DarkSpartan1000 2 3
UNSC vs REBEL Alliance: The Fight (part 1)
    U.N.S.C. vs Rebel Alliance
A Halo vs Star Wars Fight

So how would this fight between these two armies begin? Why would it begin? Whose fault would it be? Should we create an opening text crawl? And who would fire the first shots? These are the type of questions we needed to ask when preparing a fight like this. Setting up the cause for this fight would help determine its outcome. 

We imagine the UNSC would be in the midst of conflict with the Covenant and this war spreading throughout our galaxy. This would eventually spill into a new galaxy, the Star Wars galaxy.
The Galaxy would be currently embroiled in its own conflict, the Galactic Civil War. For while none of the factions at war were aware of the other and UNSC/Covenant would keep its war isolated to the UNKNOWN REGIONS. These regions having been uncharted by any major faction thus far would seemingly conceal b
:icondarkspartan1000:DarkSpartan1000 5 0
Old Man Logan vs Ben Kenobi by DarkSpartan1000 Old Man Logan vs Ben Kenobi :icondarkspartan1000:DarkSpartan1000 1 0 Mr. Game and Watch vs Felix the Cat by DarkSpartan1000 Mr. Game and Watch vs Felix the Cat :icondarkspartan1000:DarkSpartan1000 4 0
UNSC vs REBEL Alliance: Ground Vehicles

"A military vehicle is a type of vehicle that includes all land combat and transportation vehicles, which are designed for or are significantly used by military forces. Many military vehicles have vehicle armour plate or off-road capabilities or both.A broad definition of the term may include naval vessels such as destroyers and military aircraft such as fighter jets & medevac helicopters. Under the Geneva Conventions, all non-combatant military vehicles such as field ambulances and mobile first aid stations must be properly and clearly marked as such. In theory under the conventions, such vehicles are then legally immune from deliberate attack by all combatants."-wikipedia
One of the most essential components for either of these armies is its utilization of vehicles. Whether for reconnaissance, assault, transport, or destruction, any vehicle can provide its army with a much needed advantage in battle. For this category, we
:icondarkspartan1000:DarkSpartan1000 2 1
UNSC vs Rebel Alliance:
Units, Troops, Soldiers

Jumping from weapons to infantry, the choice as to which faction receives an edge relies on such critical factors like combat tactics, battlefield experience, dominance, and training. How would terrain play a factor? Would it at all? Would one faction work in one environment better than the other? 

Lets start with the UNSC. These Marines and Special forces units bring in a ton of experience and training. A rugged and diverse assortment of well equipped and well trained men and women, one of the Marine Corps' most notable conflicts was fighting a losing war. 
If you want a real life equivalent to the UNSC, you really should look at our modern day armed forces. Soldiers that are trained for war, ready for battle, and can be deployed at a moment’s notice to any part of the world. 
Marines are an infantry force taske
:icondarkspartan1000:DarkSpartan1000 2 0
UNSC vs Rebel Alliance: Weapons
UNSC vs Rebel Alliance

All data, research, and claims made in the prelude and analysis were done so from a non-bias nor will any prior existing prejudice influence or impact the results of this match. I do not own the rights to either HALO or STAR WARS.
It all started with two legendary characters summoned from the depths of myths and epics…
Armed with their tools of war, these two warriors rewrote history…
Then, the heroes and villains from the pages of fiction were brought to life…
Their weapons, armor, and skills tested to see who would win a battle to the death…
All of which culminating in a war between two of the biggest franchises in media today.
Star Wars
Both of these franchises helped redefine modern culture toda
:icondarkspartan1000:DarkSpartan1000 6 4
Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 2.04.22 PM by DarkSpartan1000 Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 2.04.22 PM :icondarkspartan1000:DarkSpartan1000 0 0 Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 2.04.35 PM by DarkSpartan1000 Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 2.04.35 PM :icondarkspartan1000:DarkSpartan1000 0 0 Rebel Alliance vs UNSC by DarkSpartan1000 Rebel Alliance vs UNSC :icondarkspartan1000:DarkSpartan1000 1 0 Soon by DarkSpartan1000 Soon :icondarkspartan1000:DarkSpartan1000 1 1
X-Men Vs Avengers (films)
Which does it better?

It seems like you can't go the average interval in between  breaths without hearing the the words “Superhero”, “Comic Book”, and "Live-Action-Movie” in the same sentence. What started with as a novel (Novel… lol) concept has easily become one of the most profitable cash grabs for studios across the map sense the advent of sliced bread. With three major comic books companies vying for world supremacy and legions of fan boys ready to commit seppuku at a moment’s notice, one would think this has gotten a bit out of hand.
At the heart of all this, we have Marvel the home to such memorable characters as Captain America, Spider-Man, Hulk, and Iron Man. Such marketable characters have taken their place in our current generation and for most of us, we
learned to enjoy them despite the occasional Age of Ultron and the entire Thor Franc
:icondarkspartan1000:DarkSpartan1000 3 0


darth nihilus by a-archer darth nihilus :icona-archer:a-archer 175 21 resident evil- hair problems by twisted-wind resident evil- hair problems :icontwisted-wind:twisted-wind 862 92 Boba Fett vs Zombies by chrisscalf Boba Fett vs Zombies :iconchrisscalf:chrisscalf 876 56 Duel at the Valley Of The Jedi by wraithdt Duel at the Valley Of The Jedi :iconwraithdt:wraithdt 2,358 122 Espresso and a book... in prison by Nicksplosivez Espresso and a book... in prison :iconnicksplosivez:Nicksplosivez 132 42 v for vendetta x wolverine by m7781 v for vendetta x wolverine :iconm7781:m7781 360 54 TLIID 298 DC v Marvel - Spectre v Mephisto by Nick-Perks TLIID 298 DC v Marvel - Spectre v Mephisto :iconnick-perks:Nick-Perks 102 18 TLIID 298 DC v Marvel - Scarlet Witch v Zatanna by Nick-Perks TLIID 298 DC v Marvel - Scarlet Witch v Zatanna :iconnick-perks:Nick-Perks 43 5 Time Lords by JPRart Time Lords :iconjprart:JPRart 534 39 Thor Vs. Shazam by OldManLefty Thor Vs. Shazam :iconoldmanlefty:OldManLefty 75 6 Summer Smash Sisters by bellhenge Summer Smash Sisters :iconbellhenge:bellhenge 1,640 45 Mars Attacks the Powerpuff Girls! by dyemooch Mars Attacks the Powerpuff Girls! :icondyemooch:dyemooch 320 37 Halo 3: Finish The Fight! by LordHayabusa357 Halo 3: Finish The Fight! :iconlordhayabusa357:LordHayabusa357 253 164 The Starkiller -Quasar- by esk6a The Starkiller -Quasar- :iconesk6a:esk6a 411 133 Somebody Save Me by Harseik Somebody Save Me :iconharseik:Harseik 2,757 283 Gay X-men Logo MkII by Yautja-Steve Gay X-men Logo MkII :iconyautja-steve:Yautja-Steve 18 5





Assassins Creed vs Dark Brotherhood by DarkSpartan1000

“Okay guys. Today, we are pitting the two video gaming’s most lethal, cold-blooded killing factions in a battle to the the death. The Assassin’s Order from the Assassin’s Creed franchise… verses the Dark Brotherhood of the Elder Scrolls series. These two factions are responsible for deaths of hundreds of thousands and helping shape their respective universes from the shadows. Today, we pit their best agents in a battle to the death.”

“When looking at this fight, what I am excited for is seeing the differences in these two groups. The Assassins are bringing more advanced, better technological adapt weapons and gear. The Dark Brotherhood utilizes resources and materials that are alien to the Assassins. They also are bringing magic, supernatural, and occult type powers. Seeing how this will factor into the fight will be really interesting.”

“You got these two different franchises, both followed by a loyal fanbase, we need to make sure this fight is done properly.”

Exactly, so… unlike most fights on this site that revolve around the rules and methodology of Death Battle, this fight is going to be set up primarily in the format of Deadliest Warrior, the series that looks at warriors from history. Utilizing information from both real life historical or modern warriors, the show would determine the “deadliest warrior” based on a series of tests using both warriors’ assortment of weapons and armor. Its “Death Battle,” but with real world practicality and we are not bound to the laws and physics to the in game worlds like Death Battle. 

“But why change up the formula?”

This was the fight can focus more on the individual and unnamed warrior as opposed to any specific warrior. To see the weapons and armor made available to every member of the faction, not just the main character. This means actual weapons testing and comparison.

Granted, we don’t have the actual weapons to test with nor do we have any willing targets to test them on. Also, because Magicka doesn’t exist in the real world, we will be looking at real world stand-ins. The closest weapons in our world that could recreate the same effect as seen in the games. We are bringing in every factor we can take into consideration. Which means we are looking at stealth combat as well as horseback combat. We got a lot of weapons to go through, so lets get started…

The Assassin’s Order… the secretive order of hitmen responsible for the deaths of thousands and shaping the course of history.

Assassins-Creed-Movie-Poster-Michael-Fassbender by DarkSpartan1000

The Dark Brotherhood… Tamerial’s murderous brotherhood of cold blooded killers, who kill to live and live to kill.

Eso Dark Brotherhood Add-on by DarkSpartan1000

Representing the Dark Brotherhood’s killing ways and practices,

Lucien Lachance... a leader in the Cyrodiil branch of the Brotherhood, Lucien is a devoted member of the order.

“Know this. Every Dark Brother and Sister is a child of Sithis. He whom we call Sithis has many other names. Chaos. Doom. Discord. Sithis is the Void.”

Dandras Vules, a Brotherhood marksmen tasked with carrying out some of the toughest contracts for the order. 

Wielding the blades of chose for the Dark Brotherhood... Astrid, a skilled killer that also served as one of the order's recruiters

Providing critical information into the Brotherhood’s lives and history…

Babette… a long standing member of the Dark Brotherhood, Babette was bitten by a vampire as a child. Almost three hundred years later, she continues her devotion to the Brotherhood.

Team Dark Brotherhood by DarkSpartan1000

Formed by a splinter group of the organization known as the Morag Tong. The reason for this divide stems primarily from a difference in interpretation in its religious practices. 

Dandras Vules
“What set us apart from the Morag Tong was our devotion to Sithis and the Night Mother. We kill in order to appease a higher power. Through blood, death, cold blooded murder. We do this for reasons greater than ourselves.”

The Dark Brotherhood worship an entity known as Sithis. According Elder Scrolls lore and to their beliefs, Sithis is the one that sparked creation of all life as we know it. The only way to please this deity, was through death, suffering, and homicide. Contracts for blood start out as nothing more than desires of death and murder prayed to the Night Mother by the citizens across the country.

The Night Mother will pass on the details of the assassination contract only to the highest ranking member of the Dark Brotherhood who, in turn, passes it along to those who will carry out the deed. Once a citizen is marked by the Brotherhood, there is nowhere that person can hide.

Comprised by members of every major race in Tamerial, including inducting vampires into their ranks. Each race has its own advantages and powers that set itself apart from the others. The Dark Brotherhood will send as many assassins as they need to complete the contract. No one would be safe and to prove this, the Dark Brotherhood would have to pull of the unimaginable… the murder of the Emperor.

“By killing Emperor Pelagius the First, the Brotherhood proved to be a force to be both respected and feared. To be able to kill someone is one thing… but to kill an Emperor is proof that the gods have taken sides. Our side.”

God or not, the accounts of the Dark Brotherhood’s deeds have remain shrouded in silence and mystery. To this day, none of the accounts of their operations are nothing more than the word of rumors.

“The Dark Brotherhood have been trained in the arts of stealth and assassination. We operate through fear and chaos and anything that stands between us and out target, is as good as dead. These Assassin’s won’t stand a chance. By the end of the day, they will wish for death at the hand of our blades.”

But this legacy of blood and death doesn’t seem to phase their opponents, the Assassin’s Order.

Leading the charge against the Dark Brotherhood; legendary Assassin Ezio Auditore da Firenze. A high ranking member of the Assassin’s Order, Ezio has served the order for over thirty years.

“The goal of every Assassin was to protect the freedoms of the individual and eliminate anyone that threatened that ideal. We root out the corrupt, the tyrannical, and cruel leaders and influences that threaten to enslave the world. Influences such as the Templars.”

Aguilar de Nerha… a Mentor and Master Assassin, Aguilar has served under the Spanish Brotherhood of the Assassins and is a devout member to the order.

Haci Ahmed Muhiddin Piri, a member of the Ottoman branch of Assassins, Piri is a master craftsmen of bombs and traps. 

Almost as old as the order itself, the war between Assassins and Templars has raged on for hundreds, if not a thousand years. Sworn enemies of the Templars, Assassins continue to wage a brutal, secret war.

The Assassins, if not the order itself, had existed since at least 456 B.C.E., throughout the Roman era, the Middle Ages, the Italian Renaissance, the Industrial Revolution and into the 21st century. However, for this matchup… we will be looking at the Assassin’s at the height of their influence.

Aguilar de Nerha
“The order believed in a strong set of values that strictly governed their way of life. They never kill innocents, compromise their fellow assassins, and always attempt to remain stealthy while on mission. These tenets permeated every aspect of the daily life, as well as their fight for ‘peace in all things.’ The Assassins carried out their duties through political, strategic, and tactical assassination, in hope that killing one individual would lead to the salvation of thousands.”

The Assassins believed that they fought on the behalf of those who did not possess the abilities, resources, or knowledge to speak against those that abused their power.

“We work in the dark to serve the light. We are Assassins. Nothing is true, everything is permitted.”

Maxresdefault by DarkSpartan1000

The Dark Brotherhood will kick off this fight with a special weapon system that is as dangerous as it is mystical.

Spells… a wide assortment of powers that can range from casting illusions to utterly destroying an opponent.

Spells (As utilized by a Dark Brotherhood follower in Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion)


-Shroudwalk: harder to detect (chameleon)

-Bloodhunt: detect life

-Night Mother’s Caress: Heals self

-Will of Sithis: Commands Target

-The Unwelcome Guest: Unlocks doors or chests

-Void Eye: See in the dark

-Deathly Visage: Invisibility

-Black Winter: Freezes with Ice damage

-Baronoff’s Bloody Icicle- Ice Damage

“Spells and the arcane practices are a common practice throughout Tamerial. With these powers, we can do almost anything we set our mind to. We do this be drawing from our own Magicka reserves. In our world, there are seven accepted schools of spell casting. Each one of these has its own wide variety of powers. 

While Mages in the Dark Brotherhood can practice all these schools, the typical Dark Brotherhood Assassin would usually only utilize spells from five of the seven.

Restoration, in the event we are injured, we can heal ourselves when need be. We can also use this to heal those around us. Or we can cure certain diseases and poisons should that ever become a problem.

Alteration would allow us to unlock doors and gain access to places we couldn’t access normally. True, we can use a lock pick to bypass these obstacles… but when time is of the essence, we will use spells.

We can detect life within a certain radius with Mysticism. We can spot targets through any structure or material so long as it is within our eyesight. 

Paralyze others and even turn ourselves invisible with Illusion spells. Perfect for closing in on the kill.

Skyrim-Screens 10-10 by DarkSpartan1000

Finally, Destruction spells. These are spells that have the sole purpose of either weakening or killing the target. It summons the elements to inflict as much death as well need which, in our business.”

But how powerful are these spells? In game content reveals that these spells do inflict damage to its target. But would every attack, be an instant kill or a mortal wound? Or would the target be left standing?

To answer that, we look to the real world and see what it takes for either of the Brotherhood’s Black Winter or Baronoff’s Bloody Icicle spells to kill a target.

Looking at what the damage a frost based attack would do to a target, one can easily understand its usage in killing.

The normal body temperature is 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. Our bodies will begin experiencing Hypothermia around 95 degrees. Any lower, then the body will start suffering the worse symptoms. Things such as amnesia, loss of consciousness, and… eventually, death. 

Death will occur once the body’s core temperature drops below 70 degrees F. The world record for survival being 56.7 degrees F. However, this isn’t the only way to maim someone with these types of attacks. You also have to consider frostbite.

The longer areas are exposed to cold, typically the worse the frostbite. Frostbite is classified by degrees of severity, with first being nothing more than a mild discomfort and the last, and most severe, effecting bones and muscles. The latter of which would cause permanent damage to the body.

Talking about missing fingers, bits of ears, toes, and sometimes entire limbs. While Frostbite won’t kill you immediately, it can prove fatal if left untreated.

So if the Dark Brotherhood can maintain a consistent enough barrage of frost based attacks, this could be game over in a matter of moments, if not seconds.

“There is no denying the effectiveness of these spells, but there is a difference between hitting a target dummy and trying to hit an assassin. We don’t just stand here and let you shoot us. This isn’t like a… uh, shooting practice, as you say. Assassins are mobile. We are always on the move and if you miss your spell, there is a very little blast radius.”

“Then we ensure that you will not get far. We will hunt you down.”

“All one needs to do is jump behind a stone wall or something, your heathen spells are useless if you can’t hit your target.”

“Well it is good thing we have other spells for finding you.”

To be effective killers, the Dark Brotherhood has had to learn multiple types of spells in order to find their prey. Such powers allow them to traverse the blackest of nights with ease and detect life through stone as well as structures.

Efficient and effective at locating targets, but the Assassins disagree. 

“So what if you detect life though your sorcery, can you be certain that the life you are detecting is really your target or just some random bastardo sfortunato?

“Because we are not as stupid as you think. We are fast, efficient, precise… and at least we have a means of tracking and detecting life wherever we go. This will let us know if there are too many guards. Combine this with our abilities and powers to turn invisible and unlock almost any obstacle in our path… there is no question as to who is better in this field.”

True the Dark Brotherhood can achieve such spells and powers. However, these powers draw from the user’s Magicka reserves. Magicka is an ethereal energy source on which any person can tap into in order to utilize spells, charms, and illusions. Every person has a finite pool of Magicka. Once drained, the user will be unable to cast spells without the usage of potions or resting.

“Invisibility, ice powers, detecting life, and opening spells…pfft. Seems like a very specific assortment of incantesimi e truffe to be of any- - -“
“Do keep in mind wise assassin, that the Dark Brotherhood has mages in its ranks, they are more than capable of more destructive spells and illusi- - -“
“SO, you bring witches into this fight?” -laughs- “Okay, before you continue I just have three things to bring up. Prima di tutto, how long can one person use such powers and how long do they last? In secondo luogo, we are trained enough to spot things that are invisible to the commoner and everyday man. Everything that you need a spell to do, we can do ourselves without selling our souls to the devil. Terzo e infine, what we have in store for you will, as you would say, ’blow you away’.”

During the years of the Renaissance, the Order of Assassins was introduced to the lethal game changing innovation that changed the rules of killing…


Acr5 by DarkSpartan1000    Piri Reis Caltrops 1 by DarkSpartan1000    Assassins-Creed-Revelations-Bomb-Crafitng-Trailer. by DarkSpartan1000

One of its many uses was to craft murderous homemade destruction…

Bombs… craftable weapons capable of devastation and distractions.


-Single Detonation

-2-4 inches in diameter

-Weight: 2 lbs

-Various materials

-Various effects

“I had reservations when I first started using these in combat. I come to find out that these are excellent tools when clearing out larger groups of targets. The great thing about these weapons is that they are customizable. I can change its usage and function to adapt to whatever mission I am on.”

“You see, what made the bomb so effective in our mission was that it wasn’t just a killing weapon. We could modify it into a smoke bomb, making it impossible for anyone to see. Or we could utilize poison gas.  We could distract targets or their guards with these. The order first learned of these from our brotherhoods in China. With weapons like these, they were able to end off some of the mightiest armies in the world.”

Bold claims from the Assassins but the Dark Brotherhood remains unconvinced.

“You bring these tiny looking play toys into battle. Into the process of killing. I do not see what good these objects will do for you. Clearly you must prove why you must carry around such shoddy parchment weights.”

“Then clearly, you don’t know what a bomb is and what it is capable of doing.”

Crafting 2 by DarkSpartan1000    

The wide variety in Assassin’s variety of bombs include:

Impact Shell: a small explosive dealing instant death upon contact.

Trip Wire: Explodes when a target makes contact with the triggering mechanism, killing anyone within its blast radius.

Caltrop Bomb: Disperses sharp spikes along the ground. Slowing down anyone careless enough to step on them.

Splinter Bombs: Used for clearing out groups of enemies by means of flying lethal shrapnel.

Datura Bombs: Releases a highly toxic gas that immobilizes and kills any nearby targets.

Smoke Screen Bombs: Blinds pursuers with a thick cloud of phosphorus smoke.

Sticky Pouch: A five second ticking time bomb that adheres to walls, floors, and people with ease.

When talking about weapons and explosives like these, we’re talking about a weapon system that changed the face of the world. Crafting primitive bombs is as dangerous a process as actually utilizing them in combat. Each handheld explosive requires three critical components.

-The Casing


-An Effect

The bombs themselves can be separated into one of three different categories…




While the these bombs were first seen in the 15th Century, they did see mainstream use until around the 17th Century, nearly two hundred years later. Soldiers would carry these into battle mainly to clear any obstacle in their path… whether a wall, debris, or a group of enemies. In close confines or tight corridors, this weapon was at its deadliest.

“It doesn’t even matter what armor you are wearing. Even if the shrapnel doesn’t make it through your armor, che possiamo confermare, but the sheer force of the blast would kill you instantly.”

“Perhaps it would kill a Wood Elf or another member of your human race. But I assure you, the rest of the race of Tamerial aren’t killed as easily. True, your technology is advanced and destructive by every meaning of the word. But I can’t help but feel that your bombs may cause trouble for anyone, target or not. I can’t speak for your order but collateral damage isn’t something we strive for in our assassinations. Anyone untrained in spotting such devices are in danger, bystander or target.

"Also, the purpose of the being an assassin of any kind is to move silently, without drawing attention to yourself. You set off this type of noise and the entire castle will be alerted to your location.”

A fair point, when using such powerful weapons, the odds of civilian targets being caught in the crossfire goes up drastically. And such a blast would alert any nearby guards to the order.

“That is why we plan out our assassinations. We learn the routines and patterns of our targets to ensure such incidents do not happen. We learn where guards will be stationed, when they will be on patrol, when they will have their back turned and for how long. Believe me when I say that we depend on the townspeople. Without their trust and support, our Order would have faded a long time ago.”
“But it is still a lot to risk. Anything can happen. At least with our powers, we have a lot more control over what we can do. Who we can hit. These weapons, they are all over the place.


Revelations Bomb-e1322762476121 by DarkSpartan1000

So which one of these weapon systems gets the edge? The Assassin’s bombs or the Brotherhoods spells? 

Our team was divided… but came to a consensus as to which faction got the edge.

I like the killing potential of the Assassin’s bombs. I like that these can modified to fit whatever mission they are needed for. And I like the number of options for them. But every time these things go off, I can help but shake the feeling that someone might be in blast radius that shouldn’t be there. Some innocent bystander may trip whatever trap had been laid out. Not only would that have been a waste of a weapon, but it would have blown the assassin’s cover. Essentially wasting whatever element of surprise they may have had.
With the spells, there is more control on the part of the Brotherhood. Able to select your targets better than the explosives. Its a lot quite than an explosion and isn’t always as noticeable. It does drain the user quite a bit in the process. To our understanding, Magicka takes time to regenerate and once its gone, the user is at a severe disadvantage. But Magicka wasn’t solely utilized for offensive purposes.
If anything, its the non offensive powers that we feel are more impressive and better on the battlefield. While each one of these powers won’t kill the target, they do set stage for that killing blow. Though these spells do have a very limited duration, I feel that the Dark Brotherhood would be able to utilize them to gain an upper hand in combat. Will it have any effect on the Assassins? That remains to be determined. 

So having said all that… who receives the edge?

Neither side receives the edge… its too close to call.

However, our combatants on both sides remain undeterred and confident in their side.

For the Dark Brotherhood, being marked for death is a practical death sentence.

“If we have our eyes set on you, there is nothing you can do. You are dead. The law can’t protect you. The best guards or mercenaries can’t defend you, nor would they want to. Anyone that gets in-between us and our target is dead. If it is the will of the Night Mother,  then you will die.”

The Dark Brotherhoods methods have left countless dead in their bloody wake. No discrimination, no bias, no prejudice… Anyone can be a target.

“We’ve killed guards, politicians, mercenaries.. the young and the old. The rich and the poor. We function through fear. Anyone capable of being a cold blooded killer is welcomed to the family.”

To further add to this dark and sinister order, the Brotherhood have allowed the inclusion of bandits, vampires, mages, and werewolves to its ranks.

“We have no qualms against any races or ways of life that join our ranks. All that we ask is that you spill the blood of those marked for death.”

In addition to the Dark Brotherhood’s ruthless reputation, the order will actively seek out Tamerial’s most vicious psychopaths.

“When rumors or reports of a long string of killings have been committed, this will undoubtedly catch our attention. Especially when these actions are taken by a lone individual, we will seek out this person. We will invite them to our cause. To us, killing is an art form. Not everyone has the talent to do it… nor does everyone have the sophistication in appreciating our art.”

“The Dark Brotherhood are crazied butchers. They have no honor in what they do. They kill whoever they want to, when ever they want to, and however they want to. Their is no discipline in such actions. Nor do they care about what repercussions there killings may bring. They are sloppy, unorganized, insane… they take orders from a corpse.”

For the Assassins, their order focused less on fear and ruthlessness, choosing to act on behalf of the citizens themselves. The Assassins don’t want to instill fear and panic in the population. In return, the citizens are more willing to aid the Order by any means that can provide.

“We value both the virtues of humanity as well as life. This is why our goal is precision when it come stop killing our targets. We do not want collateral damage… we are trained not to rejoice in death. This is why we avoid open conflict as much as possible. We do not kill unless we have to.”

When one looks at warriors such as these, it is crucial to identify the critical factors that help shape them into what they are now. Analyzing the outlooks and mentalities of both these warrior factions will help understand how they preform and act in the heat of battle. These are called X-Factors. The attributes that define the warriors themselves. 

However, it should be noted that not every X-Factor represents a good trait in a combat situation. While we do look at the advantages each warrior brings to battle, we cannot lose sight of the fact that there are disadvantages that they bring as well.

Like in the show, Deadliest Warrior, we look at these factors and rate them on a scale of one to a hundred, with one hundred being the perfect soldier.

Looking at The Dark Brotherhood, we are seeing a lot of factors that need to be addressed.

-Killer Instinct: How easy is it to kill your target without a second’s hesitation? To turn off the part of you brain that makes you pause and think before taking a life.

-Extremism: When push comes to shove, how far will you go complete your objective? Are you willing to sacrifice your team or even yourself for the sake of progress?

-Brutality: When its simply not enough to silence a target, sometimes it is necessary to send a message to others. A reason why to fear the actions and abilities you possess.

-Psychological Heath: In a combat scenario, it is imperative to be able to think and plan ideas in a rational way. However, if someone lacks a certain degree of mental stability then that person can become as much a threat to allies and civilians… as they would be to their enemy.

For the Assassin’s Order, we begin to see a collection of equally important characteristics.

-Logistics: In order to fight, one needs to have a steady stream of supplies, weapons, and armor. How easily is it for one to acquire such supplies for their cause?

-Discipline: A warrior’s ability to follow through on the orders he is assigned in completing. Regardless of the morality of the assignment. A disciplined warrior is unlikely to retreat, commit treason, or initiate an unprovoked fight.

-Intuition: To be naturally in tune with the world around one’s self and pick up on the things that seem out of place.

“Unlike the Assassins, the Dark Brotherhood will do whatever it takes to get the job done. We don’t wait around and let you make the first move. We will find you, hunt you, and kill you. No matter what it takes. You can run but there is nowhere we can’t find you. You have to be practical, you will need to sleep at some point and the Brotherhood isn’t above killing a man in his sleep. Many of our victims, the last thing they see will be one of our daggers in their guts.”

Part 2 coming soon...

Assassin's Creed vs Dark Brotherhood Prelude pt 1
Seems the Prelude was too long for Deviant Art. This is part one of it.
Assassins Creed vs Dark Brotherhood
You know, I feel like I needed to tweak the previous image a little to show everybody my plans for the Assassin's Order versus the Dark Brotherhood.
Personally speaking, I hate seeing people who simply post random Death Battle ideas pitting two or more characters that have nothing in common. Ideas, whose sole purpose are for page views but with very little effort put behind the fight itself. The same people who post 50 ideas week but never actually do anything.


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-I have nothing but respect for writers because... I'm a writer myself. Its easy to write a Death Battle. To write a GOOD Death Battle is a challenge. Again, I have nothing but respect for my fellow writers. 

-As an artist, criticism is a must. If I don't get feedback, then I'm not sure if I'm doing a good job or a bad one. Basically I'm open to any feedback.
-As for improvement, I will say that I honestly believe I push the boundaries of Death Battle a bit more than most do. I always try and find a new way of writing each battle. A few examples being:

--Chris Redfield vs Leon Kennedy
--Death Battles generally are between two characters from two different franchises and take place in an unspecified setting.
----First off, this fight was between two characters from the same franchise (Resident Evil)
----The fight itself took place during a specific moment in a specific game (Resident Evil 6)
----The two characters actually do fight in a warehouse at one point in the game but the fight was never finished.
----So I created a death battle in that scenario to see who actually would have won that fight.

--Tiber Septim vs Jarvan IV
----Latest fight
----This one featured an army on army fight

Also I plan on doing a spin off series of Death Battle that will focus on squad based battles. And as sign of faith, I will let you be the first to know the first few FIREFIGHT match-ups

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers vs The Female Furies (DC Comics)

Delta Squad (Republic Commando) vs Delta Squad (Gears of War)

Suicide Squad (DC Comics) vs Thunderbolts (Marvel Comics)

U.S.S. (Resident Evil) vs O.D.S.T. (Halo)

-And to answer the final question... sometimes. It depends on what the other person may have said. However it would take a lot to make me lose my cool.
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