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Of Apples and Errors
The Apples of Adam
The elderly forgotten
The old and easily rotten
But a blessing in my blood
The Errors of Eve
Years gone faster and pastor
These Angels in sepia
Just a whisper in my veins
:icondarksouldivinity:DarkSoulDivinity 4 5
Gone are the ribbons of prayer
Silent are the voices of consolation
Slack are the friendly faces
Dead eyes staring upwards
A grave miscarriage of justice
Wounds not yet healed before a jury
Enticed the magister's newborn fury
But who are we to judge?
Time's own prison, a captivation
Drew the blood from innocence, elation
For that which befalls the sky
Will inevitably befall us all
:icondarksouldivinity:DarkSoulDivinity 7 17
Deep in the ravenous pit of my soul
Where love once burned with a hellish fury
I lie in wait, a vile revenant of what I once was
Tortured and raped by your affection.
My dark sanctuary is the last bastion
A misbegotten hole in which I may fester
It has become my serpentine salvation
After all past defenses had crumbled at your feet
Was I not so long ago the angel in this story?
Battle weary but brave and bright eyed
The Light's own agent of Love's forgotten truths
My sword was my faith in you, my halo was our love
Now I am corrupted and defiled, wings ripped apart
Demon blood runs cold through blackened veins
My eyes are windows to a deeper madness
With my heart torn out, it shall beat no longer
:icondarksouldivinity:DarkSoulDivinity 12 32
Age of Suicide
Baritone clouds descend and with them tears of depravity
Falling like dying doves on a field of freshly slaughtered snow
These naive children living in a violent and drunken fantasy
Those who we pity for having ice instead of a human soul
Their faith a shaken mockery of what passes for forged eternal light
In the vipers nests they call their homes they scream
"Can you hear us?" they cry as if a plea unto Heaven
But the angels themselves turn a frozen ear
The darkest of nights bears the fruit of their sweetest dreams
As empty eyes in empty glasses carve their shattered reality
The loveless and desperate crawled over each other,
carnivorous and biting, all in a dark red hunger
Lust for that which they would never have.
Blind like so many dead mice before them, they pushed onwards
like the tide until they could bleed no more
:icondarksouldivinity:DarkSoulDivinity 11 33
Suffice to Say
Not even my blood made you blush
As you stared down at my body
At what I once had been
You didn't even think of saying sorry
It might as well have been your hand
That tore open my pale skin
It may as well have been your guilt
That bled me from within
But you wouldn't even think it
No you wouldn't even cry
All I wanted was a second chance
All I wanted was a try
All I see now is a white cloud
All I see is this bright light
But a goodbye from me was not aloud
You'd already given up the fight
I watched you at my grave
Heard the silence in your voice
Now I'm dead you won't behave
You might even rejoice
I wish you all the best in life
Live the life I never had
I hope you avoid your share of strife
And that nobody ever makes you sad
Now my soul is free
Like sky and silver sand
But baby all I really wanted
Was to sit and hold your hand
:icondarksouldivinity:DarkSoulDivinity 13 39
Broken Soil
Dear Rose,
It's time I said goodbye
But before I explain my reasons why
I want you to know that even gods can die
And you wouldn't know until you try
Please know that I will always love you
Even if I know that you'll never love me too
And even while my fondness for you grew
Accepting my love for you was one thing she couldn't do
Dearest, sweetest Rose, please know,
You will always be in my dreams
And even when my nightly screams drown you out
Please know that it's you I dream about
They're knocking on my door now, Rose
So I'll have to say it soon
Don't regret me, please don't forget me Rose
And how I kissed you that June
Please don't scrub my memory away
Don't let your thoughts of me stray
And if one May my skies turn gray
I'll still think of you every day
And now they're here to take me
So hear out my final failing plea
Don't be angry or mad at me
But it was me who buried her under that tree
:icondarksouldivinity:DarkSoulDivinity 4 29
Battlefield: Life
Well versed in the arts of deception
We wage a blaming war on our parents
Responsible for our shitty lives and contraception
Our pain and our hatred all penciled in
As deadly speckled eggs
We watch, we wait, we anticipate our strike
The silent and swift dagger in the night
Feeling the glory of reddened skies
Of wretched and wetted eyes
Oh, how we dissapoint!
What they sow, so shall we reap
And you would think the battle was won
But no, sweet things
Life is a battlefield
And we have only just begun
:icondarksouldivinity:DarkSoulDivinity 3 25
I am welcomed home this afternoon
By children on their bicycles
Treading golden dusk-lit roads
Not knowing they are the future
I am welcomed back this evening
By the warm shoulders of my grandparents
And the particular smell of their house
Of three white cats and peppermint
I am welcomed home tonight
By talks of politics and racism
And late night repeats
Evoked by an old and dusty television
But what welcomes me back the most
Is the promises I made so many years ago
In the selfish way of all young men
That I should never, ever return
:icondarksouldivinity:DarkSoulDivinity 5 27
Prophet of Hearts
Twisted, scarred and screaming out
I need you to hear it
How it boils over itself in life
And settles to a cold calling in death
You need to hear it, and hear it today
But nobody can hear my words
A messenger without a voice
A purpose without a performance
Breaking ice on its very first choice
But you will never know it
Hand to heart to head to tongue
Eyes as gold as they choose
I'll drown before I let you take it
This is a battle I'm not going to lose
What is set in stone cannot be undone
Hear me now with the voice of ages
Feel the heat within the healing
Acknowledging feather grey pages
Hated ears and prodigal eyes
I say once more with feeling:
Lend me your people
:icondarksouldivinity:DarkSoulDivinity 12 27
As Nature Intended
We all need a vacation
Waking up amidst long grasses
Seeing the sky in its burning glory
As the sun drips over everything.
To have tiny white moths
Land on fairly clean fingertips
With the wind blowing through our souls
And not having to pay a cent
We need to be away from our lives
So far away if even for a day
To laugh in the light of our innocence
And play in the fields of yellow
What have we become
That we focus solely on desire
That we are blind to our greatest need
A need to be free
:icondarksouldivinity:DarkSoulDivinity 8 37
Writer No More
Deceased pencil sharpenings leak and
Litter the openings of empty coffee cups
Like brown paper cut outs
Alongside ancient cigarette stumps
Debris that used to mean something to me
The sun is coming up in my own window
My eyes are tiredly aching and embracing
The grave chill burning before the warmth
As once I remembered it
I swear I remembered it
I am alone in the twilight
Nothing moves here
Nothing lives here
Something silently died here
And it haunts me still
I have no more pencils left, snapped
My books are filled with shitty words
Paper swamps the once clear floor
This is the Waste of my World
A failure, a writer no more
:icondarksouldivinity:DarkSoulDivinity 8 48
Fickle Florae
The Thorns on you
So bloody already;
They are sharp indeed
My rose, my love, my sweet
But that is the sacrifice
That a gardener
So deeply in love
Is willing to take
:icondarksouldivinity:DarkSoulDivinity 5 15
That Which Is Heavenly
The thunder enters his body
The bass takes all control
The techno spikes his bloodstream
The music ensnares his soul
Eyes gently shut
Elegantly swaying from side to side
In the glory and the ecstacy
His arms spread out wide
A smile has raced across his face
His head held high towards the sky
The taste of adrenaline on his lips
That which is heavenly, cannot die
:icondarksouldivinity:DarkSoulDivinity 13 37
A seed
Carefully grown in Africa
From hybrid rose and orchid
Thorns and beauty present
Origins of unsteady essence
Some have come from Germany
Others from far off England
Others unknown to man
Growing where it needs to
Growing where it can.
A sapling
Supple and secure
Grown in southern soils
Alongside Indian waters
Above the frozen shore
Steadily consuming sunlight
It hungers more and more
For a special kind of safety
A bloom
Spreads its pollen doom
Landing on foreign sands
Adapting to its distant heritage
Putting down roots in familiar lands
At last cupped in loving hands
Growing from love and water
Far from the grassy slaughter
Buried steadily again in sacred ground
My garden heart has been unearthed
:icondarksouldivinity:DarkSoulDivinity 3 50
Memoirs Of A Sunny Afternoon
So again, here I am where I'm often found
Legs and body so close to the ground
Making the most of the daylight
Listening to a piano piece
On a bit of blue plastic string
Attached to an iPod-like thing
I should be talking about love
Maybe a bit about life in general
But today I have no words for you
Not a clue for you
Just a sweet melodic tune
something sung in my head
And nowhere near this poem
And so I apologise for the delay
It's just my own little way
Of dealing With the night to come
The memories of the fading day
Today my friends lied to their friends
Children I know grew a few smiles older
Our dogs buried things unimaginable
And somewhere out there a grandmother cries
I know shattered lovers who will sleep alone
Having so soon gone their seperate ways
And a man who is dying of something of the soul
And a woman who is doing something she's never done
While girl without her father hopes for a gun
And yet yesterday was a day of desires
Of wanting the most for today
And by evening, a
:icondarksouldivinity:DarkSoulDivinity 5 17
A Quieter Sin
Where is my heart now,
That I feel no guilt?
Satin black blindfold,
You smother me so
Not even a purple whisper
In the darkest corners
The missing entangling
The wicked foreshadowing
The choking dust of it
Lying where I cannot find it.
Lost so deep within
So far from anything saintly or nice
Yet so close to a den of evil and vice
What monster am I,
That acknowledges it's absence?
Heaven forgive me
Or let me sin more quietly
:icondarksouldivinity:DarkSoulDivinity 6 26

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Sorry, I rather like that song, and I was unable to come up with a better title.
It has been...*counts on fingers*.... TOO LONG since I have last posted a journal up here. Anybody who probably did read what I wrote has probably died of old age by now, which is rather awkward actually, I must admit.

I have a job now. Woot woot. Ok, so it's part time, and I'm still studying, and I don't have a car yet, and I'm probably doomed to be a vegetarian, despite my best efforts to the contrary, but I'm still ok with all that, begrudgingly.
University is slowly but surely chuffing away at a busy pace, mind you I don't help things much, being the contrary beast I am. Still things have been busy.
My life is pretty cool these days. This either due to some unintentional cosmic change of which I am the only victim (knowing my luck), or, maybe I've just realized that things are pretty good after all?

The older I get the harder I seem to be able to write these things. I guess I'm not used to talking about myself to people who may or may not be complete strangers. It's my life, dammit, gerroffitnow!

I haven't written in ages, I know. I'm happy now, and that's all there is to it. No more writing until that ailment has been cured. Tune in when I'm next sad/lonely/depressed or all of the above, and you may be in for a good time. Or not, depending on whether you're bothered to read my work or not. It's ok, I battle to read other people's poetry too, we all have those days/weeks/months/years/lifetimes, but it's all good. Every little bit helps and all that.

Thought of the day: Isn't being human a most hideously beautiful thing?

Word of the day: Inaniloquent - Pertaining to idle talk. (Appropriate, no?)

I hope all is well in the land of the Deviant.

May ye all live long and eat Cheesecake responsibly!
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  • Reading: The Lost Symbol, by Dan Brown
  • Watching: My life pass me by as I drift into senility
  • Playing: Icewind Dale II
  • Eating: Stir Fry Wraps
  • Drinking: Water

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"A smile has raced across his face,
His head held towards the sky,
The taste of adrenaline on his lips,
That which is heavenly, cannot die..."

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