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Older CMC - Show Stopper Outfits

By Darksly-z
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They look hot! Especially Apple Bloom.

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I can see them continuing in that vein. :D

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Oh what a nice surprise to see the EquestriaDaily Bot as in the old days, I missed you Rainbow Dash and Tank (hug) #2 plz

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Eclipse really threw Trixie off her A-game.

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Congrats for tonight's EQD Drawfriends header Dark.

You've earned it. This piece is awesome!

Of course as older (dressed in tight suits) mares... ponies will look at them quite differently... mostly stallions... and some mares too...

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I still need to improve a lot friend, I'm still not satisfied, that means that I'll be a while more making ponies although maybe I will start to experiment with some different creatures ... Thanks for the kind words and you're right, their suits look very tight X3

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Good. If you want to improve more that's a good sign. A very good sign! It means that you are motivated, ambitious and have a lot of free time for doing art. So, is there a specific artist(s) that you try to emulate but you feel you can't still go at its own level?

Ever thought of trying more dynamic pieces, you know to practice movement effects like speed, weight, wind and light? Just asking.

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Some fandom artists have been a great inspiration, they influenced me a lot when I just started, artists like Vanillaghosties, I love his style and his way of shading caught my attention. Assasinmonkey was another Artist that motivated me a lot with his artworks with dark backgrounds, his level of realism is excellent. At first I was trying to emulate them (of course not at that level of realism) and eventually I found my own style that I continue to refine to this day.

I'm still in a study stage so there are many things that I will implement.

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I did realized that you reminded me of Vanilla's style I can't deny it. I don't know why he can't do much art now, though. Personal life problems? I just hope he is doing fine. And I always liked Assasinmonkey's style as well, like you said with his level of realism and light. But you are going further because of the scenes and compositions you make and the variety of the characters you draw.

And that's what making you a great artist. You are going to go far. And I'm pretty sure you will draw much more than just ponies. If you keep saying that your are studying, you'll always keep improving.

But that's from an amateur. A pro would have a better criticism about your works. Is there a specific artist (not limited to mlp) that you want to surpass? I know three that I find do incredible pony fanart: Ventious, Bra1nEater and Cannibalus, but you must know one that I missed.

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I don't see it as much as surpassing the Artists, rather it is to be as good as all of them improving my own style, each of them have a beautiful style, outside of the fandom there are several current artists like Sakimichan or Sandara who have called me a lot the attention, they usually have an amazing artistic affinity, creativity and a lot of variety of characters.

You are becoming a very good critic, you realize the important details and you meet a wide variety of artists!

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Thank you but I'm bad at expressing it in the proper terms. I'd need to study that.

I forgot to mention Zilvart, Earthsong and Baron-Engel. ES has a great style. I put this one I bought from her back in 2013 over my computer and I keep staring at it.

The Best of Friends
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Uh I like what you did with this picture it looks awesome.

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These outfits were always so insanely badass, awesome work!

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So fun to see these again (the outfits)! The stage is about to fall again . . you girls better run!

Your art is just amazing :) Still hoping for a speed paint one of these days or a progression showing how this awesomeness comes about :)

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You're right, when I have enough time I will.

Thanks for the kind words ^^

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You did it.... Thank you it's really beautiful. Like the outfits

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Yes, but I skipped some things, for example, I need to put more skulls on Applebloom's headscarf. It usually takes me 5 hours to make each character, and that time I summarized it in 5 hours, well you can always make an edition in Deviantart... so maybe I'll fix that later ^^

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When you not happy with it and have time you can change it. You must be happy with your pics... But I like it :-)

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Totally awesome!

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