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Inky Rose [NATG XI - D11]

All the time I was thinking about Princess Luna but I decided to draw Inky Rose this time
Prompt: Draw a pony alone in the dark / Draw a pony who's a real night owl.
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♥ One of my favorite ponies ♥

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*CC starts making his way through the thick trees and leaves through the night, while the moon was shining bright, as there were thick clouds in the night sky ,as he got through,he stumbles upon a Pegasus on the leafy vine swing sitting still in the dark yet pleasant scenery,as if she was swinging in a graveyard,as the line of gates where behind her a couple of both dead trees and castle like brick buildings are both besides her in the background ,as her coat was very similar to Maud Pie's coat but lighter Lavender ,as her Mane was braided that it match her coats color with a few dif colored streams of dark lavender ,as her facial expression was gloom dull like look ,while wearing a gothic black clothings that her skirt had matched her upper clothings like if they were both Bat wings or Spiderwebs,black must be her favorite color as CC came to her and said * CC:Ello there ,nice weather we're having tonight.^_^

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rw:thnxu i just did alittle rp for the pic ,just something i like to do once in awhile when it comes to gothic oc mlpfim characters,i just thought if Iny Rose would interact with my oc MLPFIM Unicorn Creart Crayola.^_^

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Oh my, I would love to push this swing.

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This is brilliant. Great work Reminds me of these feels from back in the day

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Oh, good memories, thank you!

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Swing set...

swing set...

up and down i go....

Whoosh goes

the willow whips

collecting fallen souls

Breathe deep

all sleep

play time has no end

Gasp goes

the haunted screams

for now i've found a friend

swing set


time for us to go

wave good bye

to fireflies

that carry my darlings soul

authors notes: sing it as slow as you can and get some wind behind it ... happy amityvill doll house day lol

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That fits very well :]

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The show had a great track record with sexy goths.

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That's very cute!

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