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Majesty by ART5EC Majesty :iconart5ec:ART5EC 40 12 Superearth by ART5EC Superearth :iconart5ec:ART5EC 83 8 Realistic Venus by Ittiz Realistic Venus :iconittiz:Ittiz 42 19 Realistic Mars by Ittiz Realistic Mars :iconittiz:Ittiz 69 21 Luna Terraformed Farside by Ittiz Luna Terraformed Farside :iconittiz:Ittiz 35 5 The Moon Terraformed LOLA by Ittiz The Moon Terraformed LOLA :iconittiz:Ittiz 51 49 The inner system by Ittiz The inner system :iconittiz:Ittiz 79 30 Mars Map by Ittiz Mars Map :iconittiz:Ittiz 66 53 Ancient Mars Map by Ittiz Ancient Mars Map :iconittiz:Ittiz 58 38 Transhumanist Future World Map by biohazzart Transhumanist Future World Map :iconbiohazzart:biohazzart 15 0
Defunct Futures
So, what's it like in the year 2012 in the...
1950s WORLD
2012 in 50's-world, everyone in the US wears hats. Men wear suits, women wear dresses or cute pantsuits. T-shirts and jeans or sweats are something nobody older than a teenager would be caught wearing. There are a lot of uniforms. Everything is very clean and often metallic or gleaming.
The Cold War is of course going on, and China, the Soviet Union, indeed everything from East Germany to Vietnam is the Red World, a unified entity which includes some parts of Africa, including the Red Congo. (Cuba, on the other side, is Capitalist and more-or-less democratic, if corrupt). Everyone in the Red World dresses the same, drives the same standard car, and reports for interrogation four times a year. (Except for the Inner Committee. But to get to that position on must have taken the interrogation drugs dozens of times). Although a "standardized" Socialist culture is promoted, the Chinese are still Chinese, and the increasing tendency of
:iconquantumbranching:QuantumBranching 83 32
Roosevelt Wins by KitFisto1997 Roosevelt Wins :iconkitfisto1997:KitFisto1997 47 33 The Foundations of Geopolitics by KitFisto1997 The Foundations of Geopolitics :iconkitfisto1997:KitFisto1997 77 20 Perpetuated in Righteousness by RvBOMally Perpetuated in Righteousness :iconrvbomally:RvBOMally 77 19
A Rationalized Sonichu
Because I haven't seen anyone do this before. I've seen parodic takes trying to  put a grimmer spin on the sonichu series but I've yet to see anyone do a (somewhat) rational take on it. If you don't already know what Sonichu is, consider yourself lucky. The short version is that "Sonichu" is a sonic/pikachu hybrid with a very, very disturbing "creator" who even took the time to do some horrifyingly bad worldbuilding. Google "Christian Weston Chandler" if you want an undiluted take on the horror.
The changes began when the first explorers from Europe found the Americas and found wherever they went megalithic ruins, destroyed altars near piles of human bones and grim local artwork and stories about pointy-eared demons and a "time of darkness" during which these demons ruled. Whether they were english explorers in Virginia, french explorers in the canadas, Spanish explorers in peru the story was the same. These stories oddly paralleled norwegian accounts of how their colonies on
:iconottovonsuds:OttoVonSuds 6 3
Russia does the first moon landing
Another change of plans here, so here's a lighter piece. Just because I don't do enough worlds with semi-positive outcomes, here's something for the space fans.
The divergence from our world is simple; somewhere along the line, Stalin has a few less engineers and a few more coal miners purged. There are no Heroes of Science among the saved workers, but there is simple competence. Enough competence, in fact to partially compensate for America's advantage of having german scientists. At first, the divergences are minimal; a month shaved off of Sputnik, etc but they build up over time.
This culminates in 1967, when Premier Brezhnev announces to the world that the Soviet Union will now launch a man on the moon by the end of the year. This is dismissed as propaganda by most, which just makes the world even more shocked when the first grainy black and white footage of Soviet astronauts walking on the moon reaches earth. In order to accomplish the misison, the Soviet Space program rapidly cob
:iconottovonsuds:OttoVonSuds 6 2


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