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The Dark Starters Gen 3 (SOLD)

BRAZILEEF Sold to :icontdlballistic:

???-BRAZILEEF (Brazil-Basilisk-Leaf)
-Amazonian Pokemon

DARKSUSAR Sold to :iconthathyenayouknow:

???-DARKUSAR (Darker-Kusari)
-Shinobi Pokemon

OLMURK Sold to :iconlesboys:

???-OLMURK (Olm-Murk)
-Cave-dwelling Pokemon
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In game I'd choose Darksusar.
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could i snag that olmurk?
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sure! send me a note with your email, adn I will send you an Invoice
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Could I snag BRAZILEEF?
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sure, send me a note with your paypal email and I will send you an inbox
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Gotta love Olmurk :D !
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Fresh sceptile, evil blaziken and creepy swampert
Ever thought of remaking these dark starter guys Dark?
"Hi I'm Davidgame68. Me and my Hungarian friends are working on a Pokémon GBA romhack and looking for new Pokémon ideas. We saw your fakemon and would like to use it in our game. You will be credited in the end credits and our site with link to your page, if it's alright with you. Sincerely, Davidgame68"
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I like Darkusar. It's very unique along with the rest of these guys. Generation III starters are my fave (not as much as Cyndaquil though) so this is a nice take on them. =D Great job keep up the great work. =D
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Holy crap, these look better than the originals! Wow! 
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even more people will like blaziken now (or in this case darkusar)
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It sounds like all those fire fighter starters would have a ball sweeping them all, especially the poor grass one.
Awesome artwork
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This is a great twist on the classic starters! I give it 4 NYEH out of 5!
Nye!Nye!Nye!Nye!Papyrus's Tears
Why only 4? Because you didn't add pronunciation.
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Bruh mudkip was the stuff back in the day on the gameboy
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Amazing! I love those! Especially Olmurk :) Way to go!
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