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The Dark Starters Gen 2 (SOLD)

Sold to :icondice-king: (All 3)

???-FOROLAGE (Fores-Foliage)
-Black Forest Pokemon

???-LEUCLEVE (Leucrocotta-BLEVE)
-Wildfire Pokemon

???-PALEACROC (Paleos-Crocodile)
-Prehistoric Pokemon
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In game I'd choose Leucleve, that damn smile, I love it.
These guys are so intense!
aspieprincess99's avatar
Vey macabre yet very fascinating at the same time.
TriforceOfWill's avatar
Wow, these look amazing!!!
I especially love Leucleve; the unnatural smile is the perfect touch...
PickaPluckofCherries's avatar
My favorite generation turned dark! They look awesome!
wozzmeyer's avatar
boar crocs are badass AF, even moreso when they're pokemon!
FoxCubLover's avatar
Porygatto's avatar
Omg, that Leucleve! *^*
nnnnnjjjj's avatar
wow thats really good
AntarcticCometWolf's avatar
the leucleve's face looks like grinny the cat
Jayllll's avatar
that middle ones awsome
carlos52302's avatar
starters gen 2 with dusk stone
Ashen-Phoenix's avatar
I seriously love you for these. I hope you realize.
DEFINATELY WOULD ICK PALEOCROC IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN MY FAVOURITE AND NOW IT LOOKS EVEN MORE AWESOME!!!! screams aside like i said in last onje i don't think it looks to much like a drak type maybe if the dark blue was black and the eyes a greeny colour????
bob4123's avatar
the grass starter
pokefan423's avatar
tu amigo te ganas un puesto para mi juego de pokemon de gba pasa me el link y yo los pongo a todos
RiotLizard's avatar
you my friend, need to go work at Gamefreak
Because YOOUUUU make the coolest designs
Kassandra88's avatar
What kind of color pencils do you use? These details are and shading are amazing :)
Darksilvania's avatar
its a mix of many brands
Kassandra88's avatar
Oh...I see :) thank you, I will make some experiments :)
Poemonfanzo's avatar
I'd love to have a Leucleve.
RaoKurai's avatar
I noticed how wide Leucleve's smile is and uh

Hah, i'd love to train that.
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