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Sin of Sloth v2.0

By Darksilvania
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299-CALDROWS [Caldera-Drowsy]
-The Cauldron Pokemon
-Ability: Comatose
-Dex: "This pokemon is in a constant state of hibernation due to an extremly low metabolism, so they stay motionless for so long they get buried by the sand. This pokemon absorbs nutrients and humidity from the soil they are buried in, acumulating pressure, and when this reaches a boiling point, this pokemon will burst like a geiser."
     -Lava Plume
     -Mud Bomb
     -Clear Smoke

-->Evolves after learning Rest<--

476-DORMAGMA [Dormant-Magma]
-Rock/Groundd (Sleeping Form) - Rock/Fire (Active Form)
-The Volcano Pokemon
-Ability: Sleeping Giant*
-Dex: "This Pokemon spends its life in a constant sleep, acumulating power to wake up, but this process, in nature, can take decades, even centuries. When this pokemon wakes up, all the acumulated power turn it into a very powerful and dangerous creature, with the force to completely terraform its own habitat forever."
     -Earth Power
     -Ancient Power

*This Pokemon will always be affected by the SLP status and cant wake up by itself, it can however use moves normally. If it is cured of its SLP status it will change to its active form, if ir becomes SPL again it will revert to its sleeping form.

And the las Sin remake are this fellas!!! The Sin of Sloth by Darksilvania

This is a complete makeover, with the theme still being volcanoes.

The first one is based on a desert toad, a clay pot and a geiser

The second one is based on a lizard and a volcano, pretty standard

Hope you like it and see ya soon people!!!
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Mario-and-Sonic-GuyHobbyist Digital Artist

Base stat concepts...


  • HP: 50

  • Attack: 40

  • Defense: 90

  • SP ATK: 40

  • SP DEF: 90

  • Speed: 5

  • Total: 315

Dormagma (Sleeping Form)

  • HP: 70

  • Attack: 60

  • Defense: 140

  • SP ATK: 60

  • SP DEF: 140

  • Speed: 10

  • Total: 480

Dormagma (Active Form)

  • HP: 70

  • Attack: 160

  • Defense: 10

  • SP ATK: 160

  • SP DEF: 10

  • Speed: 130

  • Total: 540

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RosyMapleSuccHobbyist Digital Artist
Ravioli ravioli, don’t wake up the lizardoli
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EdokiStudent Digital Artist
I'll take your entire stock!
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SterileRitalinHobbyist General Artist
warm danger lizard
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you mess with this gecko

you get mor than a pecko
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I like this line a lot. I like how you made it learn that certain move causing it's evolution. Very few Pokemon have that. When it wakes up, it's just a monster. Plus it looks really cool. I thought it was gonna be like Darmanitan, but it's even better! Great job! :la:
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Wow... This Is Amazing.
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Total: 270

Dormagma (sleeping)
Atk: 50
Def: 120
SA: 50
SD: 100
Spd: 20
Total: 446

Dormagma (active)
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Does it get any stat changes in active form?
Darksilvania's avatar
DarksilvaniaProfessional General Artist
in active form he becomes more focused on attack and sp. attack, also speed raises
Megatron1234567's avatar
Thank alot, I absolutle love your designs! In my opinion gamefreak should hire you to develop the next pokemon. 
Guntank578171's avatar
Dormagma! I've come to bargain
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DoctorChevlongProfessional General Artist
XD Good one !
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CaseMaydayHobbyist Traditional Artist
That's super cool! :D
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sephire25Student General Artist
love this one so much
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BulbaFriendStudent Traditional Artist
A slow but deadly opponent 
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es gracioso como un pecado le da superpoderes :V
Johnny-Spectre's avatar
Johnny-SpectreHobbyist Traditional Artist
always did enjoy these. what's next? All the Regis?
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Amazing work :D
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GusindorStudent General Artist
I think this is my favorite of your sin-based Pokemon so far. Caldrows is cute and cool, and Dromagma's sleeping form looks tranquil and almost meditative, but then when it wakes up, yikes!
Musetry's avatar
Hmmm. I see this, but can only think of electric terrain waking it up.
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Master-Of-DreamsHobbyist Traditional Artist
This was always my favorite of your Sin Powermon series and now it is even more awesome! :D
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Lugia20711Hobbyist Writer
Use a Poke Flute and it will wake up.
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