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Royal Blood v2.0

By Darksilvania
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415-LARVLOOD [Larvae-Blood]
-The Larva pokemon
-Ability: Swarm - Tinted Lens(HA)
-Dex: "Despíte their small size, this pokemon is always hungry, moving in large groups looking for food, feeding on the blood of wild pokemon, and even unsuspecting human. They eat and eat storing energy to evolve, looking to fulfill a role in the life of their colony, or even, in rare occasions, to form a new one ."
     -Bug Bite
     -Leech Life

-->Evolves at lv. 50, female only<--

416-PLASMONARCH [Plasma-Monarch]
-The Regal Queen Pokemon
-Ability:  Queenly Majesty - Tinted Lens(HA)
-Dex: "This pokemon is a rare sight for most trainers, and even some researchers to, as they live deep inside large nests, and are always protected by wild MOSQUITEER and PARAPSYCH's, making finding one not only hard, but dangerous. Despite having so many servant and protectors, this pokemon is not a weakling in any sense, and it is said that an enraged PLASMONARCH can clear a whole forest highhandedly."
     -Draco Meteor
     -Attack Order
     -Giga Drain
     -Tail Glow

-->Evolves at lv. 25, male only<--

???-MOSQUITEER [Mosquito-Musketeer]
-The Royal Guard Pokemon
-Ability:  Speed Boost - Hyper Cutter(HA)
-Dex: "This pokemon lives in large swarms, which serve as PLASMONARCH's army, protecting their nest and all the pokemon inside of it, even to death. They wont budge or retreat from a fight, relying on its blingin speed and the help of its comrades to achieve victory, all for one, and one for all."
     -Sacred Sword
     -Smart Strike
     -Sword Dance

-->Evolves at lv. 25, male only and If a PLASMONARCH is in the party<--

???-PARAPSYCH [Parasyte-Psychic]
-The Royal Drone Pokemon
-Ability:  Synchronize - Telepathy(HA)
-Dex: "This pokemon are always on small groups around PLASMONARCH, serving as the queen's royal court, they telepathically communicate with their queen and among themselves to obey every command almost in an instant. Their brains are twice the size of a human one, allowing them not only to communicate with humans, but to overpower them with their psychic abilities."
     -Bug Buzz
     -Signal Beam
     -Magic Room

And here you have, the remake of the last vampire pokemons!!! But this is not only a remake of this  the Vampires Queen by Darksilvania it is now a Whole expansion!!! because what is a queen with no one to rule over, eh?

They are based not only in mosquitos, But now it is a whole royalty dynamic, with A queen, her court, her knights and her subjects

And before anyone says so, PARAPSYCHs head is an homage to Gary Oldman's dracula, more precisely, is now iconic butt shaped wig

I really hope you like them people, see you later and stay spooky
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MOSQUITEER is my favorite

life90's avatar

I wish Pokemon took more from online inspiration. These are amazing and the kind of creativity i'd like to see from them

brenananas's avatar
Mosquiteer is such a good Pokemon name haha. Also Plasmonarch is badass
victorialampini's avatar
Your Pokémon designs are so hardcore! 
GeneralBrianBaltazar's avatar
this looks almost like something from darkest dungeon the crimson court mosquitoes people.
KuromiZart's avatar
whooaaaaa, son genialeeeees!!!! <3 
gloomghost13's avatar
Esta linea me recuerda a Darkest dungeon the crimson curse.
TakengrinEndmmar's avatar
[Insert That One Kirby Villain From Kirby Triple Deluxe Here] 
Ichicora-Uzumaki's avatar
Im confused on the evolution process
cas20's avatar
Very nice pun.
greivous1214's avatar
I love Mosquiteer the most. They look so badass!
Katarina92Dreams's avatar
Mosquiteer is definitely my favorite
Quill-Of-Ingenuity's avatar
Okay, Pokemon needs to hire you immediately. They are running low of fresh new material anyway, you could be just what they need.
PikachuDM's avatar
Queen sectonia pokemon?
NintendoLearner's avatar
I was about to say that! Meow :3 
PikachuDM's avatar
100% Based on Sectonia! This pokemon looks like sectonia! And in kirby triple deluxe last world names Royal Road!!!
KafukaPalazzo's avatar
This is gorgeous. I love the idea, I love the inspiration, and I love the names. (I got some idea of french equivalent)
LudedWolf's avatar
This remind me of Hollow Knight.
Kirbomber's avatar

oh my god, YES!!!

I'd love to see someone draw some blood-theme mosquito enemies for hollow knight. Here's hoping that Silksong will just as epic as its predecessor.

SonicJoe731's avatar
plasmonarch: *smerks* try to stay still human im going to infest you like mad with my pokemon style moves and sucking you dry on your blood.
pikachu: joseph!!!!
me: then kill me you bastard pokémon end this fucking aids hiv pain!
*plasmonarch sucks joseph's blood and give hime some kind of attack*
eevee and other pokémons: noooooo!!!!
me: *Aahhhhhhhhhhhh*
*as i collapsed charizard came in and tried to stop this infection*
SonicJoe731's avatar
you think that blood sucking mosketo pokemon is hunting my blood down? fuck no. i know some mosquito might carry yellow fever or not.
pikachu : pi pika (phht yeah right you might be damn straight human but think again)
eevee: eevee (seriously that mosquito type pokemon might screw you up and sucking all of you dry on blood)
SonicJoe731's avatar
move your fire cracker asses junior or else.

*junior's blood is about to be sucked dry just like the mosquito film from 1994/1995.*
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