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???-SHRADDER [Shredder-Adder]
-The Spike Strip Pokemon
-Ability: Sand Rush - Arena Trap(HA)
-Dex: "It spends most of its life burrowed under the sand, with only its eyes, nose and spikes above the surface, bleding perfectly, waiting for its prey to step on it before striking. Sometimes it will lay on paved roads to stop incoming vehicles, hoping to steal any kind of food and water they might carry."
     -Poison Fangs
     -Sand Tomb

-->Evolves after learning Rollout<--

???-OUROBOLIDE [Ouroboros-Bolide]
-The Wheel Pokemon
-Ability: Sand Rush - Sand Force(HA)
-Dex: "It travels across the desert at very high speeds, looking for any pokemon small enough to be its prey, when it founds one, it will run it over with full force. Thanks to the steel spikes across its back it can ride in any surface, like ice, and even climb solid rock walls, some say that with enough acceleration it can even ride uside down on ceilings."
     -Rock Climb

SHRADDER is based on the Heterodon platirhinos or Eastern hog-nosed snake as well as a Tire deflation device or Spike Strip

OUROBOLIDE is based on the Hoop Snake, a North American cryptid, an All-Terrain Tire, and the Eastern hog-nosed snake as well

Sorry if this piece doesnt looks as clean as the others (lines and shading) I had a car crash a couple of weeks ago and my arm is still suffering from it, so, Im working really slow, hopefully when I heal completely thing will look good again

Hope you like it and see ya later people
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ColorPixieHobbyist General Artist
You really went and predicted the Sizzlipede line !!!!! thats so cool
scotthesaiyanknight2's avatar

well and sandaconda. its pretty much both put together

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123-KitsuneHobbyist Traditional Artist
Now this thing is seriously metal :-)
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JessthenotsohotmessHobbyist Writer
These are some uniquely awesome designs!
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MtFrogSunHobbyist Traditional Artist
This is a pretty neat idea! It fits in with the group of "roguish nature" Pokemon I tend to favor towards from time to time. I'd certainly use this if it were a real Pokemon.
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SterileRitalinHobbyist General Artist
wheel snake wheel snake wheel snake
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get well soon, dude. amazing work and ingenious design right here
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Why Gamefreak isn't hiring you is beyond me.
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It is a very good design; great job, man.
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Man I hope your pokemon become actual pokemon!!!!, and It looks amazing even with car crash arm, hope you recover well!
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HardCoreCrocomireStudent General Artist
shit reminds me of a bakugaun
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ARTgazer12Hobbyist General Artist
I love both of these designs
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I really like the idea of them acting as spike strips, but there's already a ground type that rolls into a tire and runs around the place.
TheEnderLugia's avatar
They're so cool! Also, I hope you're recovery is going well.
Devin1809's avatar
A tire snake?

Okay that's actually brilliant
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Soldier667Hobbyist Digital Artist
Finally! There needs to be more snake Pokemon. 3 is not enough!
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MebrebStudent Traditional Artist
I like it, I love it, I want some more of it!
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MaximKluzkoProfessional Digital Artist
I like this new bakugan
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SkeleTelesticHobbyist Digital Artist
This is awesome! I would totally get my butt kicked to catch one of these sneks
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