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Pokemon Fusion Sprite - BEEOT

By Darksilvania
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I just cant stop people, I made a seventh one!

its name is BEEOT, it is Bug/Flying and its a mix between BEEDRILL and PIDGEOT

I wanted to make somehting with pidgeot and this is what I got

also...everythin I do tend to be creepy in someway...I have a problem

hope you like it
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... Can't believe you were able to make that mutated thing look this awesome :O
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Reminds me of the big owl from Avatar: The Last Airbender. Can't think of his name though

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These are so addictive arnt they??? I just made my first one the other night and now I'm like oh god please. Someone stop me. 

This came out frigging terrific too! 
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Very true. I've made about twenty. Help.
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i love pokemon fusion.  you can get the stuff of nightmares, the cutest creatures, or majestic creatures like this.
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So badass, I cry everytime.
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holy shet i'd so have that!
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That is so awesome. It looks so elegant!
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This is literally the best fusion in existence.
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Yeah you do have a problem.....A PROBLEM OF BEING TO GOOD! (eyyyyyyy) .-. I suck 
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It's not creepy, it's incredible! 
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I know that I said this somewhere else, but whenever I see a Beeot picture I just instantly think of this youtu.be/XUhVCoTsBaM?list=PL7G… I just keep imagining this as it's official theme just because of how fabulous it looks.
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This is so looking :)
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Awesome! i tried my first one....not so easy though
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i really love this one!
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It's looks so cool. I'll catch one.
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I'd throw a Pokéball at it!
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I really like this one.

Wouldn't look out of place as the guardian to some ancient, forgotten tomb.
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Where is this app,link,website
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