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Mothman v3.0

By Darksilvania
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204-SCRAMLIN [Scrap-Gremlin]
-The Saboteur Pokemon
-Ability: Intimidate/Anticipation - Prankster[Hidden Ability]
-Dex: "This pokemon seams to appear when something breaks down. They have a natural instinct to fix things, but they tend to break things worse, to the point of causing terrible accidents."
     -Bug Bite

205-MOMOROMA [Mothman-Ome]
-The Omen Pokemon
-Ability: Intimidate/Anticipation - Prankster[Hidden Ability]
-Dex: "This pokemon are atracted to disaster like moths are atracted to fire. If a great number of MOMOROMAs are seen together, the magnitud of the disaster could be catastrophic."
     -Future Sight
     -Dark Pulse

Here is the old version Indrid Cold V.2.0 by darksilvania

I've been wanting to remake this ones for a long long time, but just now I got the inspiration to do so, with the new art style I has been trying to pull off, same inspiration behind it, with a slightly different dex than before

Hope you like it boys
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I think if there was a mothman-base pokemon, the final evolution should be a dark psychic dual type

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U have a lot of bug dark Dragon types. Try a fire water type, or a pure flying type! Or ooooh fire ice! Flying ice!
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friend i like use your fakemos in my hack rom
Would you give me permission?
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huh.. never thought the mothman could be made cute
MasaruHerrera's avatar
I wonder if he's pals with sableye
Fried-Ricer-Man's avatar
We need a Mothman Pokemon to be implemented so badly (well okay I need a Mothman Pokemon very badly) and this is probably the best possible design for one.
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This is just my opinion, but if it's a MOTHman Pokemon.....shouldn't look more like a moth?
It looks more like an owl made whoopie with a bat and had a baby

Still an awesome picture though
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Mothman is a name given to the creature for, really, only the fact that it's furry. The original sightings describe it as a white, headless, furry creature with feathery wings and eyes set on it's chest. So, more like a snowy owl. The theory I believe is that it was a misidentified snowy owl. Heck, a few weeks later, someone shot and killed an abnormally large snowy owl, then the sightings stopped.

After that, you might notice that sightings portray the mothman as a moth or bat. This is because of pop-culture's inaccurate interpretation, basing Mothman's appearance on it's name rather than actual sightings. (As soon as someone describes seeing Mothman, and they describe a moth-like creature, you know they're making shit up.)

Sorry for replying to such an old comment, I just wanted to get that off my chest.
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Still one of my absolute favorites of yours...not entirely sure why, probably my personal love for Mothman mythos has me biased, but I love the design all the more.
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Dude if i can be real with you, it looks like owlman and a heartless(shadow heartless) fused into something epic.
Christopia1984's avatar
Aww. It be perfect for my fantasy book!
infinipede's avatar
Mothman Pokemon are best Pokemon :D I like these a lot. Remind me a bit of bigfoot type cryptids too.
Elythe's avatar
I love this design so much! It's completely awesome and I wish I could have one in my team.
Seriously, that's such a perfect design. It's so dark and scary but somehow just way too fluffy for me to be scared of it. I wanna cuddle one =D
19646's avatar
I'd use them in my team in a heartbeat <3
The-Quill-Warrior's avatar
Quite a cool beastie!
randomemaster360's avatar
This is something the actually needs to become a thing ! 
darksableye's avatar
Prankster and Glare....what a pretty terrifying combo
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exactly what sun and moon needs
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love it. 

my favorite though is are the dog cat and mouse done in the old black and white mickey mouse style
coyotepack's avatar
Loving the new layout. Very fancy.
Aeolus06's avatar
Very cool :D I wouldn't mind having that one on my team
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