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Mind Control

and the mistery line was...this!...a fakemon based on the Cordyceps Fungi!!!

???-ZOMBIGNON (zombie-champignon)
-Parasite Pokemon
-"This pokemon is said to be a natural spirit who needs a body to fully grow. This pokemon can take a bug host to become a greater life form"

={Evolves at lv. 30, depending wich bug pokemon you have beside him in your pary}=

???-GAVELOUT (Gavel-Lout)
-Hammer Pokemon
-Ability: Bug Armor*
-"Its body is heavy and strong and its horn work like a Battering ram. This mindless brute can destroy a house with one single strike*

???-SOLDRONE (Soldier-Drone)
-Cannon Pokemon
-Ability: Bug Armor*
-"Its body is covered in hard metal plates who can witstand a dynamite charge. This pokemon can shoot acidic projectiles from its tail*

???-SCARAGOON (Scarab-Goon)
-Scissor Pokemon
-Ability: Bug Armor*
-"Using powerful wings, this pokemon can lift its heavy body at high speeds- Its pair of pincers can cut a wrecking ball in half.*

*Bug Armor: The user bug-type moves get a power up

And some were very close, this is the final truth

I know parasect is somehow based on this idea, but I really dont care

welp, not much to say, hope you like it
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awesome idea :D

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Can you make more variations to this pokemon evolution?
whilst there is a comparison to Parasect, it reminds me of Pincada only in reverse, would the trainer lose the Pokémon in the party for Zombignon to evolve?
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he redraw s look freaking amazing.
are you making a redraw of these ones?
yeah, I saw. they look so dope
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Oh GOD! That's horrifying! So does this...erase one of the pokemon, or... Jeez, that's seriously creepy. Neat designs for the...enslaved, mutated bugs.
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Holy shit dude, this is so awesome. I love the concept so much.
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I love this fakemon! I saw it a while back but had no idea it was created by Darksilvania! I ended up drawing a Galvantula version of Zombignon, it inspired me that much lol
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This is the best fakemon EVER
Pelumo-64's avatar
i'm not sure if i like this po-ALL GLORY TO ZOMBIGNON
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I take it when Zombignon evolves, you lose whatever Pokémon it attaches itself to?
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They all serve the mushroom!
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I feel like that would be the Dickest pokemon that you could ever have. It's like this pokemon was a lv. 1 going up against a lv. 100 Pokémon, and the minute you think you got this, this thing takes control of your Pokémon and completely fuck you over.
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I never thought of Durant before as a counterpart to Pinsir and Heracross, but that is now my headcanon XD
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Cool and actually kinda creepy concept in my opinion. My favorite's probably Soldrone, it just looks cool.:)
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I thought Parasect was already one ._.
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But why isn't Zombignon a Grass/Psychic type?

I'm a Noobémon, I know...
Darksilvania's avatar
I went with ghost insted of psychic because as far as I see it, he is not hypnotizing or mind-controlling them, he is possesing them and taking over their bodies, so I went for a ghostly aproach rather than psychic
FarBeyondStrange's avatar
Makes sense. I would love a Parasite Type, though.
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