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Marowak Variations meme

By Darksilvania
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I saw this pokemon meme going around and I tough it would be fun to try, the hardest part was trying to come with a good idea no one had already tried, and this is what I ended up doing.

This are MAROWAK variations, thinking on what would happen if marowak used different pokemon skulls instead of the one he always carries.

My gf came with the idea of this marowaks having adopting families, being raised by pokemon mothers/fathers that were not his same specie and using their skulls when they died. 

I wanted to use many skulls but this 4 are the ones that looked better to me, or more interesting anyway:

1. Tyrantrum’s skull and Femur, with feather’s cape
2. Tauros’ skull and Jaw, with fur’s cape
3. Seviper’s skull and Tail
4. Rampardos’ skull and Femur

Maybe some day I will make more, they are fun to do, but this is all for now, hope you like it

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This would be so awesome to see in-game.
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i am a little sad that these aren't real :(
would love a tyrant and ram type marrowak
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this is so cool!
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I wish this sort of gimmick was in the actual games. It'd definitely be better than most of the other gimmicks in those games. *cough* Spinda *cough*
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I don’t think that’s possible. That’ll just be wearing the head itself. Cause bugs don’t have bones.
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AWESOME!!! wonder if marowak is constantly searching for enemy and he fight them to obtain their skull.. Woah!!
anyway, asking for permission here to share your art in my pages with full credit to you. can i show them?

Thank you!
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these are very cool!!
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Great news!  Pokemon Variations are now officially part of the pokemon world!  Todays new tailer for Pokemon Sun and Moon has revealed an Exeggutor that looks like a palm tree, a Vulpix and Ninetales that had its fire type replaced with Ice type, and a Sandshrew and Sandslash that are Ice and Steel types!  And I hear there are more new variations on their way!  This is the response to fanservice!!!!!
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yo, these are so fucking dope!!!
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That would be a cool feature in sun and moon
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More Marotastic Art please
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I want the Tyrantrum skull Marowak so badly!
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Shut Up And Take All My PokeDollars
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I likes. I likes a lot. ;-)
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This is a very interesting idea. It would be a cool game mechanic to have Cubone and Marowak with different skulls. The programmers could either make it random, as with Spinda, or location-based, as with Vivillion.
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These are so awesome !!!
Different skulls for Marowak would be such a cool gameplay mechanism. 
You really chose the most interesting skulls. I wouldn't know which one too choose. 
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more do more! too awesome!
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Tauros looks neat but logically wouldn't likely happen only cause Cubone wears it's mother's skull and even allowing it to have a non-Marrowak/Cubmone momma (always mother's species fine for a game mechanic but logically it could have one that wasn't) Turos is always male.  Though I suppose if we allow non Cubone/Marowak female parents the race chance it would need to wear it's father's skull is possible.
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Totally Wicked!!
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