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Just a little Gassy v2.0
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Published: April 10, 2019
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418-PURIFFIN [Purify-Puffin]
-The Sea Bird Pokemon
-Ability:  Hydration - Early Bird(HA)
-Dex: "It makes its nest on rocky cliffs over the sea, from where it can jump into the water for food. It only nests on places where water is pure, if the water below its nest gets polluted it will fly away abandoning its nest. Seeing a flock of PURIFFIN near the shore guaranties the water is clean"
     -Wing Attack
     -Water Ring
     -Rain Dance

-->Evolves when leveled up next to OCTANOLEO<--

419-FRIGASSOL [Frigatebird-Gas-Gasoline]
-The Natural Gas Pokemon
-Ability: Oily Skin* - Early Bird(HA)
-Dex: "It can create large amounts of highly flammable gas, and store it inside a special pouch on its chest, this gas can be used to stay afloat both in the air and over water. When threatened it will inflate its pouch with gas, making itself look larger and more intimidating, but if this doesn't deter its foe, it will ignite the gas by snapping its beak, creating a large ball of fire."
     -Sky Attack
     -Flame Burst

*User is unaffected by water-type moves and Holding moves:
 -Circle Throw
 -Crush Grip
 -Seismic Toss
 -Sky Drop
 -Spider Web
 -Sticky Web
 -String Shot
 -Storm Throw
 -Take Down
 -Vice Grip
 -Vital Throw
 -Wring Out

Remake of this ugly UGLY THING  Stained Feathers by Darksilvania to go with this one  Grease me Up, Woman! v2.0 by Darksilvania

PURIFFIN is based on the Fratercula cirrhata or Tufted puffin

is based on the Fregata magnificens or Magnificent frigatebird 

The method of evolution is a reference to seabirds getting caught on Oil Spills, their feathers getting covered in oil

There is still one pokemon to go along this 3, so stay tunned

See ya later
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Comments (77)
PatricktheHenchman's avatar
PatricktheHenchman|Hobbyist General Artist
Is it me, or does Frigassol kinda look like the Qurupeco from Monster Hunter?
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ConnorGotchi's avatar
ConnorGotchi|Student Filmographer
Toucannon, take notes
Reply  ·  
ARTgazer12's avatar
ARTgazer12|Hobbyist General Artist
I love these kinds of birds
Reply  ·  
Light0ex3's avatar
I always loved these! Glad to see they got a reboot, they look great!
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ArtSkepticBot015's avatar
Zazu looks great as a pokemon. :D
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julian0123's avatar
julian0123|Hobbyist Writer
Awesome :D
I love how you connect pokemon and evolution :)
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VicktorWillmaker's avatar
I gonna assume the next one is either rework on the mafia-pen pokemon, or a brand new one
Reply  ·  
NekoArtist76's avatar
Cool concept. But i dont get how a puffin like pokemom that evolves into a octopus creature
Reply  ·  
Darksilvania's avatar
Darksilvania|Student Traditional Artist
its a puffin evolving into a frigatebird, not an octopus
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Light0ex3's avatar
The oil Jellyfish "pollutes" the puffin, making it evolve into the frigatebird faké that is also inspired on a bird after an oil spill.
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Galefuun's avatar
Galefuun|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Reminds me of Toucannon. How a Woodpecker evolves into a toucan.
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Piscesdan's avatar
So, does Octnaleo have to be specifically in the slot next to Puriffin, or can it be anywhere in the party?
Reply  ·  
Darksilvania's avatar
Darksilvania|Student Traditional Artist
next to
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Nefer007's avatar
Nefer007|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
out out!
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glenn1971's avatar
a gives message to you, 

we says no to toys children 

thank you 
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Darksilvania's avatar
Darksilvania|Student Traditional Artist
I have no fucking Idea of what you mean...
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Ardomew's avatar
Ardomew|Hobbyist Traditional Artist

So cool! I love the design and concept behind these birds!

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Xidphel's avatar
Frigassol reminds me of Monster Hunter's Qurupeco which is a Frig[en] Assol.

But great work on the Pokemon.
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TheAbominateCalamity's avatar
You're from the same country, motherfucker
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Xidphel's avatar
How does it feel to be talking to a bot?
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TheAbominateCalamity's avatar
Like either bots are scared to respond or bots are prioritized to comment same bullshit over and over again
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