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Jack-O-Lantern V.2.0 S-OLD-

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353-CALANTA (Calabash-Lantern)
-Lantern Pokemon
-"This pokemon hides in pumpkin patches where his cloak of leaves mixes with the foliage. The fire that burns inside his head nevers fades and its stronger in the middle of fall"

354-CARRANDOLA (Scarecrow-Candelabra)
-Jack-O-Lantern Pokemon
-"This pokemon stays motionless in pumpkin fields to pass as a true scarecrow, using the vines and leaves on his body to create the illusion of ragged clothes. This pokemon can breath his fiery breath in almost any direction."
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Can I buy this
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SanokalStudent General Artist
Yeah, I could see these being a thing. They remind me of that Sombrero Pokemon from...I think it was Sage?
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BbaltierraStudent Traditional Artist
Spooky and awesome.
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This is much better than many 5th and 6th generation Pokemon.
Cuckoo-Overclockwork's avatar
Cuckoo-OverclockworkHobbyist Digital Artist
Re-faved, because today's is Halloween
Happy 2012 Halloween everyone
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GrimmTailHobbyist General Artist
Nintendo please make this happen

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so cool!! *w*
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"IN This town, we call home, everyone hail to the pumpkin song."
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i am all sorts of in love with your fakemon designs ;w; sorry for the favbombinggg
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QuickSand5Student Digital Artist
nawwww cute!
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I just thoght what his ability should be called it should be fall fire: pokemon's stats are raised in the fall
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MandolynDragonHobbyist General Artist
I would SO catch these.

It's sad that they're not Dark-type though. <:3c

It's hard with just two types.
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OccupiedTearsHobbyist General Artist
ireally love these guys, i'm sacred with their faces O.o
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skelitinorHobbyist Writer
Wouldn't he burn himself up?
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I say: Keep them as a grass/fire combo, because it works to their advantage!

Totally awesome! I've really been enjoying your work, but this one is my new favorite of yours. I think that Calanta, and Carrandola could even make it as real Pokemon. Have you ever considered submitting some of your work to Nintendo? They must be starving for fresh Pokemon ideas if they keep remaking Blaziken.

Awesome! Happy Halloween!

Rationizer's avatar
Nintendo aren't remaking the same pokemon, Pig, rooster and monkey are animals from the chinese new year
Franken-XANA's avatar

Then I guess the next one will be a Fire/Fighting rat, or a Fire/Fighting ox, or a Fire/Fighting tiger, or a Fire/Fighting horse, or how about a FIRE/FIGHTING SHEEP?!

Package it in whatever Chinese New Year animal you want, the last three Fire starters are ALL THE SAME FIRE/FIGHTING THING!!

Plus, I don't think that a "Chinese New Year" with the Fire starters theory works. True Charizard would work as the dragon alongside Emboar (pig), Blaziken (rooster), and Infernape (monkey), but what about Typhlosion? Last time I checked, there was no volcanic porcupine in the Chinese Zodiac. So unless they're planning on creating a new fire dragon starter (essentially remaking Charizard!) this theory makes no sense!

And unless you can come up with an explanation for the penguin, gecko, alligator, mudskipper, turtles, sea lion, dinosaur, and parasitic plant on Venusaur's back, don't even TRY to argue that Serperior is the snake!

Plus, what I meant by there being no more originality with the Pokemon is how they created a new Pokemon that is really just an old Pokemon in a different form! Plus, DO THEY HAVE TO CREATE A NEW PIKACHU STAND IN FOR EVERY SINGLE GAME?! First Pichu! Then Plusle and Minun! THEN THE SQUIRREL!! And FINALLY the FLYING SQUIRREL!!!


But when I look at Darksilvania's work, I see originality! I see things I haven't seen before! True there is a scarecrow, a bear, a three-headed dragon, etc. But the way he's constructed them; the way DS gives them their OWN life...


Rationizer's avatar
I looked up on wikipedia and there is four elements Fire, Steel, Water and Grass so they might have another typing instead, but yeah I understand what you mean, I feel the same way, I noticed a lack of original ideas when Gen 5 was released.
Franken-XANA's avatar
I know, right?

I'm just hoping that if/when they make a new Pokemon game with new starters they do something unique with the fire starter. A fire/bug type! A fire/steel type! Or even a fire/electric type!

That being said, PKMN Black and White are NOT bad games! I'm loving the White version, and I'm having so much fun, I argue that it is just as good a game as Skyrim and Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. I just wish that they'd get some new ideas, and Darksilvania here HAS a lot of new ideas.


Hey! Sorry I blew up like that on you, man! It's just when I think about how there hasn't been a really original fire starter since Typhlosion, it makes me so angry. ^^;

I just want to see something as epic as that fire/grass scarecrow!

Rationizer's avatar
That was amazing, if Nintendo actually did that though I just think it would cause controversy though. Grass/ Fire is interesting makes think of hold load of ideas, Tiki-Torch, Jack-o-Lantern,(Maybe Grass/Dark or Grass/Ghost)
Franken-XANA's avatar
How would a grass/fire scarecrow cause controversy? What's so taboo about it?

Rationizer's avatar
if it was a starter it would, and modern society would find some sort of excuse.
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toxichasardStudent General Artist
nice lov it
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You forgot to add -mon to their names.
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