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Drawlloween 2014, day 1- Spider

Image0218b by darksilvania

I decided to take this challenge this year, hopefully I will finish this one, not like...all thos other years...*cries in shame*

However, this is the first, one, the theme was spider, and I love this ones, the Spinyback orbweaver, they are just so weird and cool, and I love making the skulls in they back, welp, hope you like it
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DiZguZtinG's avatar
I absolutely adore it's design like wow

The skull markings look great, they kinda effortlessly blend in with the rest of the markings
Masquerade-Foxx's avatar
Excellent work as usual! I rarely see people do this spider justice. (My family actually had one for a pet for a while.)
MadamBuffalo's avatar
XD I love these spiders, I see them all the time at my grandma's house and I can't get enough of them. Awesome job!
WhIppIng-b0y's avatar
kat1004's avatar
These little guys are so adorable~ I have a few of them in my backyard, and while they look dangerous, they're harmless ^^
They are literally my favorite spiders~
Sasferilla69's avatar
I seen a lot of those spiders. Well they don't exactly have the awesomeness but...
amanda1to2's avatar
Beautiful! love the glow around it! Love this! thou i may be a bit biased since i love crab spiders haha.
cody8808's avatar
I wonder if this is what Ariados' Mega Evolution could look like...?
NaitoroTheHedgehog's avatar
That looks like a Jurogoni *__*
hs11-art's avatar
Welcome to Nopeville! Population: Nopebody
7th-Jester's avatar
He mite not have 8 lag's, But i love him all the same. love it!
ARTgazer12's avatar
That meant to say Good Job
ARTgazer12's avatar
This is awesome. Goojob
KalahariMeerkatfan's avatar
Awesome, this reminds me of those spiders in Okami that can be used as platforms, but it looks so cute which is rare for me to say about a spider...I hate them.
YAMATA12's avatar
I'll just say that its so cute to be scary XD :iconblushplz:
Wow... good start in the morning....
ClawCraps's avatar

y'know i love how it looks in red and white--
but we need---an oraaangee oneeeee
lukeacioli's avatar
Soo creepy o.o
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