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By Darksilvania
Pokemon Fusion!!! 
Metagross by CreepyJellyfish  :iconplusplz: Aegislash by CreepyJellyfish

???-HALMORIAL (Helm+Armorial)
-Hieraldic pokemon
-Ability: Stand change
-"This pokemon is one of the most loyal there is, serving not one master, but also its decendants, usually becoming the battle partner for a whole family. Some of them are known to with their families for hundreds of years"

and here it is, my pokemon fusion, many guessed right about the composing pokemons....but carracosta? really? i really dont see it there...

any ways, Ive thinking on many more fakes, more fusions and remakes and so, I will be uploading some more soon, hope you like it
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Pokemon Sword and Shield
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i get a strong Kingdom Hearts 2 vibe from this
like i can see a nobody with THIS type of body plan
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My two favorite pokemon merged together.... this is AMAZING
That's quite similar to my imagination of a Mega Aegislash. This alone is reason enough for me to like it.
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Would it be allowed to add this beauty to the fkemon dex of me and blacky? Would also include a pokegirl of course!^^
Darksilvania's avatar
if there is a pokegirl it sounds fine to me
plzgaiasrebirth's avatar
Thats awesom, thanks! Hope you will like the pokegirls when we uplad it!
Ah i wish we could have more contact again... but seeing your art again makes me feel younger allready! XD
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See I actually prefer this design over Aegislash. It looks SO much cooler!!!
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And the final idea, which is a whole fusion LINE, INCLUDING MEGA.
Shinx + Honedge

Luxio + Doublade

Luxray + Aegislash

Mega Luxray(… ) + Mega Aegislash(… )

EXCARON(Excalibur+Galeron)-EXCAWAIN(Excalibur+Gawain)-EXCALITHUR(Excalibur+Arthur)-MEGA EXCALITHUR(Mega+Excalibur+Arthur)
-Electric/Steel(Excaron, Excawain, Normal Forms of Excalithur)
-Electric/Ghost(Mega Excalithur)
-Royal Steed Pokemon(All)
-Ability: Stance Change(Last Three)(Excawain's Stance Forms: Speed and Attack; Excalithur's Stance Forms: Defense, Speed and Attack; Mega Excalithur's Stance Forms: Speed, Attack, and Sp. Atk)
-Ability: Hyper Cutter(Excaron)
-"While EXCALITHURS are said to be ARMOKNIGHTS' steeds, others are said to be the steeds of young ARMOKNIGHTS when the steeds themselves were young. This would mean they would evolve a stage before ARMOKNIGHT, and that ARMOKNIGHT and EXCALITHUR would both reach their current stages at the same point.
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I also have an idea for another Mega Fusion, as well as a normal version.
Houndoom + Marowak

Mega Houndoom + Mega Marowak(… )

???-SKULLADES(Skull+Hades)-MEGA SKULLADES(Mega+Skull+Hades)
-Hades Pokemon
-Ability: Nightlit Power*(Normal)
-Ability: Underworld Ruler*(Mega)
-"This Pokemon is said to be the ruler of the world under all the Pokemon Regions. This is actually true, and it is a world not unlike some volcanoes. Its home domain is known as Underworld Labyrinth."

-"It looks like a more hellish Marowak, which wears an Orange Houndoom Skull and wields an Orange Houndoom Legbone, and has a black underbody."(Normal Description)
-"It has now gained a bigger size, and its Skull Helmet has changed to that of a Mega Houndoom, the same with its Legbone Weapon. It now has Chest Armor that is also painted orange and from a Mega Houndoom."(Mega Description)
-*Nightlit Power: Dark-type moves gain more power during the night.
-*Underworld Ruler: Fire-type and Ground-type moves gain more power in caves, in volcanoes, or in areas directly above the Underworld Labyrinth.
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I have an idea for a fusion between Bisharp and Aegislash, which comes after the fusion between Pawniard and Doublade.
Bisharp + Aegislash… +… (Mega Bisharp + Mega Aegislash)

???-ARMOKNIGHT (Armory+Knight)-MEGA ARMOKNIGHT(Mega+Armory+Knight)
-Evil Knight Pokemon
-Ability: Stance Change(Normal)
-Ability: Nightlit Power*(Mega)
-"This Pokemon is said to have contrary typing to what it is, as it is said to just be haunted armor. However, this is just a rumor, and the truth is that it is just an evil knight that was experimental."

-"It looks like a suit of black armor. In Defense Form, it holds two obsidian shields, and has two obsidian swords on its back. In Attack Form, the swords are being held, and the shields are on its back."(Normal Description)
-"It looks like a suit of shining silver armor. In Defense Form, it holds a red shield, and has a silver sword on its back. In Attack Form, the silver sword is being held, and the red shield is on its back."(Mega Description)
-*Nightlit Power: Dark-type moves gain more power during the night.
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I would have loved Aigeslash alot more if it was shaped a bit more like this
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Metablade! badass fusion 
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he reminds me of meta knight for some reason
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to me that looks like a weird dialga head.
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that looks so awesome looking so well done on this =3
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more original then Gen 5 and 6
That is awesome
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