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Published: April 13, 2019
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???-PUREPOISE [Pure-Porpoise]
-The White Whale Pokemon
-Ability:  Thick Fat - Swift Swim(HA)
-Dex: "Incredibly social and naturaly playful, they are often seen playing with other aquatic pokemon as well with fishermen and sailors, with which they can form longlasting bonds. Due to the pure whiteness of their skins they are often called 'Snow whales' despite being pure water types,"
     -Body Slam
     -Water Pulse
     -Ice Ball
     -Water Spout

-->Evolves when leveled up next to OCTANOLEO<--

???-CRUDORCA [Crud Oil-Orca]
-The Killer Whale Pokemon
-Ability: Oily Skin* - Swift Swim(HA)
-Dex: "Despite living in large pods and having a complex social structure, it can be highly aggressive and will attack ferciously if bothered, caution is recommended. Due to the coating of oily sludge lubing its body, it can swim at very high speeds, making it a fierce predator, only surpassed by a couple of larger monsters."
     -Gunk Shot
     -Aqua Ring

*User is unaffected by water-type moves and Holding moves:
 -Circle Throw
 -Crush Grip
 -Seismic Toss
 -Sky Drop
 -Spider Web
 -Sticky Web
 -String Shot
 -Storm Throw
 -Take Down
 -Vice Grip
 -Vital Throw
 -Wring Out

And the final one of my Oil Spill family, to go along this other 2  Grease me Up, Woman! v2.0 by Darksilvania  Just a little Gassy v2.0 by Darksilvania

They are based of course in a Beluga  and an Orca

There is also a bit of Venom inspiration as well, had to fight the urge of naming the last one VENORCA, but I wanted to keep the Oil theme going

Aso the only other 2 predators CRUDORCA's dex entry is hinting to are  Sea Monk(ey)s by Darksilvania and  Sin of Gluttony v2.0 by Darksilvania which are right now the largest predators in Kroelian waters

Hope you like this and see ya later people!!
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Comments (48)
saber360's avatar
saber360|Hobbyist General Artist
Impressive ^^
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ligr77's avatar
*sees purepoise*

I shall call you Wilbur.
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K4nK4n's avatar
Way more cooler than Wailmer, Wailord and Kyogre.
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iFoofie's avatar
iFoofie|Hobbyist Filmographer
gosh they are all amazing, I would love to see these in game to be honest. Its better than most of that Nintendo have made
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Hu-Gon-By's avatar
Hu-Gon-By|Professional Digital Artist
I wish soo hard Galar is the region we get a pokemon like this! this is soo wonderfull and need it!
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Dasadles-PKMN's avatar
Dasadles-PKMN|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I have been wanting an orca themed Pokemon for so long!

I was going to make one but only got as far as a single stage "orconar" (orca and sonar).

Your artwork is awesome!
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Mario-and-Sonic-Guy's avatar
Mario-and-Sonic-Guy|Hobbyist Digital Artist
A gentle Pokemon, turning into a violent beast. Anyway, base stat inputs...

  • HP: 70
  • Attack: 75
  • Defense: 40
  • SP ATK: 75
  • SP DEF: 40
  • Speed: 60
  • Total: 360
  • HP: 100
  • Attack: 120
  • Defense: 60
  • SP ATK: 120
  • SP DEF: 60
  • Speed: 100
  • Total: 560
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Pyrotemis's avatar
Pyrotemis|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I would 1000% add these to my team. Well done!!!
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codelyokolover3's avatar
codelyokolover3|Hobbyist Digital Artist
omg it a killer whale pokemon. i always wanted to see one 
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JojoDaggerback's avatar
JojoDaggerback|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
OMG! It is Jibakushin Chaku Charua as a pokemon ! I love it Clap Clap 
Reply  ·  
Daniloolinad's avatar
Daniloolinad|Hobbyist General Artist
Ooh, i love poison types, and this one looks very, very cool!
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CasinoVision's avatar
CasinoVision|Student Filmographer
this is so cool!!
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LunarJade's avatar
I would train this in a heartbeat.
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5bluehalos's avatar
5bluehalos|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Can I break your fingers so you can stop typing
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victorialampini's avatar
victorialampini|Hobbyist Digital Artist
These are great designs.
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kyu1412's avatar
Crudorca reminds me of the YU-Gi-Oh Monster "yugioh earthbound immortal chacu challhua" xD
Definitely an ingenious design with the oil theme.
Reply  ·  
ParnyGG's avatar
ParnyGG|Student General Artist
How come Evert time I see such an originale concept my brain is like: "WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THAT BEFORE??"
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SamanthaTorres12348's avatar
Real cool drawing
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cndpsom's avatar

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5bluehalos's avatar
5bluehalos|Hobbyist Digital Artist
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AlexsRealDeviantArt's avatar
AlexsRealDeviantArt|Hobbyist Filmographer
This is fine. XD
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Reviewer2016's avatar
It's like a fusion of Dugong, and Muk
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