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Be Still, My bleeding heart v2.0

223-CANDIROUGE [Candiru-Rouge]
-The Vampire Fish pokemon
-Ability: Infiltrator - Swif Swim (HA)
-Dex: "This pokemon can move at high speeds, and its so slender and thin,  its almost impossible to see when swimming around. This pokemon will use the sharp spines on its gills to cut its prey, and once it starts to bleed, it will bite onto the wound to drink the spilling blood."
     -Aqua Jet
     -Mega Drain

-->Evolves from CANDIROUGE using a Razor Fang<--

224-TENTORRAGE [Tentacle-Hemorrage]
-The Vampire Squid Pokemon
-Ability:  Strong Jaw - Swift Swim (HA)
-Dex: "This pokemon lurks in darkness searching for a victim, once found one, it will jump over it, engulfing it with is cape-like webbing, and using its rows of sharp fangs to bleed it out. Its bite packs a toxin that will dilute its victim blood, making it bleed out completely in mere seconds."
     -Giga Drain
     -Poison Fang
     -Wring Out

-->Evolves from CANDIROUGE using a Razor Claw<--

???- CLAWGULATE [Claw-Coagulate]
-The Vampire Crab Pokemon
-Ability: Tough Claws - Shell Armor (HA)
-Dex: "Its pincers are not designed to cut or slash, rather they are meant to pierce and squeeze the blood out of its prey. Its pincers secrate a toxin that will coagulate its preys blood at high speed, allowing it to feed on the chunks of coagulated blood easily. "
     -Crush Claw
     -Sword Dance

October is here!!! so what could be better than some horror themed remakes? this time is the remake of this fellas  Blood Feast by Darksilvania with a new addition to the family!!!

I dont think I have to point it out, but they are based on the Candiru(vampire fish), the vampire squid and the new one is based on a red vampire crab, and the whole split evo into so many different animal...well, you can blame octillery for that

I hope you like it and see you around, stay spooky!!!
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Too cool for pokemon. Digimon yes but not pokemon. U are king/queen/royalty. This is gold. Absolute gold. πŸ˜’πŸ˜­πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

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tentorrage is obviously based on a vampire octopus...AND I LOVE IT!!

snaggletoothsquid's avatar
Candirus are so awful, I have to love em
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"The dreaded Candiru! A naughty little fish with a pen-shawnt for swimming up a man's urethra... to feed on the damaged tissue of the pitiful mass of flesh you once called your PENIS!"
"That is a total myth, there is no such fish!"
"Is too!"
"No there isn't!"
original-eseer's avatar
looks like heartless
Is the vampire crab a real animal?
FantasyRebirth96's avatar
Most impressive~ It's very interesting seeing such a style here! More than anything, keep on doing a ton more like this one okay?
julian0123's avatar
Awesome and scary redesigns :D
Seriously, Nintendo should hire you.
ZakStorm's avatar
Oh wow, this is by far one of the coolest and admittedly creepiest Pokémon you made. I really wish these guys were real now!
Chardactyl's avatar
Defiantly one of your more sinister looking Powermons. 
Fuego-fantasmal's avatar
No lo sé. Las habilidades que se les dio son las correctas, pero pienso que fácilmente podrían tener una segunda habilidad. Mm, ¡ya sé, ¿qué tal estas?!

CANDIROUGE: Infiltrator / Swift Swim

TENTORRAGE: Strong Jaw / Swift Swim

CLAWGULATE: Tough Claws / Shell Armor
Darksilvania's avatar
Me gusta como piensa caballero
ThetripleTto's avatar
Dang they're terrifying in good way.
PrinceStaghorn's avatar
People complain about Octillery...

The evolution's based around a theme: Marine animals with suckers (the Remora and Octopus), and a fun little gimmick of making them look like weapons (a gun and a cannon)

Also, glad you finally did this one!
Ardomew's avatar
Wow, these are great, especially the vampire squid!
BulbaFriend's avatar
Deep sea terrors!
Garkarios's avatar
Solo para preuntar, podría hacer gijinkas de tus fakemon?
te quedaron geniales
Darksilvania's avatar
Ada-recker's avatar
Dang! These are perfect for Halloween! I love them! C8
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