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Avian Flu v2.0



177-ILLBIS [Ibis-Illness]
- The Sick pokemon
-Ability: Healer/Natural Cure- Regenerator(HA)
-"This pokemon is constantly sick, infected by an unknown virus that seams to only affect its kind to its full extent, yet, it can cause sever poisoning on others animals. This pokemon cronic illment makes it very reslient to any other cause of affliction, it is literaly so sick it cant get sick from anything else."
     -Wing Attack
     -Venom Drench

178-VERMINGO [Vermin-Flamingo]
- The Pandemic pokemon
-Ability: Healer/Natural Cure- Regenerator(HA)
-"After a lifetime affected by a terrible disease, this pokemon has become inmune to any kind of viruses and bacterias, allowing them to get in prey on sick pokemon without worrying of getting sick themselves. This pokemon is naturally atracted to ill pokemon and person, and will often stick around  for as long as they are sick, nevertheless the outcome of the sickness."
     -Drill Peck
     -Sludge Bomb

Remake of this ones  The Black Plague by Darksilvania

Not really that much to say, just hope you like it
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What Spritzee's evolution SHOULD'VE been.