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OOF: Jo's Aznath Armor

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Wow, I'm actually done with it. I finished it last night, but I was too exhausted to do anything afterwards. Aznath is the Silver Kitten of Deceit, and even though, to me, it seems like a person would wear darker-colored armor in a duel, I'm really glad how this came out. I was originally going to use a rain filter to make it look more fur-like, like the top in my Project Runway design, but I just did the fur myself to make it look more fluffy and cat-like. I wanted to glam up the belt, but a shiney belt with a flat-colored piece would look a little off.

Some of the things I knew I had to deal with when making this was that Kennedy described how the armor was fur and it had claws. He didn't say anything about a tail in the armor, but you can't have a kitten without a tail, that's just absurd. Unless Aznath had a bob-tail, but I don't think he did. He said the the helmet had whiskers and pointed ears, and I know he said that Jo's eyes couldn't be seen because the Ichthala blood was pouring out of the during the duel. I think the helmet was also covering the scar the Belgian Prankster gave her. In short, I had to make the helmet long. I probably could've covered the mouth a bit more though, but I'm not sure, but I'm hoping that the reason I did that was because it would be much easier for Jo to talk and be heard during the insult part of the duel.

I just hope Mr. Kennedy likes it.

Jo, Aznath (c) James Kennedy
Artwork (c) ~DarkshireWarlock
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I met the guy irl <3

He showed this
He loves all the fan art
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That's cool! I've been wanting to go to the art shows, but they're pretty far away and I haven't had the finances to go.

But, I've talked to him over Facebook and such. He's a really cool, mellow guy.
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he is not mellow at all in person xD
hes crazy
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XD He's mainly just a really friendly guy that adores his fans. It's awesome
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wow! i actually found someone else who read the book! great job ^^
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I loved it so much, but I hope he makes a sequel because there were a lot of unanswered questions left.
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Im not sure how well furry armor would really work in battle, but it looks nice, anyways! When will you let me borrow the book? You gave it to me the other day, but then you took it back, what was that all about?
chocolatehomicide's avatar
So can I borrow it tomarrow? I probally be done reading it by the end of the four day weekend.
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My mom started reading it >.< I was gonna take it to school yesterday, mainly because I forgot you told us you were gonna be at the library, but Mom stopped me and told me she was reading it.
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Kill that bitch! I want to read it!
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:XD: fluffy armor X3
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