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Hello one and all! I hope you are having a fantastic summer! It's almost autumn and so I decided to finally get a contest up and running. Last time we had no entries (unfortunately) so here's hoping we'll have some this time around! I still have to gather up some prizes, but I promise they'll be cool.

In the meantime here's the deal! The theme will be Dead Man's Party and the deadline is November 30th. The entries MUST BE NEW! Create something new, don't just submit something old from your gallery! Once you're done, PM me at :iconskelly-jelly: and I'll add you to the list of entries. Everything is welcome, from drawings to cosplay to fanfics, so no excuse not to participate!

I can't wait to see what you create!


Welcome to the Dark Shadows club! If you're a fan of Dark Shadows in ANY of it's incarnations you are more than welcome to join! We have a few rules and stipulations though so please check them out before you continue.


1. You must be a contributing member! That means drawing, writing, anything that you can submit!

2. We want original stuff please!

3. No bashing any of the characters, actors or story lines! Poking fun or teasing is all right but we don't need to hear that you hated so and so or such and such. We're here to spread the DS love!

If you can abide by those rules then please do join!

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I'll definitely be giving this a try. I need to get some creativity out.
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Hi, on behalf of #AnotherContestGroup I (~knittywitty) would like to list your contest in our journals [link] It will be added by the end of the day (latest). We are a super group devoted to promoting contests on DeviantART. Please send a note to #AnotherContestGroup about any changes to your contest, future contests, other contests you are aware of. We also offer a Winner’s Package for the winners of your contest.

You may note us if you have any more questions, but be sure to visit our Frequently Asked Questions page first: [link]

Thank you!
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