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COMMISSION - Materia Slap


DeviantArt COMMISSIONS 2019 DeviantArt

COMMISSION FOR: :iconjlongdart09:
- Scarlet (back)
- Tifa Lockhart (front)
FROM: Final Fantasy VII

Thank you for the support!

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Kreuzfahrer125's avatar

Ahh, the infamous slap battle in FF7.

Kreuzfahrer125's avatar

slap battle on the top of a huge cannon! :D

jaxhunin's avatar

Round 2 coming Soon??:D

DeadCobra's avatar
Her smack will only enrage Tifa
DarkShadowArtworks's avatar
that's the idea I thnk
Do it again Scarlet 
Hit her back! But harder
Rallyguy33's avatar
Sad to see Tifa getting slapped, but I'm sure she'll strike back. Nice job with the poses and the feeling of action in this one.
DarkShadowArtworks's avatar
Really thx thx
Hope Tifa can get a revenge
Hope to see one of Tifa slapping her back or punching her.
DarkShadowArtworks's avatar
Awesome. Hope to see it someday.
This needs to be an actual fist fight mini game after the slaps lolol

Great art!!
DarkShadowArtworks's avatar
that's an interesting idea :P
antcow's avatar
Cant wait to crush Scarlet for that in HD
DarkShadowArtworks's avatar
tjstriker's avatar
But which Materia twas slapped?  
DarkShadowArtworks's avatar
that's a good question!
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