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Llama: Llamas are awesome! (5)

Do I draw too many chibis ? D=

  |  108 votes
  • Yes! And I would appreciate if you would stop making them DX
  • Maaaaaybe a little.. >_>''
  • NO! There is no such thing as too many chibis! >8(

What do you think about me starting commissions ? Do yo...

  |  42 votes
  • O.O OMFG! Yay! Go for it! > :3
  • Oh..thats cool..good for you ^__^;;; Us artists need to make a living!
  • Er..no! You need WAAAY more pratice! ( Me: Ok I can take that..>_> )
  • Like anyone would buy art from you..opps did I say that out loud ? O_O ( Me: TwT.. Ouch..that hurts )
  • You...commissions ? 8D I want one! ...Wait...how much we talking !? *suspicious eye* ( Me: Not a lot O_o I swear! )
  • Yush..and..I would want one *nods*
  • *steals parent's credit card* Sign me up! (Me: *.* Yay! lol no.. really don't do that >_>)

What do you all think of this new layout ?

  |  40 votes
  • NOOOOOOOOO! Where is my dA ? This f****** sucks! ( I'm with you )
  • Eh its ok.. I like it.. but then again I don't..
  • ..Its alright..
  • Its better than the old one.
  • Yeeessss I love it!! ( me: *gasp* )

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suemojoHobbyist Digital Artist
Why Did You leave?
Soda-SnugglesHobbyist General Artist
FINALLY!!!!!!!! SOMEONE understands that yaoi sucks!!! Thank you, I don't know you but i'll miss you. Lol!
:noes: Why are you leaving??
She switched accounts.
do you know where she went? (nice icon btw)
Do you kno to where?

Oh and nice avi :3