31st Annual Oakland Mills High School Craft Fair

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Just got back from 31st Annual Oakland Mills High School Craft Fair to try to sell my art. Had a good time with my sister but the sales didn't go well, so it might be a while before try again. After weeks of work to prepare, arranging to get up early and packing up for art-show, I figure I am basically negative twenty dollars. Actually, my sister did the packing... I watched ...but it appeared to be hard work lol. I sold about $30, one art print, a couple cheap plaques. Just one picture broke going to show which is actually very good as typically three or four frames break in transit. My portion of the table was $20, so would have broke even...but dad tripped and fell on a wooden lantern I spent a week working on shattering it. At least it broke his fall and he didn't get seriously injured...so i figure it was cheaper then a doctor's bill. Not so sure about my mother though... she fell out of her wheelchair on her way to the show onto the floor of the van. Dad wasn't sure when she fell out of her chair. My sister checked her out and said she was ok...but it was scary. It is frightening how poor my parents health is, so I really don't know if I will be able to do anymore art shows. So...not counting time, gas, or parental injury...i figure am negative twenty bucks or so lol. Parental injuries aside, I guess it was worth it to get out of the house as seem to be perpetually trapped at home.

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