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Loki x Reader - Marriage? Never.
When Loki was told that he has to get married to a princess from another realm, he was furious. He isn't marrying anyone. Who knows what she's like? Probably a foolish girl, who doesn't even know how to read.
"Loki. Loki, are you listening?" Upon hearing his name, he snapped out of his thoughts.
"No, mother. I'm not. I don't care." Loki hissed to his mother, Frigga.
"Well, you should. She's from Svartalfheim. She is the youngest daughter of Alflyse." Frigga said it like it was nothing. Loki was more than surprised. He has to marry a Dark Elf?
"Alflyse had kids?"
"Yes and..." Before Frigga could finish the sentence Loki cut in.
"She is a Dark Elf then. Are we in need of their alliance?" Frigga looked annoyed with Loki. She knew he's not going to agree to the marriage just yet.
"As I was saying. Her kids are different from other royalty you might have met before. I don't know much about her, but I know her oldest sister, the current queen of Svartalfheim." Frigga answered.
"What do you m
:icondarkrose560:darkrose560 14 4
Avengers x Reader - The Girl from H.Y.D.R.A.
(A/N) Please check the description before or after you read the story. Thank you!
(In this Loki and Bucky are Avengers too)
The Avengers were standing in front of the two sided mirror in one of the interrogation rooms on the Helicarrier. They were watching an agent trying to speak to a girl with (H/L)(H/C) hair. They couldn't see her face because she was looking at the ground and her hair fell in front of her face.
"Who is she?" Natasha finally asked. Fury looked at her, then started to speak.
"We don't know her name. She escaped H.Y.D.R.A.. She was given a serum much like the Super-Soldier serum but instead of increasing the physical attributes of her to the peak of human potential, it increased her psychological attributes. Meaning she might not be as strong as Mr. Rogers, but she gained the ability to use telepathy, telekinesis and mind control. Don't get confused, before the serum she wasn't from the Earth. As far a we know she is from a place called Alfheim. She was a shapeshifter
:icondarkrose560:darkrose560 17 4
Not a morning person AvengersxReader
(A/N) Please check the description before or after you read the story. Thank you!
(F/N) woke up to the sound of thunder. She decided to check the clock, since she coudn't see the sun because of the dark clouds on the sky.
"What?! Nooo waaay I'm getting up this early." She said to no one in particular, and tried to go back to sleep. Unfortunately she couldn't. The storm was too loud. She decided to take a little trip to Thor. Perhaps he can calm the storm down. So with a plan (more or less) (F/N) got out of bed, blanket wrapped around her. It was cold OK?
*Time skip brought to you by Thoreal*
Upon arriving at Thors door, loud snoring could be heard from inside. 'Well I guess he's not a morning person either.' (F/N) thought. 'I really hope that I can wake him up.'  Two knocks. Nothing. Three knocks. Nothing. "Well that's just GREAT. Thor! Wake up!" Still nothing. "Thoooor! Please!" She started banging on the door, but still nothing. "How hard do you sleep? Like come on." She said. K
:icondarkrose560:darkrose560 7 4


Genius, Thy Name Isn't Tony |Tony Stark x Reader|
“Why do you always do this?”
“It’s a hobby of mine to prove you wrong.”
“I’m not even wrong!”
The brunet snorted. “You are so wrong. It’s gif.”
“No, it’s jif.”
Tony held out his hands. “No, no! You’re not listening! It is gif.”
“No it’s not!”
“Honey, of the two of us, who is the technological genius?”
“An Iron Man suit and a jif are not the same thing.”
“’Jif’ is a fucking peanut butter brand!”
“’Gif’ sounds like our toddler saying ‘gift’!”
“Do you even know what GIF stands for?”
“First of all, JIF, and yes, I do. Graphic-“
“Exactly! And what type of ‘G’ sound does ‘Graphic’ make? A FUCKING HARD ‘G’ SOUND, SO GIF!”
:icontonystarks-girl:TonyStarks-Girl 139 10
Game Grumps Columbus Meetup!! by WLiiALuv4Ever Game Grumps Columbus Meetup!! :iconwliialuv4ever:WLiiALuv4Ever 18 5 Uncle Bucky poster by the-other-sam Uncle Bucky poster :iconthe-other-sam:the-other-sam 33 26 How to draw sphynx cat by Fukari How to draw sphynx cat :iconfukari:Fukari 2,582 81 lil Tony Bruce Scott n Quill by Hallpen lil Tony Bruce Scott n Quill :iconhallpen:Hallpen 812 27 Go to sleep..! by Hallpen Go to sleep..! :iconhallpen:Hallpen 1,730 50 Rami Malek by Hallpen Rami Malek :iconhallpen:Hallpen 523 28 Mr.Robot n Deadpool by Hallpen Mr.Robot n Deadpool :iconhallpen:Hallpen 679 36 Space of Elliot by Hallpen Space of Elliot :iconhallpen:Hallpen 659 24 QWERTY QWERTY QWERTY by Hallpen QWERTY QWERTY QWERTY :iconhallpen:Hallpen 640 16 Too Kawaii to Live Too Sugoi to Die by Red-Flare Too Kawaii to Live Too Sugoi to Die :iconred-flare:Red-Flare 229 39 The World of UNDERTALE by Hellknight10 The World of UNDERTALE :iconhellknight10:Hellknight10 1,433 106
Depressed Love
As a depressed person, I know that life is hard. Even though I will never be able to explain my turmoil on paper, I know that every for every waking blink of my life I feel anxious, guilty, and utterly miserable. I cannot sleep knowing that I did something wrong seven years ago and don’t know who to apologize to. I might have flunked a test three years ago and I feel guilty for not studying longer. I might do something stupid tomorrow and have everyone laugh at me. Next week I could find that I failed an entire class and would have to do a year over. Sometimes in my seat at school I’m constantly telling myself that I’m never going to amount to anything- no matter what my grades are.
Even though people have said to me that in order to beat depression, I need love. I disagree. Love is one of the most painful things I have ever been through. No matter what anyone else says. No matter what you tell me, even though I had come to think that I believe everything you say.
:iconwulferious:Wulferious 4 5
Mature content
Tony X Reader-Comfort :iconreaperrose:ReaperRose 262 134
AsktheScienceBros- New Years 2016 by ecokitty AsktheScienceBros- New Years 2016 :iconecokitty:ecokitty 315 25



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