New terms - stock is completely free now

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I don't come here often and I can't read all your notes. So I'm changing my terms of use.

My stock is COMPLETELY FREE now. All of it. Use it for whatever you want. Make commercial work with it, make stock with it.
I just think if you make stock with it it would be just fair if you would also offer it absolutely free ;)

I think free stock is the best stock. I don't use any other stock :)

Have fun!
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Thank you so much for you kindness :)
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Howrseaddict01's avatar
Thank you SO much!!!
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will be down-loaded to study photoshop. 
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thank you so much!
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how can i download it ?
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WOW!! Thank you so very much for your generosity!!
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Thanks A lot man :D :happybounce: 
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Thanks! That's so great!!!
Thank you so so so so so so much ^.^
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A very big thanks to you.
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My god, I love you
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Thank you berry berry mucheee :3
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