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Filthy Casual
Artist | Hobbyist

Fixing this cause my previous bio was trash, hahaha
Hey everyone! I'm DarkRainfire and but you can call me whatever shorthand version of my username you want, haha.
I enjoy art and general drawing but even though I remain ever-faithful to my trusty lead pencils, I probably won't post anything apart from digital art here.
I try not to bite so don't hesitate to come talk to me.
I also cry a little bit with every nice comment I get so there's that. QwQ

In my gallery you'll find that I've recently started joining OCTs with some questionable comics.
Not sure if its just me not understanding the entire burden of putting out decent rounds each month but hey, I'm learning a lot from the experience and I'm meeting a whole buncha nice people!
It's also me pushing out from what I normally draw *coughCATScough* but hey, you'll still see quite a few meow-ers here if you're keen on that ;)
(BIG fan of a lot of things too so fan-art is a possibility but we'll see how it goes, shall we?)
(No, I'm not very organised.)

Welp. Thank you so much for dropping by and I hope I see you face around here again!
Oh, and if you're interested in finding more of me, I have a Youtube and Picarto channel. It shouldn't be hard to find, I never change my username, hahaha




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Dreamcatcher OCT Head-shot Requests
Gonna be steadily dumping some art into my gallery so its not so devoid of art ;w;
Some headshot requests I took during the audition period and finally finished the other day hahaha.

From left to right, top to bottom:
JAM and Elizabeth for :iconmaararin:
Spooky for :iconmot-bot:
Tetey for :iconwonderfulwiz:
Damian for :icongeek-of-the-week:
Alex for :iconthat-glitch:

Had fun with these. Here are the individual pics for people to use UvU:
[P-NO application] Tina Miyano Ref

Hi hi hi, finally getting back into the RP game and I finally got accepted into a group I've been eye-balling for AGES: :iconnoumenalomens:
Super excited to get into everything with my girl here so keep your eyes out for this girl in the future ;) Got loads planned for her <3 
Her ref's pretty long but I hope that's okay hahaha
~ DarkRainfire

Name: Tina Miyano
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Affl.: White Veils

   Upbeat and peppy, Tina is a friendly and passionate person who also has the unfortunate side-effect of being very emotional with shallow pretences. On the surface, she can come off as aloof and easy-going but hang around her a little longer and you'll find someone who cried for three hours after finishing her favourite series.
   Also a very empathetic person, Tina will usually go above and beyond to help people around her, particularly people who have come to her aid in the past in order to pay them back for their generosity. What is also notable is her unhealthy dose of relentless determination, which goes hand in hand with her emotional volatility as she uses whatever mood she's feeling to give herself a little boost to keep herself going, even if that feeling is quite a negative one.

   Beneath all this though, lies a very complex web of emotions of a self-conscious girl who suffers from abandonment issues. There is a distinct detachment between what she wants to express and what other people interpret from her and this miscommunication doesn't do her ability to connect with others any good. She’s terrified that if she steps too far out of line to fully vocalise herself, or goes against what others expect from her, people will leave her and this pains her even more as it causes an internal conflict between what she wants to do at that very moment and what she fears will happen in the long run as a result of her actions. Alongside this, Tina tends to guard her personal life along with her insecurities and if by chance there's an off-hand comment that strikes her deeply, she'll just try to smile it off like she usually does. Unfortunately, this can make Tina into quite the ‘Yes-man' and end with her unhealthily clinging to people by doing whatever is asked of her in desperate attempts to make them not abandon her.

   Even while hanging amongst others as well, despite being able to sit there and have a good laugh given the right circumstances, Tina can still tend to feel out of place and can feel incredibly lonely in spite of the fact she is physically surrounded by people.
   However, if no one has called her out on her low self-esteem due to not feeling free to express herself, then clearly laughing for long awkward amounts of time is working as a great cover up for when she just wants to curl up and disappear forever.

  Born in Eucreak City, Johto, Tina is the single child of nurse, Kyoko, and researcher, James. Unfortunately, a few months prior to her birth, James mysteriously disappeared while investigating Mt. Moon along with the rest of his team, leaving Tina to grow up without ever meeting her father.
  As a single mum, Kyoko pushed to give her child the best life she could give her, taking extra shifts and working long hours, believing that the extra money would be able to better support the family. However, that would lead to Kyoko's own downfall. Stressed and over-burdened, one rainy day, a lapse in attention caused Kyoko to become involved in a serious car crash. She underwent emergency treatment and even though the operation was largely successfully, Kyoko was left unable to care for her own child. So, with much pain and regret, Kyoko decided that the best thing for her child would be to move Tina to be with her second closest relative, an uncle named Terri, James' brother.

  Bewildered and confused, Tina was taken to the far away Unova region to live in Nimbasa City at the age of 7. Despite having already previously met Uncle Terri and being very fond of him, Tina sorely missed her mother and longed to be back in Johto. As time passed though, under her Uncle's loving and attentive care, she slowly came to understand her mother's decision and started writing letters to her every few weeks; treasuring and preserving all of her mother's replies as well.

This went on for half a year and up until this point, Tina had believed that she would return to her mother's side when she eventually left the hospital. Then came the letter.

  In the envelope came no warm message addressed to Tina. Instead, it contained a small wad of cash and a singular formal message written to Uncle Terri. Tina never got to read that letter but after a raging phone call, her uncle had to gently pass on the message that Tina's mother wished for her to remain in Unova. Tina was absolutely distraught at the news and sent several passionate letters to Kyoko after all her calls went straight to voicemail. However, in the end, Tina's mother never truly responded to her messages. All contact with her mother was now limited to the monthly envelopes of cash and formal replies.
  While Terri was more than willing to take his brother's child in, he was immensely concerned about Tina and Kyoko. Tina had spiralled into a state of despair, believing her mother had abandoned her in a foreign country away from her home and the rest of her friends; And Kyoko's letters were all neutral in tone, making Terri more worried over the once passionate woman. He continuously refused to take over the position of Tina's legal guardian though. That was a title solely reserved for Kyoko.

  Months passed and Tina seemed to have no hopes of recovering her once energetic personality. Luckily, the tides would eventually start to shift on one sunny afternoon. Uncle Terri had taken Tina out of town to Performer's Square and as they were headed back home, they heard a loud squawking come from the bushes.
  Curiosity peaked, the duo peered through the bushes and found an injured Ducklett frantically trying to fend off a wild Liepard. In a flurry, they chased off the Liepard and rushed the Ducklett to the Pokemon Centre. It was then deduced that the Ducklett was one that had been raised in captivity prior to the attack and had probably been recently abandoned by its trainer. Seeing the Ducklett all alone struck a chord with Tina and she'd visit the Pokemon centre regularly after school to see how it was doing. If her uncle ever noticed that she was taking longer to get home then he never commented on it.

  The two got very close and when it came for the Ducklett to be released back to the wild, there were a lot of bitter-sweet tears from Tina. A week later though, as she returned home, she found her uncle sitting at the dining table with an unexpected guest. It was the same Ducklett and apparently, it had started harassing Tina's uncle at work until he eventually relented and brought it home.
  Tina was overjoyed at the prospect of Ducklett joining their family and seeing the duo act so happy together finally broke down whatever reservations Terri had as he agreed to let Tina keep Ducklett.
  Thus began their journey together. Nicknaming the Ducklett Angel, Tina and Angel would go on to pick up an interest in dancing and then battling, becoming extremely proficient in both by combining the former with the latter.

  On her 18th birthday, Tina and Angel would set out on a Pokemon journey. After having been together for so long, they made short work of the first gyms and were on a roll just before the meteor shower hit.

  Tina was in Pinwheel forest when it happened and at the time, her team numbered 4 with Angel, now a Swanna, Dylan the Krokorok, Ashley the Darmanitan, and the newly caught Renae, the Petilil. Deciding the beautiful night show to be a good omen, Tina had camped out on in the open, happy at the progress she and her team were making. What she woke up to was anything but the peaceful landscape she had fallen asleep to.
  Caught in the middle of a raging storm, she was hit by torrential rain, blizzards, and earthquakes. She and her team barely managed to survive the week of horrors by being saved by a swiftly dispatched rescue team in response to a flash flood. However, despite their “luck”, it was not without cost. Not only would their journey be halted due to Tina's severe frostbite and multiple fractured bones. Angel, Tina's beloved partner and closest friend for 9 years, passed away in Tina's arms in the medical tent in the wake of the disasters.

To this day, Tina still refuses to talk about what actually happened during that time period but she fell into complete despair at Angel's death.

  She grieved heavily and once Tina had recovered enough to move around, she returned home to her uncle where she spent a decent chunk of a year rehabilitating herself before eventually losing determination as she realized Angel wouldn't be there to dance with her anymore. Her Pokemon were understanding but also restless as she slogged through each day, similar to how she once was all those years ago before meeting Angel. However, it would be her Uncle Terri that would break her spell by challenging her to go on the Battle Subway after having enough. She and her team did not beat the train due to being rusty but they did get far enough for her fire to be relit.

  And so, after 2 years from the start of her first journey, she reapplied for a trainer's license and restarted her adventure. Deciding to take her time this time though, she went out to explore the whole region in a greater depth that she had missed last time, appreciating all the time she was able to spend with her team. As such, it's taken her about a year to reach Opelucid City for her final badge.

  21 years old now, Tina had been staying at the Poke-Centre when there was a mysterious blackout. Dark creatures crawled out of the shadows and the world around her descended into chaos as a shadow monster broke its way into the building. With her Pokemon, Tina went to defend the evacuating citizens and patients from the monsters that crept in one after the other, attracted by the sounds of panic.
  However, there was only so much one trainer could do against multiple creatures and to her horror, a creature broke through her defences before charging straight at a small girl who had fallen behind trying to carry her injured pokemon away.

  Memories of her holding onto Angel flooded Tina's mind and through pure instinct, she leapt to defend the child, turning her back to shield the girl and the pokemon from harm. To her surprise though, the monster only landed against her with a thud. It knocked the air out of her but... That was it. 
  Bewildered, Tina turned to see a flicker of emotion just as her Krookodile chomped down on the small creature. As it disappeared into a cloud of smoke, she couldn't help but feel perplexed. What was that creature? Why did it try to attack the girl? And why did it look so... Ashamed?
  Questions built up and the sounds of battle faded into the background as her eyes were drawn to the near-broken mask that had been left behind by the monster. In a haze, Tina picked it up and stored it into her bag as the appearance of a larger shadow creature snapped her back to reality.

The battle raged on and as day returned, Tina wiped off the debris and remembered the mask in her bag. The ache returned and with some unease, she moved away to be alone as she gingerly reached for it.

  And what happened next as she placed it on her face is all history.

Likes: Pokemon battles, Dancing, Soda pops, A N I M E
Dislikes: Doing Nothing, Reality TV
Fears: Being left behind, Being powerless, Natural disasters

> Tina LOVES dancing. She used to do a lot of freelancing prior to setting out on her pokemon journey, her specialty being Modern Dance. As a result, she has a lot of core strength making her quite physically strong despite her appearance. Most of her Pokemon are also quite rhythmic and use different forms of dancing in their battling style. Think Tierno's Blastoise from the XY anime series.

    > Tina is actually missing the tips of her ears and a bit of a finger on her left hand due to the frostbite she went through. If you manage to get her socks off, she's also missing some of her toes. 
Her specific digit injuries are: A little less than half of her left ring finger; The third and fourth toes on her right foot; And her second toe on her left foot.

> Having just been travelling around the region, Tina wasn't planning on staying in Opelucid city for an extended period of time but with recent events, her plan's have changed for the time being and she's looking for a place to stay as well as a part-time job.

Pokemon team:
Dylan the Krookodile #553 Krookodile 

Ability: Moxie
Met on Route 4 // Jolly // Likes to Relax
Moveset: Crunch // Earthquake // Swagger // Foul Play

Notes: Despite his chill attitude, Dylan is deceptively fast and nimble as he breaks it down on the battlefield. His Swagger + Foul Play combo is extremely effective in turning the tide of the battle and as such, is relied on as the trump card. He is also particularly over-protective over Tina and is probably her closest confidant.

Ashley the Darmanitan #555 Darmanitan 
Ability: Sheer Force
Met in the Desert Resort // Sassy // Proud of its Power
Moveset: Fire Punch // Hammer Arm // Work Up // Superpower

Notes: This hot-blooded Darmanitan always enters the battlefield with a roar. With her fire and war dance-like cries and movements, Ashley rouses the team's spirit while intimidating lesser opponents.

Renae the Lilligant #549 Lilligant 
Ability: Chlorophyll
Met in Pinwheel Forest // Modest // Alert to Sounds
Moveset: Quiver Dance // Aromatherapy // Sleep Powder // Energy Ball

Notes: Renae is quite reserved and holds herself very elegantly as she twirls into battle. With graceful and controlled movements, she skilfully dispatches opponents with ease.

Archie the Herdier #507 Herdier 
Ability: Intimidate
Supposedly met on Route 2 // Adamant // Strong Willed
Moveset: Dig (TM) // Aerial Ace (TM) // Crunch // Last Resort

Notes: A bit rough around the edges, Archie actually belonged to an Ace Trainer before being released into the wild when he got too old for full-time battling. It's unclear whether or not Tina's own experiences played a part in his adoption but Archie's battle expertise makes him an invaluable member. Due to having been a Herdier for so long as well, it seems as though Archie doesn’t wish to evolve anymore, which Tina accepts even if it disadvantages her in battle.

Flick the Galvantula Galvantula 
Ability: Compound Eyes
Met in Chargestone Cave // Hasty // Impetuous and Silly
Moveset: Signal Beam // Thunder Wave // Electro Ball // Agility

Notes: In a total contrast to Archie, Flick is the youngest member of the team and while Tina knows bug-type pokemon grow up fast, it doesn't stop her from babying Flick. In battle, he's tiny but fast, making Electro Ball hurt a LOT after a Thunder Wave and Agility.

~~~[ Mask I: Forecast]~~~ 
Full body reference: Forecast Reference v2

Alias: Forecast
Mask Pokemon: Castform
Ability: Forecast
Nature: Timid
Summary Characteristic: Highly Curious

Sunny Day:
         Forecast glows a fiery red and points a hand skyward. The light then leaves her body and shoots into the sky, clearing it and bringing strong artificial sunlight that lasts for 10min in a 50m radius around her. As the weather changes, her form shifts to 'Sunny Form' until the weather returns to normal. During the period, when under the sunlight, Fire-type moves are powered up while the power of Water-type moves is lowered.

Rain Dance:
         Forecast glows a watery blue and points a hand skyward. The light then leaves her body and shoots into the sky, bringing heavy rain that lasts for 10min in a 50m radius around her. As the weather changes, her form shifts to 'Rainy Form' until the weather returns to normal. During the period, when in the rain, Water-type moves are powered up while the power of Fire-type moves is lowered.

Weather Ball:
         Forecast creates an orb of light and fires it at her opponent, dealing damage when it hits. The light of her Weather Ball varies on the type it is. If it is any type other than Normal, will also have 'rings' around it; ie. A fire-type weather ball will glow orange and have fire streams around it while an ice-type weather ball glows pale blue and will have rings of ice around it.

         Forecast glows white as she takes in a large breath of air and releases a powerful gust of wind at the opponent. The gust then turns into a hurricane and twists upwards to throw anything that is caught in it into the air; disorienting them and potentially confusing them.
         However, due to the low accuracy and the amount of damage it can deal, Forecast is hesitant to use this move unless Rain Dance is active. Additionally, this move can also be quite draining for Forecast and she reports that her cheeks and lungs kind of burn afterwards.

To put it in short, if Tina managed to hide her self-doubts in the back of her mind, then Forecast brings all of this to the very tip of the edge, just ready to crash over at the slightest push.
Forecast's core is Tina's fear of being abandoned. Castforms are commonly known as low-tier pokemon and Forecast knows that. She's afraid of being exposed as this weak person hiding behind this literal Mask and that people will leave her behind once they know how weak she is, even if she actually isn't.

Much more emotionally volatile than her normal counterpart, Forecast just wants to help make the world a sunnier place.
(Note: Her personality does NOT change with her form)

    > Her mask turns from the mask... to a different mask.

> In a strange ironic twist, Tina had become the Pokemon embodiment of the one part of the Masks she really fears: Weather.

    > Despite how Tina knows that it stems from her own fears, after hearing that each Mask had a soul inside of it, she's started to believe that the mask itself also fears abandonment, maybe even at a worse level than she does. As a result, she's started to talk to the mask directly as though it was a person. She'll let her pokemon play with it and she'll tell the mask about her day and other things when she gets back to her room.

    > Her form changes with the natural weather as well.

> When Tina talks to the mask, she calls it Kit because apparently, it's cute that way.
    > She can't fly but Forecast has 'feather fall' thanks to how Castforms normally float around the place. Unfortunately, it only seems to really kick in after she’s fallen about 2m so it’s not a gimmick she can use reliably. Additionally, as Castforms tend to float near the ground, she has an upper limit of 100m and can only activate the ability if her body is falling upright.

    > Thanks to Tina's horrible experiences, she's firmly situated herself as a search and rescuer and she'll help anyone in danger from the Masks.

Fight fight fight
Hey everyone!
With Your Story OCT reaching its final hours for the Finale, I thought it'd be nice if I actually posted some doodles and stuff I've done for it cause heck, everyone who I've had the pleasure of meeting in the group chat is a gosh darn gem and IMMA LET THEM KNOW THAT. YOU ALL HEAR ME?!? YOU'RE ALL MAGNIFICENT PEOPLE AND I WILL INFLAME ALL YOUR EGOS WITH MY LOVE

I'll try to compile all my other shenanigans and scraps into a pile tomorrow but I was actually happy with how this came out so it gets a separate upload :9
Some cross-over fanart I did in Round Three for the wonderful :icondigital-cacophony: and :iconghostlyskull: cause man, THE PARALLELS ARE ALL THERE The finale is totally Sans vs Papyrus btw. Just saying.

I actually met both of them in Tower Tournament OCT too so while it was a shame that I didn't get to fight them myself, it was exciting to watch them duke it out UvU
I've also linked the start of their stories below if you guys wanted a good read~ They're both amazing at what they do so smash their watch buttons and give them some love <3 

Digi's Story:
Ghost's Story:

Undertale (c) Toby Fox
And, of course, Digi and Ghost both belong to themselves
Massive oof cause I can't believe I'm jumping on the OCT bandwagon straight after I said I was going on a break.
Massive shout out to my partner in death crime, :iconbig-bad-wolfe:, for thumbing, shading, and making everything look 10x better. GO GIVE THEM A MASSIVE SMOOCH AND SOME GOD DARN APPRECIATION!! >:0
Anyway, this is for people who don't check the description... Please do. We've each got half of our submissions so to fully appreciate Wolfe's hard work y'all need to click through the links.
Anyway, here's both of our lil old characters for :icondreamcatcheroct:!!
DreamCatcher OCT Audition Page 2
And behold, the moment everything went downhill. This is the end of our 'official' Audition. Wolfe's got an extra 2 pages that we didn't get finished in time though so uuhh... sit tight! 
Collabed between :iconbig-bad-wolfe: and :icondarkrainfire:

Previous Page:
Next Page:

Candy's Reference:
"Teddy's" Reference:


Please enjoy!


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