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Cien [pronounced shen] ,
Age: 17 [1700 *Eyria years].
Sex: ♀.
Height: 5’3"
Race: Bieste Selle [Star Angel].
Class: Mage / Summoner.
Magic: Flamme, Regen, Erde, Luft, Heilen, Himmel, Hölle, Stern.
Summons: Djinn, Capricorn, Golem, Faerie.
Personality: Sweet, kind, curious, protective, determined, naïve, immature.

Cien and her brother, Ciel, were stars created by the Sun God, Sal, to watch over the planet below the heavens, Eyria, and take care of it and learn from it. But seeing the world crumble before him, Ciel fell to the world below to gain the power to save and rule the near extinct planet, eventually becoming too power hungry.

Ciel was found moments after he fell to Eyria by a Tyrant. The man told Ciel that the world would be saved if he followed every order given to him. Soon after, Ciel became a feared warrior for the Tyrant who found him.

But Cien stayed for so many years at a time before she wanted to see her brother again. Seeing the planet only grow worse, she feared that he brother had met his end.
*Eyria is the earth like planet for my stories.

—- —- —- —- —-

Cien doesn’t know much about the planets she visits. She’s curious about everything because she’s been in the Heavens for all of her life. She has an understanding of most languages because of watching over the planets.

She isn’t a very good physical fighter, but she can work the magic she’s learned as if it was no trouble at all. Summoning takes a toll on her energy and won’t be able to dodge. She isn’t strong enough to block weapons bigger than a longsword or magic stronger than the basics (without magic of her own there to block it).

She isn’t as powerful as an angel, but she isn’t as powerless as a human. Stars are a race in between angels and humans. Because she’s a star, she can travel from world to world, usually resulting in falling to the planet, crashing.

Her clothes were given to her by Kio, and because he was the first human she’s ever met, her clothes are very dear to her. But she will change to adapt to whatever world she lands on.


—- —- —- —- —-

Hair: Light Pink-ish brown.
Eyes: Pink; Pupils lined with light blue dots.
Outfit: Headdress holds stones on either side of her head. Right side of the headdress has a decorative feather and bow;
Wears a white linen dress with light leather corset;
Pink sleeveless bolero covers her upper chest. A pink bow with a stone holds her bolero together;
Her belt has a small bag on the back;
She wears long, white gloves cover most of her arms. She has leather wristbands with small stones and decorative feathers;
Last, she has white stockings and short leather boots with stones attached to her ankles along with decorative feathers.

The stones help her with her magic. They transfer and/or absorb energy.


—- —- —- —- —-

Staff: Cien’s staff is her only outlet for her magic.
When stored away, it turns into a small pink stone that she puts away in her pouch. Whenever she needs it again she takes it and summons her staff.

[Kio] [Kniell] [Bato] [Yun]

Character © DarkQueen Arts

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