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I will do "point donations" lewd request only.

you can donate whatever you like but...

500 :points: gets you a line drawing.
1500 :points: gets you a line pencil rendered drawing
2500 :points: gets you a colored picture with no background
4000 :points: gets you a colored picture with minimal background color.

All my work is traditional hand drawn and colored.

"$250.00 USD will get you the physical artwork mailed to your place of residents."

If you want [free] request I will do them, because I always draw, but they are back of the line orders and when I feel like it, and they will be whatever I want to imagine them to be. however...

There are other ways you can get on my good side.

you can:

Shout out to: :icondarkprincearmon: When your request is complete, downloaded or collected, you can do shout out in forums on or off DA or in social area where you may feel comfortable showing the work.

Join my social sites: membership and recruiting helps me grow.


Small donation: 15 or 25 DA :points: are not to much to ask. Think of it like giving to a charity.

Share my Crest DarkprinceArmon Website Crest by DarkPrinceArmon This can be printed for free downloaded to your electronic device.  I has everything a person needs to know about me in that image if they want to see or request work for themselves.

😉 It's a Secret to Everybody 😉

Follow :icondahub: and energize your DA account

Hashtag Support

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Submitted on
April 3