DarkprinceArmon LNC Journal Entry.

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DarkprinceArmon LNC Journal Entry.

Hi People of the Sexy Lewd Cartoon. It’s me, DarkprinceArmon: Lewd nude cartoonist with a journal entry to keep you up to date.

What am I working on.

It’s been a while since I have posted work, but I have been experimenting a lot with Procreate for iPad Pro, working out sketch concepts, and trying to lock down a fundamental style for my #digitalart work going forward. I regularly post updates on Twitter @CartoonistLewd so if you want the latest info in what I'm doing, you should follow me there.

This is the direct link to my latest concept #drawing called Daisy PinDragonkooper. She is a rework of an older design with some added stuff and a tweak to her pose. I may repost the old design work to my LNC blog just for historical context. Daisy seems to be a reoccurring name I keep designing to. Maybe it’s an unsatisfied fetish thing... IDK.

Latest post on the web.

I have some post to my website LNC. Some of these are too risky for DA but OK for Twitter. Maybe I will post some censored ones here for #DarkprinceArmon DA account members to collect in the future.

hope you enjoy them.

  1. Betty‘s sex illustration.

  2. Jokeher sketch big breast concept.

  3. Unnammed character design nude exposure.

Comment, Collect, and React.

Queen Rosa Blue

You can visit my website LNC.darkp.com for a complete look at my complete published artworks and learn what other web-spaces I’m on.

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