DarkprinceArmon LNC Journal Entry.

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DarkprinceArmon LNC Journal Entry.

Hi People of the Sexy Lewd Cartoon. It is me, the DarkprinceArmon: Lewd nude cartoonist with a journal entry to keep you up to date.

What am I working on.

I am working on myself. I need to work on myself.

I want to thank all the people who following me for whatever reason they are. I have lost some people along the way. Some people grew up, some people moved on, some people got tired of seeing my stuff, or some people just have better stuff to waste their time on. But to all the new people who have joined my account and some of the older ones that have stuck around. Thanks.

I don't get paid a living wage to make this madness of artist expression. It is not lack of skill, it is not lack of talent, I just do not beg enough for people to give me jobs at creating it. I mean that to say that I don't treat my creation as an illustrator. I treat it as a pleasure. I do it cause it relaxes me. Maybe it sexist, maybe it's unrefined perversion, maybe it is a mental or social disorder I been living with for 40 plus years now. It may not speak art to others, but it is my own conner of happy madness. I don't do it for the memes, for the shares, for the social status. I just do it. I have kept most of the work I created. It is a creative drive that has lead to nothing. No works in known comics, no works in known animations, no multitude of product sold, just an art house of awkward ideas.

I am opening back up my poor man's steaming channel on PicatroTV because it is the only safe haven I got to create my brand of expression while on camera. No perma-ban hammer for people like me, and they don't record you video's like Twitch so no need to worry about musical copyright. Don't expect loud noises, blaring music, or silly twitch channel like fare from me. It is just going to be a guy in his house, on his webcam, moving his hand to draw sketches of his distasteful nature. Available to people who like to watch long sketches of lewd content.

Latest post on the web.

Got new new sketches posted to my Twitter page.

Direct Idea 1.

Direct Idea 2.

Got a new shirt product posted in my Zazzle store.

See Shirt design at Facebook Page. (Must be a member of Zazzle and 18+ of age to see.)

See at Pinterest.

See direct to product.

Comment, Collect, and React.

You can visit my website LNC.darkp.com for a complete look at my complete published artworks and learn what other web-spaces I’m on.

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