DarkprinceArmon LNC Journal Entry.

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DarkprinceArmon LNC Journal Entry.

Hi People of the Sexy Lewd Cartoon. It’s me, the DarkprinceArmon: Lewd nude cartoonist with a journal entry to keep you up to date.

What am I working on.

At the moment I have a few sketches that are in need of refining. I am getting myself ready for the summer and will have some free time to take on a few commissions and create some art I am interested in. If you wish to make a request for commission or just see my latest sketches visit my Twitter and DM me on there.

I learning to refine my blogging styles so that when I am ready to push content it will be smoother, more unified and less random. It gives me time to breath and edit out any mistakes. I think the internet is getting away from randomness and users are seeking content that is organized. I could be wrong, but it is worth testing.

I have created a front page called PHC18.darkp.com. It houses the RSS time-lines of my latest post from a collection of multi blogs I own and post to. Visit it if you are curious to know my lewd web collecting interest.

Latest post on the web.

I have made a few post on DarkprinceArmon LNC and you can visit them there. Become a member of this blog and you will be able to leave me direct comments on any work I display.

Lewd Nude Cartoon Art group on Facebook is looking for members who want to share their art. Remember follow the rules of facebook and you should be ok when posting content there. If you join please read the latest pinned announcement.

Comment, Collect, and React.

Serving Time With Cadena.

You can visit my website LNC.darkp.com for a complete look at my complete published artworks and learn what other web-spaces I’m on.

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