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Hi People of the Sexy Lewd Cartoon. It’s me, the DarkprinceArmon: Lewd nude cartoonist with a journal entry to keep you up to date.

What am I working on.

I been working on making more art of course. It’s been conflicting because I have a lot of ideas that I want to see created and I end up splitting my times between working on other peoples ideas for free, working on my own ideas, and working a clean job to live off of. I still have a few request I’m working out, but after that, I think my request window will close for a time. I like working on request because they push me in alternate directions, but I think the not being compensated for my time is getting to me. I go back and forth with the idea that request has benefits, but they are immaterial insofar as I have experienced such.

Latest post on the web.

So if you have been paying attention I have made three post to DeviantArt.darkp.com

Two of them are of an original character called Domina Maiden.

Domina Maiden

This is her body pose,

Domina Maiden Portrait Banner

This is her portrait.

I plan to create short story arch around this character and others in Lewd dimensions of the Dark Sea.

This design is for Mature audiences only.

Puttin in the Work

this is based off of an old sketch design that I created some time ago on a note card. I decided to finish her by scanning her into my iPad. I used some of the color techniques I’ve practiced and worked on to finish the design. She marks an artistic direction l’m sticking with in future works.

The full illustration can be seen by visiting the banner art, and following the links in the description area.

Looking the future.

I think I told a member here that I would still work in the traditional ways, and to a degree I am doing that from a drawing layout level. However the iPad has made streamlining very convenient for me so that’s going to be the future direction for my art. The options are just better, more compartmentalized, and I can create better without the need to have a room full of supplies and storage. The only thing I can’t do as of now is livestream as I draw on my iPad. Perhaps there is a way, but it doesn’t seem that important to my creative process because I’m not that entertaining while producing.

Comment, Collect, and React.

You can visit my website LNC.darkp.com for a complete look at my complete published artworks and learn what other web-spaces I’m on.

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