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The final of the path by DarkPrince2007 The final of the path by DarkPrince2007
I know I'm really, really, LATE for the valentine holiday, however, I didn't want to let this drawing unpublished, because it's actually special in so many ways.

First, it's a sequel of this:… but of course, with my human OCs turned into their MLP FiM equivalents

Background story: He was a griffon, and she was an earth pony... he, a sly and clever lawyer who uses his knowledge of laws to swindle ponies till get all their money be succesful at any cost... she, an intellectual who wanted to be master of her own comunity (yeah, in a world where the intellectual labor is reserved for the damn unicorns, as much as I could see in the show). Even though their differences, they become into a nice but crack couple... However, it won't last forever, and now they have to take separated ways, what is surely a painful but necessary process.

Finally, I want to use this drawing to comunicate an important thing: THIS IS the last time I make a drawing of my griffon character... I mean, I think he's really COOL and I wanted to develop him and the rest of his background story, but I must admit, I'm NOT really a fan of MLP, I just made him because I like the griffons as mythical creatures and not because of MLP... ALSO, MLP is getting outdated in this year, so I can't really handle with this.

So, that's why I decided to give away (or in adoption) these two characters to my friend :icondaisuler1994:, I guess you will take care of them and use them properly, just don't forget to give me credit for the original idea... well, I'll give you the names:

Griffon guy: Greg Falcon
Earth Pony: Yudel Krinsky (because that was the nickname of my ex gf)... if you want to change it, you are welcome, and yes, her CM are scrolls, hope you can get the refference over there.

And also, you have the background story here. As you can see, that explains why Greg usually drinks so much.

So, I hope you all had had a nice... err, how does this holiday was called in MLP's world? Hearts and hooves I guess... bla bla... and well, now I'm going to back to work with the rest of my other OCs not related with other preexisting series. And to Daisuler, I guess it's your lucky day, 2 characters for the price of one... actually free...

PS: And since now, I'm really OUT of any content related with MLP.
Daisuler1994 Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh well... this is rather unexpected but i'm going to respect your decition and also accept your OCs, i will going to use them properly in possible future works and perhaps, they could appear in one of my comics as cameos or minor plot characters.
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February 19, 2017
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