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Woodkid (Creative Writing Fiction Assignment)
~run boy run, this world was not meant for you~
The little boy laid prone on the ground, his school uniform covered in dirt and soot from the gunpowder. His Viking helmet had been blown off of his head from the blast while one of his shoes had flown off when he had landed. No one could tell if he was dead or alive. All they could do was pray that he was not yet another casualty of war…
~sometime in the distant past…or is it the future? ~
He was late yet again, the priest thought as he entered the church. By this time, all of the people in the village had assembled for the morning services. As usual, he wiped his boots on the doormat, took off his gloves and hung his coat on the coat hanger. He then approached the window and looked at his hands, his mind drifting off to days of love and loss.
Why…?’ he thought. ‘Why am still here?’
He pulled himself out of his darkness, shaking his head to rid himself of the demons t
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Parkour Monster Mash
It was just a normal night in Ikebukuro as the citizens gathered around the center of the city to ring in the New Year and to watch the ball drop on the big screen. There was cheerful chaos all abound as the bars and the restaurants were quickly filled with party-goers and aside from a few drunken fist-fights, everything was peaceful. Suddenly, a huge explosion rocked the city, shocking the celebrating people to a standstill as a colorful, wacky looking woman with pink, punk-rocker hair jumped from the smoke and equally colorful and strange looking beings started to appear from the alleyways, surrounding the crowd. There was a pregnant pause for a good five minutes before there was a roar of applause from the crowd.
The crowd roared again, this time with more gusto. A
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Welcome to Crossover Hell!
Welcome to Crossover Hell! Don't let the name fool you, it's not going to be one of the crack-cross fics. This idea was thought of back in my freshman/sophomore years when I was young and still new to crossovers. This was originally supposed to be a crossover between Shonen Jump, Phoenix Wright, Umineko and Higurashi but I threw that in the backburner for three reasons:
1. I was too busy to do it.
2. Most of the series were incompatible with each other and there were way too many.
3. I was still new to the Umineko/Higurashi series (I kept chickening myself out of watching the series but eventually I steeled myself and actually ended being a fan).
Now, I can actually write this and it isn't as big as I had originally thought. In fact, here's the general plan of the series:
1. Take the plot of the Umineko series.
2. Take the characters of said series.
3. Now throw in some of the characters from the following series: Higurashi, Death Note, Yu-Gi-Oh! (original) and Reborn!.
4. Have them me
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Worlds Collide - Prologue-Ch.5
- Author's Note -
Friends, readers, internet...lend me your eyes for you're about to read a crossover written once on a blue moon...or at least, after reading way too many Marvel/DC crossovers and Shonen Jump comics in which case the latter was the result of this fanfic. There will be laughter, excitement, tears and fan service. If that doesn't get you, there's always the multitude of pairings that never fails to cause a bitch-fight among friends or a divorce between lovers. Anyway, enjoy the fan fiction and if you don't like it...well, then there's nothing I can do in that case except give you a virtual box of assorted cookies as a consolation prize for reading anyway.
- Disclaimer...-
All the characters, locations and plots of the many series used in this crossover all belong collectively to Shonen Jump and individually to their respectful owners so please support the official release(s) of the series they belong to. Ai Enma and her helpers are from the series Hell Girl and thus also
:icondarkpika-sama:DarkPika-Sama 2 2
Officer Kakashi is on the Case by DarkPika-Sama Officer Kakashi is on the Case :icondarkpika-sama:DarkPika-Sama 27 121
Chapter 4 - A S.O.S Warning
The next day, after school had ended for the holidays, Yuugi went to Kyonako's flat for her advice on what to do next. As usual, she was on the roof, playing her drums while blindfolded which succeeded in gathering a crowd of possible customers as always. After she was finished and had let everyone into her shop, he went into the macabre section of the shop, where she did her fortune telling. Like always, she was her in her chair, shuffling her tarot cards, an heirloom from her parents as well as her weapons.
"Kyon-san?", he called. "Are you here?" She didn't look up from her cards, but she stop shuffling to a wave a hand and make a chair appear with a cup of her handmade Columbian coffee.
"Sit.", she said in a commanding tone, pointing to the chair. Yuugi did as was he told, taking the packets of cream and a few sugar cubes out of their respective container which appeared with the coffee. The tarot reader lit up one of her electric cigerettes, taking a drag as she cut her cards and pl
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Street Fighter Yusei by DarkPika-Sama Street Fighter Yusei :icondarkpika-sama:DarkPika-Sama 6 42
Chapter 3 - Explanations
Chapter 3 - Explanations, Explanations
"Who are you and what the fuck just happened?" Dio smirked and jumped on a piece of debris that was nearby.
"I am Dio, Goddess of Death and Darkness, Queen of the Underworld and your Friendly Neighborhood Grim Reaper, at your service.", she said, taking a bow. "I suppose you came because of my impressive spirit pressure, correct, Kurosuki Ichigo?"
"Y-yeah.", he said, shell-shocked. He had came here for that exact reason but he had never imagined that a goddess was the source. Also, despite her short, if not cute, stature, she looked like the type that can kick someone's ass without missing a beat. However, he was more shocked by the fact that she was the grim reaper as well. Can Death actually be a woman? More so, could there be a chance that they met eariler? As Ichigo was mulling over the facts, Dio turned to Yoh who was beaming for this was his first encounter with a goddess.
"And I guess you came because Amidamaru sensed my presence?" He nodde
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Chapter 2-Destinies Intertwine
Meanwhile, Dio was having the time of her life. Who knew that a hollow of all things was going to show up in a place such as Domino City? Currently, she had the hollow pinned down by the neck with her scythe, face down in the snow. She tugged the scythe, flat-out strangling it as it tried to get her off its neck.
"Perhaps, you want to call it quits now and tell me who sent you, big guy?", she said smugly. Her question was answered with an infuriated roar and an attempt to shake her off by flailing around which only succeded in making her grip tighter to her scythe. She sighed; it looks like she wasn't getting her answers as easily as she first thought. The hollow bucked his head, trying to get the annoying pest off its neck to no avail. Enraged by the lack of success its last attempts brought, the hollow slammed itself to the ground. The impact was hard enough to shock the goddess off its neck and land into the snow-covered grass head-first, knocking her unconcious. The beast roared so
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Chapter 1 - Another Winter
It was another cold winter in Domino City with snow blanketing the city in a pure white coat. It was also causing problems for a certain group of deulistswho were supposed to be on their way to school.
"I'm going to ask you again, let go of the doorway, thief!"
"And I'll say it again, no way in hell, pharaoh!"
Apparently, the group had come to find out that Bakura had a hatred for snow, mostly because of Yami stuffing a handful down his uniform one day as a payback prank. Unfortunately, they found out at the exact time they were supposed to go to school. So far, they managed to drag him all the way to the aforementioned doorway without difficulty. However, the thief proved persistant by sinking his claws into the woodwork of the doorway which forced the group to grab both of his legs and try to pull him off of it. After three minutes of pulling, arguments, and threats, Kyonako, a young merchant, tarot card reader and tattoo artist in her prime, had enough. She let go of the thief and w
:icondarkpika-sama:DarkPika-Sama 1 44
Pro-The Fall of a Fallen Angel
It was a quiet day in Hell. Then again, there haven't been any new arrivals for months now. Ai, the infamous Hell Girl, haven't recieved any summons from the outside so she reserved herself to reading books, like Pride and Prejudice or Dante's Inferno. Meanwhile, Dio, the queen of Underworld, Darkness, and Hell as well as the resident Grim Reaper as bored as sin. She sat in the throne room in her castle, playing Ghost Story until an explosion knocked her off the throne and on to the floor, her black DSi on one side off the room and her scythe on the other.
"Quod fuck?(What the fuck?)", she yelled as another explosion shook the room. "Quid agatur infernum?! Quid facit damnati omnes sonus?! (What the hell is going on?! What is making all that damned noise?!)"
The doors suddenly opened, revealing a roughed-up Ai, her black school uniform in tatters and battle scars scattered all over her skin. Dio grabbed her scythe and ran to her, catching her as she started to fall from exhaustion. She
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Random Oneshots - Halloween
"Damn, there goes my only pair of leather pants...", Yami muttered, sad.
"Don't worry, we'll pick some up at Hot Topic while we're at the mall getting costumes," Dio said. Before you say, "Nevermore.", Dio was in a literally bone-crushing glomp by Yami, who was rubbing his face in her chest in gratitude. The death goddess pulled at his hair, looking nervous. "Um, pharaoh. I didn't want to add insult to injury by telling you this but....WILL YOU STOP FACE-HUMPING MY BOOBS, FOR RA'S SAKE!"
She grabbed hold of his collar and with some difficulty, pulled him off. Dio glared at the king, crossed between telling him what she wants him to hear and killing him but sighed and put him down. "Atem, the higher-up are making the leather pants canon due to the popularity of them." Yami looked at her in disbelief, the news sinking in. She quickly covered her ears, knowing there's a scream coming up which did.
Dio uncovered her ears after she was pretty sure it was safe to do so. "Apparently,
:icondarkpika-sama:DarkPika-Sama 2 30
Characters Sheet 1
Dio - The goddess of Hell, darkness and death and the queen of Shadow Realm. She keeps watch over the Yamis while also keeping an eye out for dying people or those who are close to death so she can either take them to Purgatory where she can deliver them to the River of the Underworld where the Gates of Heaven and Hell are located or she heals them to keep them from dying in order for them to continue living. She was the temporary Hell Girl when Emma Ai, her friend and neighbor "died", until she found a vessel for her to keep doing her role as Hell Girl. She has a soul room similar to Yami's except some of the doors are portals to different places of the underworld, like Soul Society. She loves using her legs and gets depressed when she can't use them. She also loves to torment/piss off/fight with people which is why she and Bakura go for each other's throats. She supports all things that have to do with love(except incest) and life itself. Her obssession with music, comedy and yaoi kn
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Evil Ex No. 8- Aria by DarkPika-Sama Evil Ex No. 8- Aria :icondarkpika-sama:DarkPika-Sama 2 12
1: Dating a Senior
1: Dating a Senior
"YOU'RE DATING!", the gang yelled excluding one Kyonako who said nothing.
Yugi winced at the loud volume of the yell. He really didn't want to tell them since they would all freak out about it. Well, all except Kyonako given her desposition.
"Wow, haven't been have a week and already there's drama. How troublesome...", said Kyonako, laying around on the couch and taking a drag on her electric cigarette. She, as well as Dokuro and Ayame, Ryou's little sister who had moved in with him, were the new students at the school and soon they were newest additions to their small nakama.
"So, who's the lucky person?"
"A senior."
The group looked at him as though he was criminally insane, Kirsten's Sobe ended up being sprayed on Honda's face which was frosen in a jaw drop position. Kyonako, looking like she didn't give a fuck, took a sip on her coffee before going back on her cigarette. She took another drag before breathing it out of her nose and sat up. She took out her tarot
:icondarkpika-sama:DarkPika-Sama 1 25
Random Oneshots Chapter 1
A/N: Oh my God, it's miracle that people hadn't gotten on me yet but I didn't get any comments for anything yet. T_T I guess I deserve that since I didn't upload Jack squat-no offence, Jack-for months like I promised. Still...anyway, here's the first chapter of Random Oneshots and to be frank, this is one out the very few things I have ideas for currently. Enjoy the fic and once again, I'm sorry.
Story Speak
"Rawr."- Normal
'Rawr." - thinking, me speaking to the characters directly, mental talk, etc.
"RAWR!"- emphasis, yelling, etc.
Fanfic Disclaimer: Besides the multitude of plots and OC's, I don't own anything.
Fanfic Warning: I think you all know me well enough to know what's going to appear. Besides the chapters will have their own little warnings.
Chapter Warning: OOCness, yaoi, language and male bitching.
Chapter Summary: A cursed copy of Ocarina of Time gives our heroes and the lone heroine a hard time.
Chapter 1 - Cursed Game 1: Ocarina of Time (Part 1)
If Moka had heard so muc
:icondarkpika-sama:DarkPika-Sama 1 59
This is my humble little gallery filled with fanfiction and crossovers. Tread lightly and don't be afraid to leave a comment or a request! :D


{MP100} MORE NYAHS by Pajuxi {MP100} MORE NYAHS :iconpajuxi:Pajuxi 160 5 {MP100} CAT DAY by Pajuxi {MP100} CAT DAY :iconpajuxi:Pajuxi 211 12 same feeling by Ousul same feeling :iconousul:Ousul 36 4 flip by Ousul flip :iconousul:Ousul 46 2 Inner Struggle | Steven Universe by Ousul Inner Struggle | Steven Universe :iconousul:Ousul 114 8 Stepping by Ousul Stepping :iconousul:Ousul 43 1 You're not real - Steven Universe by Ousul You're not real - Steven Universe :iconousul:Ousul 130 4 Bingo Bongo - Steven Universe by Ousul Bingo Bongo - Steven Universe :iconousul:Ousul 169 12 dReaMs seRveD cHiLLeD by lillabullero dReaMs seRveD cHiLLeD :iconlillabullero:lillabullero 346 102 Team of Gentlemanly Puzzle Solvers by SSJgokuVSshinymewtwo Team of Gentlemanly Puzzle Solvers :iconssjgokuvsshinymewtwo:SSJgokuVSshinymewtwo 39 27 Sketch by StoryPony Sketch :iconstorypony:StoryPony 10 9 Sl 168 by HeartGear Sl 168 :iconheartgear:HeartGear 460 58 ''Now let me show you how this game ends.'' by Kosperry ''Now let me show you how this game ends.'' :iconkosperry:Kosperry 1,146 141 ''Can't forget SPRING!'' by Kosperry ''Can't forget SPRING!'' :iconkosperry:Kosperry 1,203 75 ''Together as one is what makes Pizza Time fun!'' by Kosperry ''Together as one is what makes Pizza Time fun!'' :iconkosperry:Kosperry 1,590 98 ''We built this pizzeria on Rock n Roll!'' by Kosperry ''We built this pizzeria on Rock n Roll!'' :iconkosperry:Kosperry 1,619 121
My favorite stuff. Tread with caution and a strongly sane mind.


I have been thinking a lot about my gallery and the current state that it is in and decided that it is need of an update/rearrangement.

Most the stuff in there is disorganized as fuck. Plus, there are some works that I plan on redoing at some point as well as some of the stuff from my newbie years that I'm not particularly proud of (Rockman related works I am looking at you) so I'm putting them in the scraps. I'm not deleting anything, though. They hold a lot of memories for me and I love going back to read the comments that people had left. It's also a way of looking back at who I was then and who I am now, both as a person and an artist. I'm not doing this right away. Just thought that I would give people a heads up.

In other news, I will be graduating next year in the spring/summer and heading off to UCF for my degree in writing and social studies (maybe).

It feels so surreal, thinking about it.

I have no idea as to what I am going to after college aside from traveling, posting art, and working with my siblings.

Is anyone else going through this right now or am I over thinking things?
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