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menacing armies
angry grey storm clouds advance
across summer skies
The image behind this haiku popped into my head on the way to work this morning; by the time I arrived I had it pretty much worked out. I included "haiku" in the title because I have a few vague ideas about expanding on this thought at a later (but hopefully not much later) date.

Comments welcome, as always! Hope you like it.

Edit, Apr 2004, Preview: I am currently working through my gallery and providing a " proper" preview image for those deviations that didn't originally have one. I apologise to all those watching me if this causes these old poems to be flagged as "new". The image in this thumbnail is from stock - storm drive, by ~dkittystockage.

I am led to believe that the kanji characters read "haiku"; if anybody knows differently, please let me know.
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blue-roses-to-dust Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2007   Writer
mmm...lovely..have you been on haikuyear ?
MSJ-Prose Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2006   Writer
Damn good haiku!
Most people have no idea how to write them!
bratchny Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2002
I like haikus, straight to the point. :) (Smile)
Even though this is very small, it conjures up a lot of images in my head...i can see evil soldiers (like orcs), battling the good (elves, humans) on a wet, dirty and bloody plain.
Or maybe it's because i just saw the two towers last night...everything i see looks like orcs. even me in the mirror :P (Lick)
fatelessmirror Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2002

War can ruin beauty ohsomuch. :( (Sad) Vietnam was pretty... Do you like summer?

thelonius Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2002
nice, although haikus arent my favorite, this is thoroughly decent.
jsenn Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2002
I like the image behind this haiku. It's powerful and exciting as storms roll in with just a touch of sadness in the obliteration of summer sky.
jHeart y
skyOrange Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2002
(late comment.. you're not the only *slow* person here ;D)

you seem to come up with intriguing haikus on your way to work. ;] i like the way how each line changed the meaning of the whole poem. the way you wrote it sends out how you wish the summer days won't be over yet with the coming of the clouds. you wrote this very well.

cuttheredwire Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2002
I look forward to the expanded verions. Has a feeling of begining, of something about to happen. Hiaku's rock. 8) (Cool)

Red Crayon Red
mastermindg Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2002
ill leave a comment..:) (Smile) cool. nice image, i can see how drbbg thinks of lord of the rings. great movie, by the way =D (Big Grin)

im waiting for snow, but all i get is stormy clouds...of course its winter here.

:O (Eek) perpetuallyconfusedmastermind:O (Eek)
Shit Happens
dr-bbg Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2002
makes me think of Lord of the Rings.

Haikus are so fun to write... but not much to comment on :) (Smile)

The destruction of words is a beautiful thing.
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