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There's something moving back there in the dark,
With razor-tipped claws and teeth like a shark;
Its inhuman grunts drip like ice down my spine
And its blood-red eyes glow with an unholy shine.

Driven by blood-thirst, it hungers for me;
It snuffles my scent, and gurgles in glee.
With a blood-curdling shriek it leaps 'cross the room,
And I blow off its head with an almighty boom.

Smoke curls up slowly, like the vapours of hell,
As with a smooth action I eject the spent shell;
In goes another, with a comforting click.
As I step o'er the corpse I give it a kick.

One demon down, a thousand to go.
I'd tackle them all if I had the ammo.
Shouting my warcry I take out another:
"Eat lead and die, you great ugly mutha!"

Little or large, from imp up to Knight,
From Baron, to Caco, to great Cyber fright,
I'll blast 'em, I'll hack 'em, I'll make 'em all pay;
They killed my pet bunny -- they'll all rue the day!
This may not quite be my usual sort of poem -- if I actually have a "usual" sort of poem -- but I figured it was worth submitting anyway.

Two things prompted the writing of this. sperble posted a poem called "Eat my Doom" in [link] -- and I had just spent several hours playing a rather intense co-op game of Doom II (Final Doom: Plutonia, (on UV, of course) to be precise.) The title appealed to me -- and this was born.

Needless to say, the Space Marine himself, the Imps and Cacodemons and Hell Knights and Barons and Cyberdemons are property of id Software ( [link] ) -- I didn't invent 'em, I just kill 'em... :D

Edit, Jan 2004: I am currently working through my gallery and providing a " proper" preview image for those deviations that didn't originally have one. I apologise to all those watching me if this causes these old poems to be flagged as "new". The flames in this thumbnail are from Flames 05, by ~ carpium-stock.
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SergeantChrisHayward Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2008
Absolutely fantastic! Not only a great piece of literature but also had the bonus of making me feel nostalgic for the original Doom!

Shouting my warcry I take out another:
"Eat lead and die, you great ugly mother!"

I love that line. :3
darkphoenix Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Heh, thanks... :-)
Somnium-Draco Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2008
This is brilliant, I love Doom
mr-bigmouth-502 Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2008
I love it! :D DooM poetry FTW!
Matron-Malice Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2008
lol love it :D
EnlistedRanks Featured By Owner May 9, 2008
HA! you made my freaking week with this thing. I really needed a laugh.
ThePlaidLad Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2007   Filmographer
Hot damn thats cool.

I was actually planning on writing a Doom Poem myself. Looks like you beat me to it.
darkphoenix Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2007  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey thanks, glad you like it! :-)

I was also planning on writing a Duke Nukem poem, but never got past the first six lines. But then, I probably didn't know it well enough to do it justice anyway... ;-)
ThePlaidLad Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2007   Filmographer
Haha, nice. Big fan of all those games
Ultimape Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2005  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Crazy good. I aspire to reach rhyming levels like this. Solid rithym too!
DrewBeBored Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2004
absolutly great.. couldn't have been any better...brings me back to the old ways of first person shooters.
ArmorFelix2001 Featured By Owner May 23, 2004
You should read the Doom books if you haven't...
darkphoenix Featured By Owner May 25, 2004  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I read them about four or five years back -- it seems that long ago, anyway. I seem to recall thinking that the last couple got a little off-track (and also thinking -- although I'm yet to do anything about it -- that I could write a better Doom story. For now, this is it... ;-))
GeneAut Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2004
i sit here reading that poem with the Doom music running through my head ... great work!
darkphoenix Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2004  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks. :-)

The Doom music, huh? I don't know if I can really summon up any music on demand -- but I certainly recognise it when I hear it! ;-)
Project-m Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2004
Hahaha...that's a great tribute to Doom. And I love the little twist in the end. Good job man. :D
darkphoenix Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2004  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks -- glad you liked it! :-)
54b Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2003
darkphoenix Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2003  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks :)
littleweseth Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2003  Hobbyist General Artist
I only ever had the shareware version:( no BFG or cacos or knights for me :( it was fun ammassing clips though, by starting up a mp game and then killing everything on the first level overandover again, then walk through and all you can see is yellow........
blackzer0 Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2003
wow, I miss Doom... idKFA 'kick fucking ass' for weapons and all... Doom was a great game, ad Duke Nukem 3D is still my all-time favorite.
ph-enix Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2003
heh. i love this. the rhyming scheme sounds like something dr. suess would've written if he had a much darker side. it's dark and gory, but with a sense of humor - much like the game. very well written. you wrapped it up nicely with the bunny reference at the end too. =D (Big Grin)
aeriyn Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2003
Doom... ah the memories... of a 386 33MHz... windows 3.1... Privateer and Doom... my two first real games...

Very silly, this is. I love it.
maws Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2003
Laughing my ass off!

That's pretty cool... I wanna see the bunny!
lightningbolt Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2002   Photographer
Laughing this is fantastic, it really captures the mindset of the gamer lost in his world. But by crikey it surely is fun ;-) (Wink)
bornghost Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2002
Such an accurate presentation of that mindset people gotta have to play that game. And that reference to his bunny cracks me up. Laughing my ass off!
coldwinter Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2002
HAHAHA Extreme! :) (Smile)
i lovet it :D (Big Grin)
mind-twizt Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2002
Bravo! Encore! I love it :D (Big Grin)
fatelessmirror Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2002

Who says video games don't lend themselves positively to society...
Makes me want to play doom...almost.

wildmonky Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2002  Student Writer
I love Doom, and the feeling and imagery I get from this.
The rhymes are bit obvious though.
versifier Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2002
Wow.....That is such a well written poem !

I like evry single thing about this.....

From the concept to the title......and i love the way you write..

Reminds me of my older style......I just love rhyming words and cant do a poem without them !!

Really cool poem.....I love doom too !

+FAVS :) (Smile)

DEfinitely a favourite.
babyhead Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2002   Interface Designer
I like this poem, It's got a very good feel and kinda reminds me of being a kid at school, listening to the teacher read out some grim story that all the kids love but parents would rather we didn't hear.

I don't know if there was that innocent intention there, but I think it works very well. I shall remember this for when I have kids :D (Big Grin)
j-m-s Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2002
don't worry about frankhead. i don't think he's even ever given someone a 'somewhat like deviation' let alone a 'like deviation'. anyway i think the poem is great.
frankhead Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2002
There's something moving back there in the dark,
With razor-tipped claws and teeth like a shark;

I mean really. Is this how you people get your kicks? What kind of pointless conspiracy is going on here?
frankhead Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2002
I didn't like it. Goofy little kids poem, that it is. But look at all these people who did. This is what people are after, then?

I mean -
There's something moving back there in the dark,
With razor-tipped claws and teeth like a shark;

You people are falling over yourselves to call this the next Beowulf! What kind of bizarre alternate universe are you people from? Just what is going on here, hmmm?
cubal Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2002
lol... kinda Dr Seuss meets... umm... Freddy Kreuger ;) (Wink)

Nice work... love how the whole happy-rhyming thing just adds to the morbid feel :D (Big Grin)
mastermindg Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2002
muahahaha! flows really well, i like the creepy undertones to it. actually, they seem pretty prominent now that i think about it. oh well =D (Big Grin) i like the easy rhyming. nice job.
anemovatis Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2002  Professional Interface Designer
Great work. Guess what... +fav
parasight Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2002
Tsk tsk tsk, all the violence... and you didn't mention ribcages once! =D (Big Grin)

Very well written, it entertained me more than poems usually do, and it describes my sentiments when playing 3D-shooters pretty well. Kill 'em all, I say! Thumbs Up
agarash Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2002
Dude. This poem owns! I grew up with Doom, Doom II and all those. Try jDoom too..

lordwarlock Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2002
never much fer games
but carnage is never verbose
at least not for those in the doing
bunny revenge been stranger laments
archnemesis Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2002
Haha, Doom. WHO doesn't love doom ;) (Wink)

This piece has a good rhythm about it, and definetely does the game justice! Awesome work DP :) (Smile)
MattSpire Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2002  Professional Digital Artist
lol .. i have no idea wtf youre talkin bout.. ;) (Wink)

but it is well-written... in spite of me needing to consult a beastiary.. or instruction manual .. or somethin... =p (Razz)

And I blow off its head with an almighty boom

Roll Eyes hehehe.
jesusbite Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2002
It makes me want to go play massive gore-fest deathmatches again. Mmm, gore.... gib central! Kablooie!
dark-phoenix Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2002   Writer
Oh my, how could I not have noticed this earlier hee hee!

All I know is, my best friends while playing Doom were iddqd and idkfa :) (Smile)
kyng Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2002  Hobbyist Writer
I like it :) (Smile) hehe love the bunny reference

Yes, another Doom child here ... loved 1 and 2 in the day (sings: Im a rocketman ... blah blah something who cares) and number 3 looks tasty.

Nice to meet other cratophobics ;) (Wink)

(And if you threw a stone into a bucket of space marines, you wouldnt get any ripples at all, just a lot of gunfire)
dr-d Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2002
heheh, fun.

not a gamer myself at all, but I could sure see it by your words.
antrent Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2002
We all love and grew up on doom Trout

I'm pleased to see i'm not the only person who still plays is... pity about my phobia about rooms full of crates as a result Trout

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