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The Final Sunset of Skag the Slayer by darkphoenix The Final Sunset of Skag the Slayer :icondarkphoenix:darkphoenix 2 0 First Conflict by darkphoenix First Conflict :icondarkphoenix:darkphoenix 0 1 dp3d - chess 2b by darkphoenix dp3d - chess 2b :icondarkphoenix:darkphoenix 2 8 dp3d - chess 2a by darkphoenix dp3d - chess 2a :icondarkphoenix:darkphoenix 6 15 It's a long way to the top... by darkphoenix It's a long way to the top... :icondarkphoenix:darkphoenix 4 27
chaos butterfly - haiku
patterned wing flutters
zephyr caresses blossoms
hurricane is born
:icondarkphoenix:darkphoenix 2 12
chaos butterfly - limerick
There once was an old butterfly,
Its wings the colour of sky.
Though dainty in form
It stirred up a storm
Whenever it started to fly.
:icondarkphoenix:darkphoenix 1 16
oceanic obstetrics
benthic contractions
mother earth clenches her pain
tsunami is born
:icondarkphoenix:darkphoenix 0 21
Doom -- Space Marines R Us
There's something moving back there in the dark,
With razor-tipped claws and teeth like a shark;
Its inhuman grunts drip like ice down my spine
And its blood-red eyes glow with an unholy shine.
Driven by blood-thirst, it hungers for me;
It snuffles my scent, and gurgles in glee.
With a blood-curdling shriek it leaps 'cross the room,
And I blow off its head with an almighty boom.
Smoke curls up slowly, like the vapours of hell,
As with a smooth action I eject the spent shell;
In goes another, with a comforting click.
As I step o'er the corpse I give it a kick.
One demon down, a thousand to go.
I'd tackle them all if I had the ammo.
Shouting my warcry I take out another:
"Eat lead and die, you great ugly mutha!"
Little or large, from imp up to Knight,
From Baron, to Caco, to great Cyber fright,
I'll blast 'em, I'll hack 'em, I'll make 'em all pay;
They killed my pet bunny -- they'll all rue the day!
:icondarkphoenix:darkphoenix 25 48
1000 words - darkphoenix
do you remember lazy summer days?
the lemonade you always used to make.
the way the mountains shimmered in the haze.
the laughter of the kids out on the lake.
do you remember autumn afternoons?
the creaking of our rockers on the porch.
the games of chess we played, the mournful loons,
the graceful dance of moths around the torch.
do you remember icy winter nights?
the shutters closed against the weather's ire.
the cosy glow when we turned out the lights.
the love we made in blankets by the fire.
do you remember mornings in the spring?
the budding of new life; the valley bloomed.
the times we woke to hear the bluebirds sing.
the church a-buzz as services resumed.
now children play but i don't hear them laugh;
the empty rockers greet the haunting cry;
the hearth is cold, my heart is torn in half.
why did you leave, my love? why did you die?
:icondarkphoenix:darkphoenix 5 29
That time of day
Golden eye of God
Gazing upon His creation
Glorious to see
:icondarkphoenix:darkphoenix 5 16
That time of year - haiku
menacing armies
angry grey storm clouds advance
across summer skies
:icondarkphoenix:darkphoenix 2 10
darkphoenix devID revised by darkphoenix darkphoenix devID revised :icondarkphoenix:darkphoenix 0 1 darkphoenix deviantID by darkphoenix darkphoenix deviantID :icondarkphoenix:darkphoenix 0 8
Sonnet to Distramutarkal
Darkness enshrouds the depths of your black soul.
Ice water flows throughout your hulking frame.
Sanity is, no more, part of your whole;
Terror surrounds the whisper of your name.
Rumours follow the trail of death you leave;
Anger and fear grow in your bloody wake.
Murder is all that your heart can conceive;
Useless to hide from the dread art you make.
Though demons haunt your nightmares and your days,
Angels lead you to your true destiny.
Rage at your mother fuels your psycho ways,
Killing is the only escape you see.
Alone and frightened in your darkest dreams,
Light shines only from your next victim's screams...
:icondarkphoenix:darkphoenix 2 13
Beneath Redcliffe Jetty by darkphoenix Beneath Redcliffe Jetty :icondarkphoenix:darkphoenix 1 35

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I hear you
Long days,
Late nights,
Fatigue comes
Yet sleep does not.
Heart racing
Neurons firing
Confusion, sadness,
When will it stop?
Focused mind,
Heart of peace,
A settled soul
I do beseech.
Lonely tears
Raging fears
Stillness, joy,
I cannot reach.
Gentle, kind,
Trusted friend,
A special bond
I can't explain.
Voicing fears
Listening ears
Mon ami,
A precious gain.
:iconrelentless-polly:Relentless-Polly 1 9
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Guide to Successful Photografy
Photography is the perfect art for people who want something without having to spend a great deal of time bogged down with the tedious task of creating it.  Where you have to form worlds from the ground up in drawing or writing, you can simply point a camera at things people can see with their plain eyes then sell it to them for cash. It's like having your own regulated air-selling business! How can you go wrong?
Of course, photography is more than just pointing and clicking. The camera is a very complex tool, and you should at least be able to explain how it works to whoever you're pointing and clicking at. Photography relies upon light, which is made up of particles that come from, like, space or something and go bouncing and careening off of everything in sight like Ted Kennedy at an Oktoberfest. When a photo is taken, these light particles enter through the lens of the camera where they are promptly captured and interrogated—often with threats of imprisonment in Cher's va
:icontriptychr:triptychr 8 44
Forget Me Not by arcipello Forget Me Not :iconarcipello:arcipello 6,654 1,186 Her Silent Silhouette by arcipello Her Silent Silhouette :iconarcipello:arcipello 38,738 4,152 Glorious to See by niimo Glorious to See :iconniimo:niimo 45 59


The Final Sunset of Skag the Slayer
This was a "quick" (12-hour) image I knocked together for a "Helmet"-themed challenge. It's also one of the very, very few Blender images I've produced without sitting and following a tutorial -- although turns out I actually learned a thing or two from those tutorials. Sometimes I struggle with inspiration, but I knew what I wanted to do as soon as I saw the theme of this particular challenge...
  • Reading: Dragon's Claw
  • Watching: Tucker and Dale vs Evil
  • Playing: Half-Life (always) and RAGE
  • Eating: Risotto
  • Drinking: Corona (with lime, of course!)
Is this thing still on...?

So apparently it's been a day or two since my last journal entry.  I've been ... busy.  My latest endeavour has been an image I've been working on in Blender, and I just popped in to upload it...  Most of my digital art to date has been work in progress, or extracts from larger projects, and as such has gone into my scrapbook -- but this one is all my own work (albeit done for a competition) so it's gonna join my poetry 'n such in my gallery!

Yay... :-|


Peter Jones
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
I'm just this guy, y'know...

Deviousness Award

Deviousness Award
darkphoenix epitomizes the life that a deviant lives. His beautifully and meticulously worded poems are some of the most wonderful submissions that deviantART has ever seen. The unwavering support for the community by way of eloquent comments on deviations, intelligent arguments in news articles and forum posts as well as his mature handling of various community related issues make him one of the most widely respected deviants that deviantART has ever seen. darkphoenix is the textbook example of a deviant and therefore will always be remembered!
-awarded October 2001



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sentinel Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2001   Traditional Artist
You amaze me with your consideration in forum are always active and following up on threads you start. I like's a good quality..and you odn't just spam people if they dont' think like you...very kewl...oh yeah, and good poetry too =P (Razz) .

Explore. Experiment. Evolve.
cype Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2001
awesome poet!

Good Riddance,
Nick Pellegrino (Cype)
orestes Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2001
very intelligent posts (just read liquisoft's god thread...)

ah, no wonder, you're aussie. :) (Smile)

if you ever want me look to your memories,
phoenix2k Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2001  Professional General Artist
Thanks for your comment and congrats for the award :D (Big Grin)

::. Phoenix2k
cooper Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2001
Yes congrats on the 1st daily poem award; your poems are great. keep up the great work.

dEaTh SmIlEs At Us AlL...
AlL i CaN dO iS sMiLe BaCk...

rajivmathur Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2001
Congrats on the award,Love the imagry In your Poems.

::: Rajiv :::
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