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Chibi Spyro SOLD by darkpheonixchild Chibi Spyro SOLD :icondarkpheonixchild:darkpheonixchild 59 10 Red XIII Final Fantasy VII comm by darkpheonixchild Red XIII Final Fantasy VII comm :icondarkpheonixchild:darkpheonixchild 115 22 Dusk lycanroc SOLD by darkpheonixchild Dusk lycanroc SOLD :icondarkpheonixchild:darkpheonixchild 59 7 Skai beanie comm by darkpheonixchild Skai beanie comm :icondarkpheonixchild:darkpheonixchild 45 2 Ryder Goshawk OC com by darkpheonixchild Ryder Goshawk OC com :icondarkpheonixchild:darkpheonixchild 19 0 Sierra feral com by darkpheonixchild Sierra feral com :icondarkpheonixchild:darkpheonixchild 20 0 Leah oc com by darkpheonixchild Leah oc com :icondarkpheonixchild:darkpheonixchild 22 7 Arizona Com by darkpheonixchild Arizona Com :icondarkpheonixchild:darkpheonixchild 18 0 Midnight Lycanroc chibi SOLD by darkpheonixchild Midnight Lycanroc chibi SOLD :icondarkpheonixchild:darkpheonixchild 73 15 Made to order wolf link by darkpheonixchild Made to order wolf link :icondarkpheonixchild:darkpheonixchild 19 0 Wolf Children Yuki MADE TO ORDER by darkpheonixchild Wolf Children Yuki MADE TO ORDER :icondarkpheonixchild:darkpheonixchild 10 0 Plush This Again Meme Yuki Wolf Children by darkpheonixchild Plush This Again Meme Yuki Wolf Children :icondarkpheonixchild:darkpheonixchild 18 6 Yuki Wolf Children Com by darkpheonixchild Yuki Wolf Children Com :icondarkpheonixchild:darkpheonixchild 42 9 Cloakless Tokoyami by darkpheonixchild Cloakless Tokoyami :icondarkpheonixchild:darkpheonixchild 32 0 Fallout Coyote com by darkpheonixchild Fallout Coyote com :icondarkpheonixchild:darkpheonixchild 19 0 Made to Order Tokoyami by darkpheonixchild Made to Order Tokoyami :icondarkpheonixchild:darkpheonixchild 19 0
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I do not allow anyone to use my art for any reason at all. Do not post my art anywhere else at all.

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My commissions are closed but now and then I will take an extra order for a small chibi or beanie to help with the bills.

Hello I'm an artist from England who loves trying out new things and all things art. I started drawing at a young age and my love of art grew over the years. Now I've become a textile artist mainly working in plush toys

I love making craft items such as charms, sculptures and new on my list is plushes which I have only been making since August 2011 when I first learned how to sew. I took up plush making as there is so many character I want plushies of that don't have official plushies or are silly prices so making my own is better. I love trying new things so I'm always looking for something interesting I can try and do. I am dyslexic so please pardon my spelling and grammar.

If you see any of my works listed for sale on any other account please contact me and let me know. I only sell my works from here, my FA account (same name as here) my Ginga board account (same name again) and my ebay and Etsy accounts.

*If you would like to contact me about commissions on FB please use my business page only. Any messages sent to my personal FB will be ignored. Thank you for your understanding.*


Plush commission prices:…


COMMISSIONS CLOSED till current list if finished.
Commission list
Old list
1:QuantumNightmare OC plush 80% finishing in ASAP working on detail and head.

New list

Please note this list is in not in order of what will be worked on first.

13-14 inches Red XIII FB PAID DONE

17 inches Shine feral OC FA PAID DONE

12 inch Andy OC FA PAID

10 inches Ryder the Goshawk anthro DONE SHIPPED

10 inch Arizona OC DA PAID DONE shipped

11 inch Fallout the Coyote feral PAID DONE Shipped

Beanie Skai PAID DONE

To be added here, sorry it disappeared when I lost my core membership.

Trade list.
To be added

Facebook give away prize
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Hi everyone sorry for been so slow at posting and updating on here, this is a quick update so people know I’m still here. Over the last few months things haven’t been great, so it’s slowed me down big time. The main reason is work, things have gone shit at work big time. We are understaffed big time and the deliveries are just too big for us to get done in a good time frame. Pretty much I put out the delivery with 4 other people and we can’t get it done in time due to a number of things, the shop gets busy which makes putting stock out hard when there is loads of people in, other staff not doing the job right, staff going slow as they want more hours, staff standing around talking and not putting stock the list goes on. So due to all the things going on it means delivery is taking way to long and when your on delivery you don’t go home till it’s all worked and the shop is clean after which right now is taking pretty much all day while all the other staff only work 4 hours and go home. On average I do 3-6 cages of stock a day while others are barely doing 1 cage within 4 hours, so as you can guess it’s really annoying and stressing me out.

Sure the extra money is nice but it’s really cutting into my sewing time and I’m left with only a few hours after work to do anything. The other day I fell sleep at 7pm due to all the hours I’ve been doing and sadly it doesn’t look like it’ll be getting better any time soon. I am working on all commissions, trades and give away plushies but sadly I’m very slow at them right now and I’m sorry for that. I’m trying to get everything done ASAP for everyone waiting I’ve not forgotten anyone. Due to this I won’t be re-opening commissions till sometime after January and when I do open slots will be a limited to 4 max from now on. I’ve said it before but always took more on as I had a hard time saying no but I won’t be doing that any more as I have no idea if things will get better at work so I can’t risk taking more from now on. I’ll try send all commissioners updates when I can.

I do have a back log of things for posting as well and I’ll try get them up when I can.

Thank you all for understanding.


I'll be replying to notes tonight and over the weekend. Sorry for the wait.
Just a quick update I have no internet right now, I'm hoping it'll be back up later today. I do have the odd wip to send out so once it's back I'll get right to it.
Quick update so people know I'm still here.

My boiler stopped working on the 11th and sadly they say they can't fix it till the 20th, so no heating or hot water till then and that's if they can fix it then which I'm not sure they will. They have been twice and each time said they need another part ordering. So as you can guess it's very cold in the house which makes sewing very hard for me since most is hand sewn. They didn't even offer us any heaters till Thursday when we asked WTF was going on when the guy never came back like he said he would. They offered them but didn't turn up yesterday like the was meant to so we are sat in the cold under blankets. I'm trying to sew but I also need to make sure me, my boyfriend and my cat (mainly my cat Korra) are kept as warm as possible. Thanks for your understanding and sorry that something else has come up to slow me down.
Having to go on a small hiatus due to work right now. Right now I'm not even getting 2 hours of relax/ sewing time each day, I will try sew when I can sorry for the inconvenience.


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Could you make ame from wolf children ? the howling one i saw on youtube :) how much do you charge
darkpheonixchild Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2017  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Hello I do still make them,  please send me a note with all the details I'd need like size and so on so I can give you a price quote. Sadly I can't remember how big that one was. For a howling one I can no longer get sound boxes very easy and shipping plushies with sound boxes is a problem for the post office as well so I don't really offer them any more.
Aurawolfgal Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2017
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