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DV brush set for Clip Studio Paint

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Published: March 2, 2015
© 2015 - 2020 Darkodev
Here are the brushes I created for Clip Studio Paint also known as Manga Studio 5. They are divided in 6 categories.
Strokes category for general painting brushes with some texture to them. Character brushes for painting skin, hair and fur. Effects brushes for painting weather elements, lighting artifacts and similar stuff. Grunge brushes to easily rough up painted surfaces. Nature brushes for leafs and grass. Decorative brushes for clothing wrinkles, pattern strips and objects.
Brushes are free for personal and commercial work. Do not resell them as this is a free brush pack.
Hope you find them useful.
To install:
Unzip the brush pack somewhere on your hard drive. Brushes are unziped .sut files. In Manga studio in the upper left corner of Sub Tool palette there is a button that opens a drop down list. In this list there is Import sub tool option. Click it and navigate to any .sut file.  Alternatively, you can just drag and drop any .sut file (or many at once) from your file browser to empty space in Sub tool palette.
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Thanks, I'll check it out

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Thanks! I will be probably be using these to create my webcomic. (As you can tell, I only got a DeviantArt account so that I could download brushes.)

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Zhenzhen05Hobbyist Digital Artist

thank you ^^

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MoodyArtistZETNew Deviant

thanks! i'll try them tonight!

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how did you get the water color leaves to have color on them without color mixing turned on?
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DarkodevProfessional Digital Artist

Color mixing options regulate how your brush interacts wit colors that are already on the canvas and mixing of primary and sub color but to actually build colors into the brush itself you have several other options. Before you sample the shape from your brush you need to convert your brush sample layer to appropriate type depending what type of brush you are creating. If you right click on a layer name (name and not he thumbnail), you can select convert layer option. Under expression color you can choose three different types. Firs one, "color", lets you later register the brush preserving whatever colors you have chosen when painting a brush sample, second one, "gray", lets you later register a brush where whatever is painted in black will later, in the finished brush be in the tones of primary color and everything white is secondary color with gray tones varying between primary and secondary colors. Third option, "monochrome", is for single color brushes.

I hope this little explanations helps you with creating your brushes.

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that1bagelNew Deviant

You are a deity

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NeriahProfessional General Artist

I love you. Thanks for giving nice things like this away~ it opens up so many fun, creative doors in Clip Studio.

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WizdraHobbyist General Artist

these are some very cool brushes. Appreciate that you share them with us thank you! Could really use these.

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gberbzHobbyist General Artist

Thanks...This`ll be a great help

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OUTER-BYTEHobbyist Digital Artist
heyo!! I'd love to use this brush set, but the download button seems to be broken? :c
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OnniichanNew Deviant

how do i download them

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ShadowPaint-LisaMHobbyist Digital Artist

If you look directly underneath the image, you'll see a couple of icons. Click the downward pointing arrow to download them.

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AzulCajasProfessional Writer
Thank you! So helpful. Using them today.
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Thank you, this pack has one of my favorite fur brushes in it.

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Thank you for the Brushes. Really Supportive for a Beginner like Me.

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lsdlusadiStudent Artist


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Thank you, for the amazing brush pack this will be a lifesaver.

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Thank you for this wonderful work! Is there any special license to be respected is commercial use also possible?

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diegolopezmataProfessional General Artist
Great brushes my friend, thanks for sharing your amazing work.
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owkseeNew Deviant

Thanks so much for letting us enjoy your brushes and your explanations. I find them really useful and enjoyable. Awesome work!

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LadyChamaHobbyist Digital Artist
Ho damnit thank you so much !
I just start to use clip studio and now it will make my life so much easier! 
thanks again ♥ !!
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