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Current Residence: None of your Business Land.
Favourite genre of music: Rock/Heavy Metal
Favourite photographer: Myself?
Favourite style of art: Mine?
Operating System: Computer...?
MP3 player of choice: iPod
Favourite cartoon character: Scooby Doo

Favourite Visual Artist
Favourite Movies
X-Men: First Class
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Favourite Writers
Favourite Games
Left For Dead 2
Tools of the Trade
Other Interests
Art, Music, Books, Animals
I just started a group, my first group ever since my four years here! If you like foxes, please do join! :3 We will hold monthly contests once we get about 15 members at least.
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There was a recent art stealing thing about me, but I had only referenced. Anyways, I deleted those pictures and I kept my 100% pictures. I never really liked taking requests because people asked for the simplest things... I like to challenge myself with something unique like someones fursona! I will do art trades, collabs, and I will do REQUESTS. THIS IS FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY, PUT A COMMENT ON HERE IF YOU WANT SOMETHING! :D
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Everyone knows what I'm talking about! Those people who post random things and say how people suck and stuff? Don't you love it? NO. If you love it, go see the nearest Psychiatric Hospital NAO. If you listen to these morons, don't. They are not true. Nobody sucks at art, nobody. Everyone just had their strengths and weaknesses, their own styles. What I also hate is how everyone trolls about "Oh you stole ___'s style!" That happens to me A LOT for some reason. -_-" I hate it, I draw ALL my artwork from start to finish, no references. I hate trolls, and if you are one, GO CRAWL BACK UNDER YOUR BRIDGE.
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Hi wandering :3 ~ wolfeh
Thank you. See that was all you had to do in the first place.

Journal removed, but it will be right back up the moment I see you uploading something you didn't draw 100% yourself. And trust me, people want to see that more than what you spent what, 5 minutes tracing?
It may be harder, but it feels amazing when you get noticed for your blood sweat and tears.

And btw, lying and being a jerk are really useless when I spent hours on the art that you are over here thieving. I, and most other artists are going to fight for their hard work, which is why art theft is usually a really bad idea. We won't back down just because you try to squirm your way around it.
I didn't trace.... Your fucking trolls are now flipping making me cry, I didnt trace! WHY CANT I JUST BE FUCKING GOOD AT ART ON MY ONW?! EVERYONE ON THE INTERNET IS A FUCKING TROLL! [link]
You may very well be good at your own art, and no one's said you're not, but you're not very honest so how can anyone even know what is yours to begin with? That's the big problem. That's why it's so dumb to be lying about this stuff. You could have amazing art, it could bring tears to peoples eyes, but you know what? If you lie about what else is yours, no one will ever trust you about what actually is yours. I think everyone is familiar with the boy who cried wolf? Same thing here.
The intent was not to make you cry, and I'm sorry if it did. It was to get you to own up to things, or at least give the original artists the respect they deserve. It would have been great if you had grown a spine and said, yes I traced this, but I am willing to give credit where it is due. You know how much respect I'd have for you then? A lot. You did the exact opposite.
Sorry. I understand and thanks for the words of wisdom. I'm just deleteing most of my art, like the ones that are crappy and the ones that are references from yours. :P
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Please stop stealing Invadertigerstar's art as well as others... -_-"
Please remove your art. It is heavily traced, and that is not supported here on deviantART.
Its supposed to be /your/ art, not others.
We all know it, so just please remove your art, why don't you start fresh... Draw your own art