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The icons are almost done.  All of the standard icons, moon phases, and the following additional icons have been completed in 48x48 (see bottom of post).

Now...what about the smaller sizes?  I don't have the SVGs for the existing weather icons for those smaller icon sizes, and recreating them from scratch would be a seeming waste of time.

Also, some have suggested severe weather icons, which I attempted to address in the following icons, but what else could we use that isn't listen here?  Earthquake?  Volcano?  This might be too much for weather conditions that are rarely encountered...

Let me know.  If I should release these as separate collections, that might work too.

High Wind
High Wind+Rain
Medium Wind
Medium Wind+Rain
Low Wind
Low Wind+Rain
Tornado Warning
Tornado Watch
Flood Watch
Flood Warning
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What existing icon do you not have SVGs for?
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Any lower res GNOME icon, anything below 48x48. I have absolutely NONE of the SVG's for them, if that is indeed how they were created. I have everything for 48x48, but nothing for all the other sizes. Oh what I would give for those SVGs....
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If you mean the GNOME Icon Theme, lower resolution icons and SVGs for all sizes are available.
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Yep that worked. Looks like some of the very low res icons are done using GIMP, not inkscape, so it is going to take me considerably longer to learn and implement these icons in those other resolutions...
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16x16 is SVG here, or is that not what you mean? Do you need any smaller than that?
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No no...some of the icons are done in SVGs, in 16x16 size, in the gnome-icon-theme. Some are not, they are xcf files, which is GIMP. Inkscape can export to .xcf, but it looks like they cannot import them (I just tried it).

I'm not sure why it was done this way...
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Probably different artists, or that those icons are remains from the old raster icon based theme.
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Could be, but even looking at just the 16x16/status/weather-* icons, they're very similar icons, you would think one artist would've done them all...
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Yea, I do. I'm trying to clone them from the git repository right now, lets see how this works out...could solve the problem from the outset.
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