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If there is interest, I will be publishing some 72x72 versions of some icons for use on android phones.  I will probably keep them as a single pack and just update that, since individual deviations for a mere resize is probably not worth it.  If anyone is still checking this space, let me know if you would like to see specific icons done for android!
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YouTube, E-book reader, Gtalk, Tumblr and Maps :-)
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GTalk has been completed. Others are coming, as I am able to get to them.

I will probably be doing a Reddit icon and then a YouTube one next.
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I would like it! :)
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Any icons in particular? The ones I have been personally using I will release as a pack (at 72x72 for higher-res screens), but any that you want specifically included would be great to know up-front.
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-Games folder

Thats the stuff I personally use. :)
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Ok, so of the icons I already made, here are the following which would apply:

- GMail/Mail
- Facebook
- Twitter? (hootsuite, or the twitter bird)

I am probably not able to go and make a slew of new icons just yet, but who knows, it may still be in the works...
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i have no interest in android/google, but your icons are excellent and i bet some would love to tango!ify their android handsets
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