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this is a drawing that i took from my buddy Kevin Long... he actually immitated artists Joe Quesada's wolverine.... i decided to color it in Photoshop... took a few days and i got tired so i'm calling it done... i think it turned out okay. enjoy all you Wolvie fans!
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czechish's avatar
I think I just pee a little....
MonolithicPaper's avatar
I Dig the small ears and the blood. Blood is always good.
gordhanx's avatar
Nice! I love the blood patterns on his cloths, as well as the lighting, shading and details.
Incredible I love it!
WickedRedGrin's avatar
I Needa But A Photoshop, When I Get The Money
WickedRedGrin's avatar
I Needa Learn How To Color
Cool just doodle around on photoshop! you'll be surprised!
project3's avatar
i really like the linework and coloring on this!
n wolverine is just badass anyways.
awesome my friend drew it and i colored it. It was a fun piece to work on.
Ninja-Boogie's avatar
You know, I've had this idea for a new Wolvie outfit for a couple years now. I should get around to drawing it out.
eleven0six's avatar
that is bad ass my friend, bad ass. i could have not done any better man. maybe you should color more of my drawings dude.
thanks brotha man! i enjoyed coloring this piece...yeah i'm always up for a challenge! i love yer art so let me know what you want colored! other than that continue to inspire my good man!
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