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Thorgrim Grudgebearer


High King of Karaz Ankor, Thorgrim Grudgebearer - this is a painting of one of my favourite Warhammer lords, and is heavily inspired by the works of grand master Karl Kopinski.

Karl's portrait of Thorgrim was one of the most inspiring illustrations in my teens (and I still love studying the looseness of the brushstrokes in it).

"I am the High King, I will hear you beg now!'' the most epic quote of Total War Warhammer! :D

Edit: here's my instagram account in case you would like to see more of Warhammer art:…

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My favorite little dwarf!

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a grudge settled!

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Looks like bronzebread! Nice job!!!
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You did both your inspiration and the High King justice with this amazing piece of art. Kopinski's depiction of Thorgrim is indeed amazing, and his illustrations fueled my love for Dwarves in fantasy when I was young (and uh, now also!).

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Thanks! I've always loved the black and white art in the old armybooks for Warhammer. The pieces weren't the exact representation of the miniatures, but they exuded character!

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Given how some of those old mini's used to look, I'm very glad they weren't exact representations indeed!

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More costly and tragic wars will fill the book of the stubborn dwarves.

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As is proper for a Dwarf! :)

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This go in the book

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