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Once my lover

I'm a big fan of both the book and serie, so warning this may be spoiler to those who read the book this isn't any mysterie. I went with the TV show depicture of the character, the male morph isn't mine but from Rendo, however I made the waitress morph based on Anna Paquin. I also paint over a logo and tweak some texture so they'd fit my purpose better. It took a whole day to create the three render for composition purpose.

The band aid can be found here: :iconinception8-resource:

Logo: [link]

No copyright infringment intended
True Blood © HBO
Sookie & Eric ©Charlaine Harris
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I think you did a great job here. I do not agree with the comments of the first critique that was posted, as I see some things differently. However when you request a critique and someone takes the time to provide one its just to accept their point of view, it's just not the same as mine.

If I look at this with the expectation of a photo-realistic render there are a few elements I could be critical of. However I do not feel its really going for that look, and I see it having more the qualities of a painting. Photo realism or artistic expression as well as any combination of things are certainly viable in 3D art.

For me I think the intended characters are a very good representation. I am especially impressed that you did the Sookie character yourself, and I think Eric looks a lot more like Eric than my recent render of the same character.

I do feel some passion from her and I feel a matter of fact expression from him, as if he's getting what he wanted and she wants more. While I don't consider myself a True Blood expert, I haven't read any of the books, only started one. The expressions and poses are true to my perceptions of the characters in the TV series.

From a technical stand point, two elements I would suggest could improve the scene. Where his hand is above her waist, it feels as though its not actually touching her as I would expect. Perhaps some shadowing in that area might assist. The second would be to bring up the over all lighting a notch or two. I think that might increase the dramatic feeling of the image by increasing the contrast between light and dark.

When I first looked at this image before reading anything, my first thought was wow! Especially concerning the Sookie character and the over all feeling I got from the image.

Would this image be one that I would nominate for a DD? No, but it is certainly one that I enjoy and feel a sense of communication from you as the artist. That to me is a very important element of why we share and enjoy each others work.
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Wow reading your critique did move me :blushes: The character is a touch of dials but I really tryed and get her close to the tv look of Sookie. The comment concerning the hand and contrast ss very useful and I'll probably go back to my tablet to try and fix these two. As for Eric, being a die hard fangirl I must say I might have a lil vision of it...;p

Thanks for providing useful insight and a touch of kind word
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I didn't really start out to write a critique, just a comment but then it started sounding so much like a critique that I made it one. You are of course very welcome :hug:

How do you say in French, "You are an artist who inspires me with your dedication and creativity"?
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Actually this is a very constructive and helpful critique, I'm glad you took the time to write it:D

Would be: Tu es un/une (depending on gender) artiste qui est pour moi source d'inspiration (or qui m'inspire to keep it simple) par sa dédication et créativité.

And that my friends apply to you:glomp:
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Tu es une artiste qui est pour moi source d'inspiration :hug:

It was indeed very much my pleasure and thank you :glomp:
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Thanks a lot:blushes: Same to you, same to you:heart:
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This piece has so much unexplored potential! I am not sure if you requested a critique on this for asthetic reasons or accuracy to the book and series, so I will comment on just the artistic aspect of it. The characters seem 'frozen' as if they are literally posing for a cover of a B-Rated movie. There is very little emotion here, and while the backround is pleasantly simple as to bring focus to the couple, I was disappointed that there was so little to actually feel here. I don't feel any longing coming from the human girl to her companion, although this may work extremely well for the vampire male. An element of cold indifference or even hunger from his perspective would play an excellent foil to the young woman. Overall, like I said this picture has much untapped potential, I hope you will find it. <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt="=)" title="=) (Smile)"/>
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Although as I appreciate the comment I went for that frozen look willingly, that's how they appear as a couple in the early book (4 and afterward when erioc gets back to his usual self) I must say maybe this mixed up my card going for the tv look but with book background...Still I understand your point of view and may do a more passionate render of these two in a while
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*Eric, my bad for mispelling, and I hope I'm not sounding unapréciative of your word, it actually makes me see other thing I did not notice about my work, it's a severe yet far from unfair critique
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Magnifique :faint: Superbe interprétation d'une série géniale :love:
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Merci beaucoup, fan finie des livres et de la série je me devait d'y faire au moins un clin d'oeil
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Thanks a whole bunch
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Thanks an awful lot :blushes:
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I love the emotions in this piece, the are beautiful. I especially love the bandaid--that's a nice touch.
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Thanks a lot, the bandaid is a freebie here on dA, glad you like the piece:D
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Damn she is to sexy.
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wow j'en reviens pas c'est vraiment magnifique! :) Le grain de peau est parfait et on reconnais très bien les personnage!
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Michi cocotte...ya les trois maudit render of doom la dedans!
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