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Spider-Man 7.0 Sean Izaakse Redesign

By darknight7
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Here we go...a good look at the suit. (I tried 2 different eyes. I think I'm leaning to the right side as a whole...the costume, the eyes, everything about it) ...I really tried to work in the whole 6 eyes thing but still keep a classic looking Spider-Man eye.
This costume almost looks like Amazing Spider-Man, Iron Spider-Man and Black Suit Spider-Man were all combined to one

Thanks to Sean Izaakse for doing the original pose/body/design/structure/image lol...I simply just used his base as a template because it is so perfect. And went to town on my own costume design for Parker. Check out Sean's work (you won't regret it): [link]
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I love how the eyes look on this.
The way you used lines to place his human eyes at the center, yet trick people into thinking this Spidey has six eyes was genius.
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This is not a bad direction, if I were to make suggestions I would say take away the eye within the eye and maybe fill the white with the Gold instead and take away the little black spider in his chest and put black dots on his wrists like venom used to have
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Definitely one of my favorite costumes I've seen for him.  I would be all about this appearing in the comics!
Great idea with the six eye thing!
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love the new look! if only we could get cool re-imaginings like this in feature films instead of the same old origin story and red and blue costume... oh well, i'll just have to settle for stuff like this for now.
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GOOD JOB?!!! U got my vote!!
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There was a villain from the comics called the brown recluse, this kinda reminds me of that.
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you should call it for Boy-Tarantula
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Probably the best Spiderman (re)design i've ever seen.
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Love the spider :D
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this is just savage!!!
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I like the design. And think: Peter needs to take photos for his paper. Maybe one set of eyes are actually cameras, a la Google Glass?
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Damn that's a brilliant idea!!Clap :happybounce: 
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Well done, well done
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spider-man has to be the most decorated character in history
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Me likey :D Looks lethal, like poison. have you ever considered doing a spider-woman, or a Madame Web?
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That's a really cool version!!!
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